I'm going to marry a ghoul. [Fallout Thread!]

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Sol, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    aa yes, good old fo4, the most functional and sensible of games
  2. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    auuaaaauuuurgh i am trying a new FO4 character since the DLC was on sale and auuuuuugh. the opening is so offensively stupid. no fuck you i am not a happy fifties housewife. i am not even a stepford housewife. fuck you that is not my husband or child. and the whole "it has been two hundred years but everything is still wrecked and not fallen down/scavenged/rebuilt" thing is so bad. like seriously why does no one in this entire setting bother to clean things up. or build houses that your average bronze age peasant would consider sufficient for a massachusetts winter. why does anything still work after two hundred years of no one caring enough about maintenance to pick up some junk and do something with it. why is codsworth still floating around being a prat, how did he carry two hundred years worth of rocket fuel when it very clearly comes in a propane tank. my disbelief, it is not so much suspended as hanged by the neck until dead.

    i keep wanting to love this game for the settlement building and the exploring and the sneaking around shooting people, but bethesda has made it so very very difficult.

    why do i not have an option to shoot this robotic twit until it stops trying to blather at me.
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  3. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    I choose to either believe that all knowledge of cleaning died after the bombs dropped or that we're just doing it for The Aesthetic at this point.

    Also I love Cogsworth because he disapproved of absolutely everything I did. Yes my adorable pansy ass robot butler. Watch me shoot this beautiful family in the head in front of you all because they saw me stealing their lunchboxes or something stupid.

    I never did play much of Fallout 4 though. Mostly because I don't own it.
  4. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    Uggggh, I have the same experience. I can /mostly/ just ignore it when I'm playing, but I'm trying to write fic of my Sole now and trying to make everything make sense from a world building perspective is just... MADDENING. How do stimpacks work? How do they heal bleeding and crippled limbs? If they do, how the frick am I supposed to write fighting scenes with any tension?

    Also how radiation is used mechanically is just. Incorrect (I'm a chemist by training). Like, cooking irradiated food isn't going to get rid of the radiation (That's bacteria). Explosions from fusion powered technology would not leave residual radiation because fusion creates mostly light, stable atoms.

    While this doesn't discount the problem of maintenance, the world went to almost entirely atomic power after WW2 in this universe, so it is conceivable that you can access the power, and that it would be built to last without maintenance.

    Why don't you just ditch him until you get a companion you like? There's no need to go exploring with anyone, and there's a specific perk (lone wanderer) to give you bonuses while you're alone.

    This is one of my biggest story complaints. They give your spouse no development and no reason to feel attached to them. In a game that is all about playing a character exactly how you want, it is extremely limiting. After a while, I managed to sort of wrangle it into a good backstory, but I would have preferred to have any say in the matter.

    Despite the large amounts or warts, I still do think it's a good game and I love my Sole and a lot of the characters. The default ability to have happy poly relationships is also such a nice change of pace, even if they wouldn't let me properly romance the rusty toaster man.
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  5. The Mutant

    The Mutant ' w '

    Yeah they definitely could have done a better raison d'etre for your PC. yay headcanons tho :V also I'm using the mod that lets you have a same sex spouse at the cost of some muted/subtitled dialogue because fuck the police :u still love it for all its flaws tho and my beloved PC and his headcanony playthrough.
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  6. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    As someone who does extensive headcanons for all my OCs, I managed alright with what they gave me. Or at least, I did once I figured out my character, which took me a decent amount of time. Funnily enough though, I've found that the game being rather shallow on a lot of points such as faction conflicts, romances, and personal quests gives me a lot of room for at least what I think are great fanfic stories. I do wish that it had gone deeper in a lot of ways, because I find it engaging in a game, but on the other hand, I can write stories about the events that happened and they're not just boring novelizations like what writing for ME or DA canon events seem to turn into.

    I may try to edit this for clarity later, because my brain is having a really hard time wordsing right now. So apologies if this didn't make much sense.
  7. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    I'm probably just being cranky because I'm depressed and nothing is fun, but man is it frustrating when things are *almost* what you want but little things keep getting in the way of enjoying them. Like settlers being completely hapless and passive and just leaving junk lying around for centuries instead of salvaging and using it, and being content to live in crappy undefended wrecks of unmaintained 250-year-old houses until you come along to be Their Savior, and then you can't scrap out the ruined houses and make decent ones for them anyway. and how fixing up settlements just makes more work for you because of the radiant quests that keep rolling in, and don't offer you much advantage unless you invest all the way into building shops for them. also out west is SO much better as a setting for the fallout games than east coast. or maybe that's just because the out west games were done by Not Bethesda.

    (not-particularly-Fallout-related rambling follows, this is just my train of thought continuing)

    I really like the idea of a game where you can establish a base, or a few bases, and have those bases be a source of help and upgrades and supplies, and also ideally be meaningful in the story beyond just handing out procedural sidequests. Like, maybe not as large-scale and giant as trying to track down all the NPCs and upgrades for your castle in Suikoden, but that sort of thing. And definitely including the ability to rearrange and customize the layout and where things are, to fortify it better. I really like the upgrade-and-customize feature for weaponry and armor that FO4 has; I think I'd like it even more if it had more options for situational sidegrades that you choose based on what you want to do with the weapon, instead of being so heavily weighted toward linear damage/accuracy/attackspeed upgrades.

    but yeah, like a game where building your base and resources and getting people who can help you in ways other than combat is ... not exactly The Main Story of the game, but a big part of how you're expected to handle the challenges the main story throws at you. and by building your base different ways and taking different options for it, that's like... how you pick the ways you're going to handle the challenges of the main story.

    and it could work in a lot of different settings, like a cyberpunk game where you set up safehouses and workshops and maybe help a friendly street doc have a better clinic or get them to move into your base, or a game where you're an aspiring warlord trying to beat up all the other warlords and take over the whole area, or a post-apoc western ... like a Fallout game where you can join the Followers of the Apocalypse and build up a town with them, something like that, iunno.

    i'm rambling a lot and probably not making much sense, i'm just cranky at things not being exactly what i want, meh.

    also i am still angry about all the buildings people live in in FO4 being half collapsed wrecks that wouldn't keep out a stiff breeze, let alone a Massachusetts winter, and not being able to fix this or get them to fix it. how is anyone alive here every single one of them is way too fucking NPC to live.
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  8. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    heck it wouldn't even have to be a stationary base, it could be a custom minibus or trailer or something that yuo squeeze little workshops into, or a spaceship, or something.
  9. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    it's definitely because NV was made by Not Bethesda. the fallout universe is so much better when you just like.... ignore.... everything bethesda says lmfao. like they blatantly don't give a rats ass about their own lore so why the fuck should u. my city now.

    i saw someone say once that FO4 suffers where NV doesn't because the story centers around You and not everyone else. If you decide to fuck off and hunt molerats for eight hours the story grinds to a halt, but in NV it feels like the factions still have conflict unrelated to you and you're just in the middle of it. It's the subtle but incredibly important difference between walking into a tavern and going "I need help with this quest!" or walking into a tavern and everyone goes "Fuck help us with this quest!"
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  10. The Mutant

    The Mutant ' w '

    Finally took a few screenshots of my boy in FO4. It's a metric pain getting decent ones for him- the lighting has to be JUST at the correct angle, specially since he's sorta dark skinned (which isn't quite as evident in full sunlight but what can you do :u) Got plenty of ones with his srs face but sadly I don't know any NPCs at this point where I could initiate aggressive dialogue with so as to get ones of his typical snarly expression. (let alone ones where the lighting would be acceptable.) Also a shame that when at dialogue trees, it always seems to show your SoSu's right side; he's got different scars on his left, but I couldn't get decent shots of that side.

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  11. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    ooooo he's handsome. he's like a particularly good looking human dualscar but without the douchebaggery (or maybe with the douchebaggery, idk your life.)
  12. The Mutant

    The Mutant ' w '

    @Sol owo; gosh thanks, I'm v. fond of him too :3

    I'm not very familiar with humanstuck these days, but he DEFINITELY doesn't have Dualscar's brand of douchebaggery. He's essentially a decent dude (more Hancock's kind of decent, though, than the more cleancut Nick/Piper/Preston), leads the Minutemen (VERY RELUCTANTLY, he's constantly trying to get Preston to take the General rank so he can just shout at recruits and shoot things instead), joins the Railroad, completes Call to Arms but ultimately doesn't join the BoS because of their jackassery re: synths, ghouls and their general paternalistic douchiness towards the 'Wealth, but is also aggressive, snarly, sometimes self-destructive and not completely stable after the opening events of the game/losing his husband. (yes he has a husband and not a wife on account of fuck u bethesda :u)

    I LOVE THIS JERK SO MUCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ;o; I could go on about him forever.
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  13. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    oooooh he sounds wonderful.

    everyone's got these super thought out character arcs and i'm over here on my third unfinished playthrough like wassup this is darcy she taped razor blades to a baseball bat and she'll punch you in the face for money.
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  14. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    i just keep going back to FO4 and being so frustrated at the whole... Waiting For PC thing most of the world's got going on. I like the system and the framework and the potential *so much* and then it all gets squandered so badly. Like, I want settlements like Klamath and the Den and New Reno and Redding and Broken Hills where people have their own things going on and where they've at least tried to patch things up and build places for themselves. like so many of these houses aren't even houses, they're half missing and completely open and there's no actual way they'd be any better than not having a building at all, and i don't even get the ability to demolish them completely and make halfway weatherworthy places instead. Everyone in FO4 is just so *passive* and it bugs the shit out of me. Like... make me feel like I've stepped into a world with its own stories, not a dollhouse where i have to bang everyone together when i want them to look like they're kissing.

    but i keep coming back to it because it *feels* like it should have so much potential, what with the settlement building and gear building and all, even if that never actually quite works out. it could have been so good if they had just had a few good writers, and being frustratingly close to goodness makes it so much harder to ignore than a game i just don't like at all.

    also my computer isn't really able to run the fo4 buildy-kit thing to try to make anything better even if i did have the spoons and programming ability and stuff :(
  15. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    @littlepinkbeast yeah I really feel you. FO4 is my first Bethesda game so I didn't have anything to compare it to like you do. Which probably made it more bearable. Idk where exactly you are in the game, but I didn't find myself actually enjoying it until pretty far in. And then something shifted (possibly getting Valentine and Hancock as companions? Or getting more roped into the factions story? I don't really remember.) I found that I liked the end of the story missions, even if they weren't as fleshed out as I'd have liked. Also, idk if you're willing to spend even more money in it, but Far Harbor dlc does everything much better with regards to the story and setting. Also Nick was my unofficial romance, so I was very invested.

    I totally hear your frustration though. There's so much potential. And for me that manifests in my continued investment in the fic I'm writing/planning. But I've tried to go back and replay parts and I just...can't make it through.
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  16. The Mutant

    The Mutant ' w '

    necroing this thread to plug alls-well-in-the-wasteland, a tumblr about a Fallout OC and their relationship with Hancock :'3 (there is seriously a lack of good Hancock/m!SoSu stuff out there, so this blog always refills my mana and blesses my household)

    typical Fallout 4 warnings apply, along with some emotional abuse in Ed's backstory, the poor dear :'3
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  17. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    Hey, maybe somebody here can help me

    so i jst bought Fallout 3 in the steam sale, and it turns out that my laptop actually has enough memory to run it, which I'm pretty psyched about! But I still had to use this mod to keep it from crashing before the intro cutscene (the mod basically convinces it I have a better graphics card than I actually do). The game no longer crashes, but now there's no sound in the cutscene, and I'm afraid that might carry over to other cutscenes as well. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

    I realize that this is probably not the best place to ask about this, but the steam thread about compatibility issues that I found was several years old, so I doubt I would get a reply there and figured I'd check here just in case
  18. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    @adisagestar Sorry, I have no idea. If you got the mod off Nexus, then the mod page/nexus community might be the best place to ask. Even older games like FO3 sometimes have a decent mod base these days.
  19. Okay, one of my settlers got kidnapped by raiders. No problem.

    (Goes to kidnapper hideout)

    These are super mutants.
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  20. This game isn't fun anymore.
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