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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Jean, Feb 12, 2018.

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    My psych gave me homework to do to prep for the school year: live by a School Schedule ahead of time. Which means study/work times, break times, relaxation times, and a healthy sleep schedule and eating schedule. It's apparently going to help me learn to ID stress before it reaches the Ryn Explosion point as well.

    So for my warmup work I've settled on Japanese. A heavy attack formation on it. Do I have the kana memorized yet? No. Am I still doing the workbooks? Yes. Hopefully enough writing and it'll burn itself into my brain.. I'm gonna start math on Sunday as well I believe, I've got some prep books for the course I'm taking and I need to re-awaken my math brain ahead of time. So this way by the time the 31st rolls around I'll be used to doing "schoolwork" and can just.. change what I'm focusing on. (And keep studying Japanese on the side, bc goddamnit I WILL learn this fucking language so help me god.)
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    surprise i didn't end up doing any math practice and now it's come for my kneecaps bc this teacher presents their work in a format very different from my last teacher whose format was "Here's the ALEKS key, go wild :D I'll watch."

    This one does twice weekly homework AND ALEKS AND a discussion board for some reason? weekly? with no specific prompts? but it's required? question mark?

    psych is by far the easiest, i finished the weeks worth of stuff today bc i took notes on the first chapter already and then just... highlighted and reviewed before doing the inquizitives.

    history will be some reading and writing but im not poking it till tomorrow.

    and I flexed on my creative writing class by dropping the 800k of adult fanfiction marker on them along with my favorite picture of myself: the one of me in the kigu with gay socks at the convention. if they think I'm writing anything straight in that class they have another thing coming.
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