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  1. TheOwlet

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    I didn't mean to imply that anyone goes doxx anyone, just that it's a theoretical check option if anyone happens to already have the needed info and wants the peace of mind
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  2. FinalFarce

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    jesus christ this was a hell of read. that said, idk if she actually went through the foster system but uh... that's a big thing to claim if you didn't, too. cause like that shit fucks folks up (hi, i'm a mess) and is not at all something that generally works out for folks (know way more folks that are doing really badly or just not around at all anymore from the system than folks that are even mildly successful let alone have multiple degrees). not saying it's impossible but that adds a whole nother knot to the mess of "probably not actually x, y, or z professional"
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  3. Verily

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    @cantankerousAquarius Under the circumstances, is it okay with you if I share your receipts from here with Alix? She’s directly affected and it’s a lot to try to take in without evidence.
  4. spockandawe

    spockandawe soft and woolen and writhing with curiosity

    Not my call to make, but the therapist receipts or all the receipts? Just asking because the therapist-related stuff is definitely relevant to her, but seeing someone carrying info back from forum conversations to pass along to her is making me nervous, especially since she's already tried to push at forum-related boundaries multiple times since her ban :p
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  5. Verily

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    That’s a fair question and exactly why I’m asking publicly instead of just messaging anyone. Afaik, we don’t really have any receipts that disprove the therapy history, just an overwhelming amount of doubt. Let’s say only the receipts in the first post of this thread.
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  6. Beldaran

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    Forum wise, it's none of Alix's business. If someone wants to forward her things they can. She's banned and we have no control over who sends her what. People can do whatever they like with those facts.

    Server wise, the receipts were collected by cA from Seebs' server where Alix has also been banned. There's a lot of people on that server who may be in the receipts who don't want to interact with Alix, so it's kind of a bigger pool of people to ask than just cA.
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  7. Verily

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    There are two people in the receipts besides Jove and a mystery guest whose information is blocked out. If cA says it’s okay in the first place, I’ll ask seebs as well. If cA says no, it’s a moot point.
  8. cantankerousAquarius

    cantankerousAquarius Acrasial Macrology

    I'm weirded out that she hasn't asked me herself tbqh

    And I can prolly make a pt without any speaking by ppl besides me and Jove

    EDIT: what I'm saying is, she can contact me directly if she wants receipts
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  9. Verily

    Verily surprised Xue Yang peddler

    Got it! Thank you for responding so quickly. Nothing will be forwarded by me.

    Thanks, everyone. I know Alix’s involvement is not most people’s favorite discussion cul-de-sac and probably made a lot of people nervous, for which I apologize. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.
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  10. Ipuntya

    Ipuntya return of eggplant

    she's the source of the therapist receipts?
  11. jacktrash

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    crap, if i’d been in that thread for the band claims i could have debunked them on the spot: you don’t get gigs without recordings. period. in my day it was a demo tape. now your band has a soundcloud. but there is no way in hell she would have been looking at a crowd like that, not even as the first of three opening bands, and not have at least a full set worth of songs recorded. she’d be trying not to look desperate as she played them for literally everyone who showed any interest.
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  12. spockandawe

    spockandawe soft and woolen and writhing with curiosity

    I was thinking in terms of seeing exactly what was said to her, since it was a while ago, and if that was on seebscord, she wouldn't have direct access herself anymore. It wasn't my impression that there was so much content in those alix-jove receipts that she would really neeeeed to see them to take it all in, and the surrounding history isn't that relevant beyond 'yep, pathological liar'. But since she was getting advice about her own mental health that was in retrospect from a source with highly untrustworthy credentials, and couldn't access the history on her own anymore, that would be the one part of this business where she might have a reasonable justification for asking someone to bring her the screencaps.
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  13. jacktrash

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    alix is a douche but i don’t want her taking questionable medical advice and getting hurt.
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  14. Elph

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    Yep! Hi!

    I will openly clarify that this was my second cousin, and she died eight years before I was born, so all the grief is secondhand and I would never pretend to be anywhere near as affected as those who were alive at the time. With that said, when I did finally find out the details of her murder, I was deeply affected for a while. Even a secondary connection like that is traumatic, so if Jove's story was in fact inspired by this (I'm not saying it was, but who knows?), then I would indeed find it pretty offensive.

    I don't share the killer's name - or my cousin's - online, because I don't want to give him any extra attention, nor do I want to have to compromise my family's privacy by providing evidence of how we're related, so I would understand if someone affected by a serial killer didn't provide details; however, this particular case is sketchy as fuck, and I won't try to claim that Jove is telling the truth.
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