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Discussion in 'Your Bijou Blogette' started by vuatson, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    it was awesome, I'm definitely going to go back :D
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  2. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    name: ida
    hobbies: trying very hard not to ship youtubers and failing
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  3. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    did the thing! kind of!

    I spend most of the time I was there trying to figure out the organization of the shop and how to use the (TIG/stick) welder they've got, which is unfamiliar to me. I mostly figured it out but couldn't actually get it to form a proper weld puddle with TIG so I think I need to watch a bunch of youtube videos and take another crack at it tomorrow.

    this fucking shop though my dudes, if my welding instructor saw it he would have a conniption XD there's some form of organization in that everything clearly has a spot and there's only one spot for each thing (as far as I was able to tell), but within those spots everything is just jumbled together in drawers. the labeling is awful and they're low on a lot of supplies. there aren't any cutting wheels for the grinders, for example! all the wheels they do have are really worn down (though tbf they are hung neatly on the nails provided) and the grinders themselves are stuffed on a shelf under the grinding table without any attempt to wrap the cords. every station is about the same. they have a random assortment of tungsten electrodes, TIG filler wire, stick rods, and probably MIG wire (I didn't investigate that one today), though fortunately I think there are at least some that I know how to use. on top of all that the lighting is much lower than I'd like, there aren't any ventilation fans that I noticed, and it doesn't seem to have been swept in ages.

    the way this shop works is that all upkeep is done by members, you're expected to keep the areas you use clean and supplied. with that in mind you can definitely tell that not many people come here to weld (as I understand it most people who are interested in metalworking go for blacksmithing instead). the wood shop is gorgeous, but the metal shop really looks like most people only come in because their project needs some little bit that they can only make on these machines. I'm going to have to put in some work to make it a fully usable space if I want to spend much time there, which I do.

    to do list includes:
    • get more scrap to practice with
    • fully figure out how to use both the MIG and the TIG/stick machines. Lincold Weld-Pak 140 HD and AHP Alpha Tig 200.
    • see if I can get more lighting in the area? it seriously is too dark. find out if they have any extra lights and extension cords laying around somewhere. this might have to be #1 on the list
    • organize the welding supplies a little better and make a full list of what they actually have
    • followup, make a list of things that are needed and talk to the guy who seems to be in charge of the day-to-day running of the place. members mostly have to bring their own, supplies, yes, but I know the shop gets donations of both money and equipment/supplies, so I can at least get him to keep an eye out for useful things.
    • fucking sweep and more generally tidy things up
    • Jason gave me the number of another guy who's considered the metal shop expert and I would like to meet him in person, see if he can give me some help figuring out their organization and machines. apparently he's mostly there on Tuesday nights which will be a challenge. he's already been helpful via text!

    I'm going back tomorrow and hopefully I can actually get some welding done? need to do a little more research on those machines in the meantime. the Alpha TIG has entirely too many knobs on the front, I cry a little inside lol
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  4. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    things i have done today:

    1) buy discount halloween candy
    2) make a traffic cone themed minecraft skin

    i should stop expecting to be productive on the weekends
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  5. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    i mean, discount halloween candy is a valid goal
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  6. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    wtf starkid musicals aren’t allowed to make me feel feelings
  7. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    kind of want to sign up for this year’s kintsugi secret santa because I never have before, but also I don’t really know anyone on here we’ll enough for comfortable gift-giving (or probably receiving for that matter), and also I’m bad at finding gifts and I have enough trouble finding things for just my family... idk idk
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  8. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    somehow... I actually have enough money to get the new car I need, more or less.

    now I just need to somehow prevent myself from spending it on a new computer/computer parts this cyber monday. I’m getting really sick of my 2010 laptop, dammit.
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  9. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    anxiety is cooperating today so I’m finally doing that thing everyone says to do where you go through Indeed and spam the apply button on any job you think you could even possibly learn to do

    it’s kind of liberating
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  10. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    seasonal illness is a great excuse for that RPF fix you’ve secretly been craving for years
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  11. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    tfw you find the perfect gift for someone but it's about $400 out of your price range lmao

    my mom would love this so much... I wonder if I can find it in print form somewhere
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  12. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    wow, not only is that not available as a print but afaict nothing by that artist (Pauline Lariviere) is available as a print! it seems like all her anatomical paintings were done for denoyer-geppert, so the company still owns the copyright and have only released the images as full size charts. and they only have a couple of the less interesting ones up for purchase on their website :(

    ...I wonder if I could track down a good enough quality image to make my own print anyway
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  13. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    so minecraft is what did it, huh. finally broke me. finally made me start reading youtuber fanfiction

    the dismay of feeling my last fragments of self-restraint crumble away into the void, taking my standards with them, isn’t as terrible as the creeping realization that some of this stuff actually isn’t too bad
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  14. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    I have just returned from seeing the Cats movie. it was honestly not as bad as I feared, except for the bits which were.

    ok first off what I’m most mad about:

    1) they BUTCHERED my favorite song!!! my boy Mistofelees I can’t believe they did that to you!!!!! his song was supposed to be a magical jazzy hype number with his ego on full display and instead it was about him overcoming his stupid lack of confidence (???) which was holding him back from doing the Good magic, and they ruined it musically too, chopped it up, the whole thing felt like missing a step on the stairs >:( AND Tugger’s part got completely cut out!!! they really fucked this one up y’all
    2) they fucking deleted Jemima. I had a crush on her as a kid, I was looking forward to seeing her, but she straight up wasn’t there. they gave all her lines to the new Protagonist version of Victoria :(
    3) Tugger in general was pretty lackluster. they didn’t understand the fact that about 75% of his character is pure hip gyration. there was almost no gyration at all. aaand they made the mistake of getting a straight guy to play him lmao. it may be for the best they left him out of Misto’s song because I don’t think he could have made a convincing hype man.

    the added plot was indeed dumb and unnecessary, I could see what they were going for but they just kinda ruined it. there were bits that were okay - I actually really liked the opening song, though the effect is slightly spoiled by the fact that you have to spend the whole number adjusting to the CGI. on the topic of the CGI though, it actually wasn’t that bad? it wasn’t the best, but I wouldn’t call it uncanny valley. the hands were weird though.

    they made several small changes in the way of shortening or changing songs and I didn’t like any of them, but probably they wouldn’t feel wrong to anyone not familiar with the original. the dances were still good! they kept, if not the exact same choreography, the same feel. and some actors really nailed the parts. Ian McKellan (obviously), Munkustrap, Judi Dench (also obviously), Bustopher, Rebel Wilson, Taylor Swift as Bombalurina was good, even Protagonist Victoria was good... still prefer the original but they weren’t bad!

    a lot of the characters weren’t so lucky though. somehow they managed to take characters with almost no substance anyway and make them even worse :P (looking at you again, Tugger). and the added dialogue was almost universally bad - the original conveyed the same things much more effectively without any spoken words.

    in conclusion:

    25%weird CGI furries
    25% forced plot
    22% Absolute Bangers
    11% questionable musical choices
    7% Idris Elba in a skintight furry bodysuit screaming about how much he wants to die
    7% tapdancing
    3% vore

    therapist: 4 minute closeup of Judi Dench in full furry costume staring directly into the camera can’t hurt you
    4 minute closeup of Judi Dench in full furry costume staring directly into the camera: I don’t have a picture but trust me it was fucking harrowing
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  15. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    basically, if you go see the movie but haven’t seen the stage show, you should then also watch the stage show (the 1998 film version that is) so you can know How Good It Could Have Been
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  16. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

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  17. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    I’ve pretty much finished saving everything that I want to keep out of my liked 8tracks playlists. Tomorrow I’m gonna get through as many as I can of the obscenely long “to listen” collection I have going.

    fuckin sucks that this website is getting shut down. none of the other options around measure up.
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  18. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    yo @Meagen Image do you watch Hermitcraft? I just saw a comment on one of Docm77’s vids from your username!
  19. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    times that are acceptable: 7 AM-10:45 AM, 7 PM-12 AM. 5 PM-7 PM is on thin ice. all the other times are garbage. I'm either required to be unconscious or wish I was allowed to be. FUCK the middle of the day #crepuscularlife
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  20. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    I do follow Hermitcraft! Not everyone all the time but I watch most of Mumbo, Grian, Iskall and Docm. I'm also subbed to the Recap channel.
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