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    I'm sorry, all I can see is a solitary Quidditch Hoop and now I want a volleyball to throw into the hoop.
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    I can answer stuff if you all like! it'll be a while before i get through it all but yeah
    also the russian nesting spoilers made me guffaw
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  3. Vast Derp

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    ok multiquote complete let's get started

    Yuuuup. Fucker's too mundane to know he's haunted as shit. They had to figure out a better way to be heard.

    The Eye is a prison. The tea-girl ghost is just a sort of echo, like you get from really old houses.

    Kid definitely thinks she does.

    The Staff is a branch off one of the trees that she turned herself into. there's also a little dryad inside it, cause why not :3

    Gods don't die like you'd think, Tree is still alive in a godly sense of the word, she just fragmented herself all to hell and no longer has a cohesive central Self, but the magic is still there. Especially where the roots tangle together.

    Nup. Fox don't need no man.

    Yes, and you're about to wake up. DUN DUN DUN

    Yeah, Orbkiller's all about revenge but borrowing Red's murder weapon and bloodlust tainted everybody a little bit. He's like a skunk, and they all got sprayed trying to use his stink against him. Kid is a nauseating pacifist, and he's seen what Red's presence has done to Dark, so he knows better than to take that path.

    Dead people have all the power in there.

    I based that one on lionfish spines.


    faceclaim/fantasy casting for Dee: Drusilla from Buffy.

    she is so very, very pissed.

    Very, very, very pissed.

    Her backstory was pretty much: college girl, James stalked and abducted her, for some reason she pissed him off and he kept her alive a very long time trying to see some fear in her eyes. No dice. Eventually she died of sepsis from an arm wound, and it's unsettled him ever since that he couldn't find a way to win with her. She is, in his eyes, the one that got away.

    nope, i put too much lips on there and it came out lookin mighty hentai. then again, considering the monster in that chapter, I am pretty sure i did it deliberately, on some level.


    Very nicely explained for such convoluted canon. Kid sees change as the end of everything. because he isn't really equipped to deal.


    Another dead center shot.


    Yeah, killing Red doesn't work because if killing meant defeat, Orbkiller wouldn't be half as dangerous as she is now. It's his failure to really understand how people Are that leaves him vulnerable to more effective solutions.

    It has been, from the very beginning, a girl's revolution. Even Kano's name is a reference to the most badass defiant lady character I could think of at the time (I was 14). It's the job of the Champion to rescue princesses. If you've followed my Utena sperging, you probably know how I feel about that particular narrative.

    You're getting warmer!

    What would you say if I told you s/he's been in-panel a number of times now, without anybody noticing? :D


    You are 100% (in)correct. >:)
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    :screaming very loudly:
  5. Vast Derp

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    i THINK i fixed all the formatfail....

    also: the shot of Heyoka with the blindfold on is just another echo. the real Heyoka would never have directed Dark into the meat room. His/her eyes being covered, and his/her refusal to speak, were the only clues I decided to give on that. That's Dark's projection right there.
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  6. Vast Derp

    Vast Derp Professional Griefer

    I missed one, but yes, yellow text is the Doctor. Red text *used* to be Dark, because Red took over most of Dark's function and corrupted it. Light blue is pre-Dark Kid.
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  7. Hobo


    !!!! Oh god POSSIBLE HEYOKAS??? IN PANEL? AND POSSIBLY ALIVE??? I really need to reread this thing, god damn.
  8. swirlingflight

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    Light-blue is pre-Dark Kid....What a great pun.
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  9. Vast Derp

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  10. blue

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    @Vast Derp oh no, I don't WANT to be getting warmer, it is upsetting : D
  11. Elaienar

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    *additional screaming*

    @Vast Derp I like your stories and I like you.
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  12. Vast Derp

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  13. prismaticvoid

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    Casually wondering if Heyoka's in the Snowfield Zone, since it seems likely Red killed them (admittedly, that was post real Red's death, so idk)
  14. strictly quadrilateral

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    it would be worse if it weren't Red who killed Heyoka. Better the devil you know and all that.

    Also is there one sister or two? I lost track of the characters that were only/mostly alluded to.
  15. prismaticvoid

    prismaticvoid Too Too Abstract

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  16. Hobo


    There's two. Fiona? is the older sister (much older? I can't remember) and Nadia is... well, Nadia.
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  17. Vast Derp

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    Yeah, Fiona's significantly older and ran away some time before.
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    I was kind of thinking that the crowbar itself was more important than the actual act of killing Red who, after all, was already dead. "Physical" injury seems to mean very little in the Zones, ("Yeah, I'm fine, I just can't move." "I wasn't using it anyway."), the only wounds that seem to matter are those without apparent cause and even those mean something very different from wounds in the real world. But objects are hugely powerful. (MITTENS!) And the crowbar was one of Red's murder weapons (Luka confirmed that a bit upthread, I had thought so but hadn't noticed proof in the comic.) Fuuka convinced Kano to not use it and called it "that horrible thing" or something. Kano picking up the crowbar at all was probably bad. Dark using it to kill was probably suuuuuper bad.
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    oh dear I'm late. Heyoka spec under the tag.


    While this is true, I have to admit I've been a little concerned (as of reread) about the fact that Kid is run-through and seemingly bleeding out... when he's sharing a space with Kano for the first time we're seen.
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  20. Vast Derp

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    Kid's not bleeding out, just a wee bit uncomfortable. Cartoon physics apply til they don't!

    And yeah Red liked the tire iron a whole lot, it was convenient as a weapon because no one would ever wonder why you have it in your trunk or the back of your truck. Orbkiller once alluded to it, some bazillion chapters back.
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