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    it's. very weird really. considering that the basic games seemed to do actually quite a good job- y'know, accounting for the fact that it's pokemon- at showing forgiving an abusive parent without them apparently getting away scot-free
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    whelp, time to mash the aspects i did like of the USUM plot into the SM plot so we can have Jellyfish Woman Lusamine at the very least, because that was baller, and also so we don't have to pretend we like her now
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    hau yelling at guzma that he didn't fail to become a captain, he can go ahead and become something awesome the world has never seen before, is actually adorable
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    considers the general politeness of using the poison z-move acid downpour inside someone's house
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    anyway here's a blurry 2ds phone pic of daisy, my ultra moon pc


    i tell you one thing, hibiscus (sun pc) ain't shit compared to daisy. she would eat him alive
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    i have listed my pcs' teams but i haven't summed up their personalities which is Typical

    Jin: 10/11, cis boy, not shipped with anyone (as yet). very quiet. very autistic. an absolute savant with pokemon but largely baffled by people, especially after the events of the plot. extremely similar to how Red was depicted in a fic i read recently, so i guess pokemon pcs just kind of lend themselves to that.

    hibiscus: ~14ish, trans boy, shipped with Gladion and Hau. a teenage grouch. never wanted to move to stinky ole alola anyway. deeply insecure, as all the bet teenage grouches are. learns to get over himself through the power of having to save the world, which is terrifying.

    dennis: 10, cis boy, shipped with wally. 10 desperately trying to go on 45, but not really actually doing so; he's mature for his age but also desperately trying to please everyone all at once.

    carlos: ~12, boy, undecided since i'm not far thru. HIGH ENERGY to match your rival in DPP, neither of them have a brain cell to spare. extremely caring when he slows down enough; possibly destined to be a nurse or something in later life.

    kitty: 15 or so, cis girl, shipped with N. never really took her journey seriously, rather aimless until Things Happened that prompt her to take better control of her life.

    bunny: 15/16, girl, not shipped with anyone (as yet). she is an early bloomer and she knows it and will use it. not a bad person, but manipulative and rather self-centered. she'll go far in life.

    pomona: 13/14, girl, not shipped with anyone (as yet). actually going on 45, unlike dennis; dignified, sensible and ever so slightly otherworldly. kind of a goth weirdo actually.

    sarahjane: 14, cis girl, shipped with marnie. public school hockey girl, which is to say she is extremely confident, ultra sporty, slightly aggressive and terribly gay.

    elijah: 10, cis boy, not shipped with anyone (as yet). himbo-in-training; extremely sweet, polite, curious and adorable, will grow up to be unfairly handsome, and completely lacking in any and all brainpower.

    daisy: 11/12, cis girl, shipped with guzma and plumeria. likes fish, and spending a lot of time in the ocean. dislikes fools. definitely comes off as being older than she is, but without really aiming to. sense of humour is primarily based around slapstick for some reason.
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    i told you they would come...

    -eevee are so fluffy. they're just so fluffy. they're double-coated fluffy, which means they need to be very thoroughly groomed on a regular basis with a brush that's capable of getting through to the undercoat, or they'll develop terrible matting. luckily enough, the vast majority of eevees just adore being groomed, and will often demand it even when they don't need it.
    -the fact that eevee's genetic code is so flexible means that there is a huge variety in eevee coat patterns, fur textures, ear and tail development, and so on. In fact, almost every eevee is in some way unique, and it's very hard to get any given mutation to breed true in the pups, much to the disgust of the breeding and contest societies. A useful side effect, however, is that very few natural mutations are in any way harmful, even if they might be in other pokemon; eevee is just that flexible.
    -although they are quite rare in the wild, their gentle temperaments, ease of training, and relatively low exercise requirements have made them wildly popular as pets among the non-trainer part of the population, and it's now easy to get your hands on one. eevees bred as pets are rarely intended to evolve and even more rarely have the sort of temperament required for contests or battling; they tend to be shyer, and to imprint quite firmly on one particular person, which also makes them very popular as emotional support pokemon.
    -for people who want to raise them for contests, there is a subset of breeders who breed them specifically for that, focusing both on attractive morphs and on less pet-like temperaments, and providing information about raising them to evolve into the specific evolution the trainer desires. people who want them for battle are fewer, and have a harder time finding a suitable match; while there are one or two battle-ready eevee breeders, it's a much more sure thing to go out and hunt one down in the wild, as any eevee who lives wild will be more used to battling already, and if they approach for a battle you know they're interested.
    -however, due to their rarity in the wild and the proliferation of domesticated eevee in general, some places have put restrictions on capturing in certain areas where there is known to be a wild population, and any aspiring eevee-trainer will have to apply for a license that restricts how many they may capture and the times they may go out to do so, determined by the local rangers. there are sometimes also restrictions on capturing any natural eeveelutions found in the wild.
    -eevee make very good babysitters for baby pokemon, as they are playful, gentle and watchful; they also tend to apply these things to baby humans, especially any offspring their favourite person might produce, although for obvious reasons it is not recommended to leave a human baby entirely alone with only an eevee for company. for one thing, they don't have thumbs.
    -many eevee will show a preference for one particular evolution from quite a young age, and may resist any coaxing to evolve into a different one; this is why it is considered important, if planning to evolve any eevee you acquire, to assess any preference before adoption, so you don't end up with an evolution contrary to your needs or ability to care for it- or even an eevee that refuses to evolve at all. it is not guaranteed for an eevee to have a preference, however; just as many seem to be entirely happy to go with the flow about it.
    -in the wild, eevee tend to live in small dens in the underbrush in wooded or forested areas, in groups of up to ten or even fifteen if the area will support it; they eat berries and small insects and worms for the most part, eggs when they can get them. they line their dens with their own shed fur and sleep in piles, and parent young communally; because of the relative rarity of wild-evolved eeveelutions, most eevee parents are eevee themselves.
    -wild eeveelutions tend to live separately from eevee clans, usually in small groups of their own; umbreon, flareon and jolteon are usually seen in groups of three maximum, whereas vaporeon, leafeon and glaceon will live in groups of up to five. espeon will sometimes live with eevee clans, although generally only the smaller ones, and sylveon is unique in that it is very rare to see a wild sylveon away from an eevee clan; this is due to the fact that their evolution is triggered by devotion to others.
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    the very last episode of the sunmoon anime a) finally got put on pokeflix and b) came to my attention a dubious amount of time after it was added so here are some observations

    -they decided to wrap up the lillie-and-gladion's-dad subplot by having lillie, gladion and lusamine head off to look for him guided by magearna, who has some weird ability to project a laser in the direction he's in. i am going to be generous and assume he put this functionality in her himself when he was trying to fix her up.
    -team rocket left bewear's loving care with like very little drama except they had to sneak away and leave mareanie and mimikyu behind, which... got zero followup despite it appearing that mareanie at least would be super upset to be left behind. bewear violently yote them in the direction of kanto which was amusing.
    -ash got taken thru an ultra wormhole by solgaleo and rescued an ultra beast. this all happened offscreen.
    -rotomdex got a job offer from lusamine, which, they deserve each other. even if she's buggered off for the time being.
    -very, very gay hug between prof burnet and lusamine when wishing her goodbye
    -gladion is dressed like a cross between a goth and a victorian orphan
    -ash is leaving all his pokemon behind so i guess kukui gets to look after this lot and not oak for a change. kukui and burnet appear to have adopted ash as their son
    -burnet don't mash ash's face into your boobs, such as they are
    -i'm sure flying all those pokemon that close to an airliner is some kind of health and safety hazard
    -mallow's brother thoughtlessly brought back a bunch of gracidea flowers so now shaymin's fucked off too, poor mallow, stuck at home for vacation while everyone else goes off for adventures
    -nice shot of guzma having a battle against some ex-team-skull-grunts in the little slideshow at the end
    -... did we really need a shot of burnet petting a pregnant belly in a sundress? as the last shot of the entire episode? no. also by the looks of it she's a ways along there so that's a timeskip

    basically this was the show trying to tie up all the loose ends it left itself and doing an... okay job, i guess. it was at least consistent with the weird af pacing of the series as a whole. considerable wasted potential but, y'know, eh.
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    what is UP they have the first twelve episodes of the galar series up too!!!

    though i'm not sure if i'll watch it just yet, because i am very prone to bingewatching everything available and then completely forgetting to check for more for months on end.

    the description has some... things in it for sure

    'The series features "double protagonists" Ash Ketchum and Goh, along with their partners Pikachu and Raboot.'
    ...double protagonists? did all ash's friends of the previous series not count as protagonists? are they trying to reboot shit to focus less on Ash without actually removing him entirely? for fuck's sake pokemon just commit if you want to completely reboot everything and start afresh JUST DO IT

    'Ash and Goh travel around the world, specifically all regions that have appeared in the core series (from Kanto to Galar), and meet Pokémon from each region while pursuing their respective goals.'
    this is really just... if they decide to do callbacks to every single previous season its going to rub in really badly how fucked the timeline is, because ash is still supposed to be ten but this is, quite literally, the twenty-third season of this shit
    and if they don't do callbacks to previous seasons... they've just basically... okay in alola they sort of soft-decanonised them by just never referring to anything that happened outside of kanto- brock and misty appeared, so they're still around, but no-one and nowhere else got mentioned. but if they go to sinnoh and dawn isn't there, or dawn is there but has no idea who ash is, and ash never mentions that hey he once knew a girl from sinnoh named dawn... they have explicitly decanonised diamondpearl in a way they never have before.

    also WHY THE FUCK... is galar the first region to just not get a series all to itself. excuse the fuck out of you, pokemon, fucking rude
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    are they... are they trying to wrap this up?

    are they trying to indicate no more pokemon anime, or perhaps no more ash-centric/traditional pokemon anime?

    ash won the alola league, and now they're revisiting the other regions; this is either a very nostalgic anniversary thing or it's an ending
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    at least maybe jumping around regions will encourage them to go back to more adventure-of-the-week stories, because if alola proved anything it's that when pokemon tries to have a lot of subplots it ends up wasting most of them

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    accidentally plunges two/three hours into thea: the awakening

    only two deaths thus far, although i am rather approaching it from the standpoint of 'well, i could pursue the plot or i could just sit here and micromanage everyone's cooking'

    have not yet achieved fully shirted village but that's half because everyone is a fucking weakling and all the shirts are too heavy
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    Like Winner on the low deaths, witnessed and everyone being too weak for shirts. Get buff, people.
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    one person got eaten by wolves, one person just sort of casually bled to death. she wasn't cursed, or at least she wasn't cursed according to the local curse-removal people, but i think she might have been poisoned and just never got over it? possibly?

    it's thea 1, who knows with these people. none of them have bred yet, we've had to get all our children from starter packages and passing orcs.
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    (i am playing on easy, mind you, because i am but a tiny flower easily hurt by the deaths of fake pixel people)
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    build more cabbage patches to get babies, i'm not fucking with you, in thea 1 you have to build a vegetable garden to acquire a child
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    ah yes i forgot the cabbage method
    i shall have to research i can only build pastures at the moment
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    oh, pastures and wells. forgot about the wells. haven't actually got the resources for wells right now though
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    my brain: i want a dog
    me: there's like 356098762 reasons not to get a dog right now, Bella being the least of them
    my brain: i want... a fUCKING dog
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