=> Ivy: Be in Distress

Discussion in 'Kintsugi In Space' started by IvyLB, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Em shakes off the sleepiness long enough to mutter, "I'm cool with it, if everybody else is." Then they zonk out, yet again.
  2. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    Ivy grumbles something that vaguely sounds like "Holy Gate will hurt if i go though..." but doesn't actually protest very much. If the temple really hated them so much they'd have been thrown out on their butt by now, but it's really rather pitiful how the building usually reacts to Ivy going in.
    "Maybe warn it..."
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