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  1. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    My mom's crisp recipe is flexible to any berries, and as someone who also hates raw blueberries, making this crisp with 100% blueberries is an amazing flavor experience. Altho I'm not sure how much total berry volume you need, let me dig up the recipe.
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  2. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Apple Crisp

    4 cups sliced apples
    ¼ cup orange juice
    ½ teaspoon cinnamon
    ½ cup butter
    1 cup sugar
    ¾ cup flour
    ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
    dash salt

    Mound apples in buttered 9-inch pie plate; sprinkle with orange juice. For topping, combine sugar, flour, spices and salt. Cut in butter until mixture is crumbly, then scatter over apples. Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes. Serve warm.

    Serves 6

    **I often double this recipe and cook it in a 9 x 13 pan for the same amount of time.
    ***It’s great with blueberries or cherries instead of apples. I just don’t add the orange juice, because it is very juicy. I imagine you could try any fresh fruit.
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  3. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    So yeah, you'd need to mix in another fruit to match the base recipe volume
  4. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

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  5. devils-avocado

    devils-avocado tired and gay

    oooh yes these are great, I retroactively change my answer

    putting in some cranberries or raspberries too is A+
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  6. Lebesgue Integreat

    Lebesgue Integreat Lesbian Intrigue

    I like crepes for blueberries.
  7. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    scones! blueberry scones are excellent. or muffins, or coffee cake.
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  8. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    I would like to again whore out my blueberry vareniki recipe. Esp with turning bluebs mit used for the filling intk a sauce to top them with.
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  9. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    Muffins and pancakes are my go-to!
  10. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    it's mushroom soup time y'all

    IMG_9376.JPG IMG_9377.jpg
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  11. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    i made pumpkin soup with a sweeter pumpkin than usual, so instead of finishing it with half n half, i used cream cheese. the mild tanginess was the perfect balance. i bet plain yogurt would be good too.
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  12. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    so it turns out you can use pumpkin guts to make soup stock. nice! on the kitchn article about this i found the following comment tho

    Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 5.47.31 PM.png

    they do have a point
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  13. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    basic punkin soop:

    • 1 pie punkin (or idk like half a big jackolantern punkin) gutted and chopped in large chunks
    • half a medium onion, roughly chopped
    • plenty garlic (you know what you like)
    • 3-4 cups broth (my fave is turkey, but chicken or veg are good too)
    • sea salt
    • black pepper
    • olive oil
    • softened cream cheese (or maybe plain yogurt?)
    • chives or green onion for garnish
    wipe your pumpkin chunks with olive oil so they don't dry out, sprinkle them with sea salt, and roast them in a 350*f oven until the parts that touch the baking pan are getting browned and the skin is starting to be wrinkly in places. time depends on ripeness and wetness but generally 30-40 mins. let them cool until you can touch them, then peel the skin off with your fingers. it should come away pretty easily.

    in a soup pan, over medium low heat, saute the onion in a generous glorp of olive oil until it's fragrant and there's a wee bit of browning in the pan. then add the garlic, at least somewhat smorshed. i just use the stuff that comes in a tube and give it a good squeeze SPLRCH but if you wanna use like 3 or 4 fresh cloves that's fine, moosh em with the side of a knife to peel them and it should be fine. as long as they experience some trauma. breaking the cell walls releases an aromatic compound that makes garlic so much more delicious, so it's important to treat it roughly! anyway, bit more saute, then add your punkin, and guess what? saute!

    if you don't mind watching closely, add some butter here too, and let it brown. browned butter is amazeballs, but it goes from browned to burnt pretty fast, so if you're multitasking stick to olive oil.

    when everything's nicely toasty, add the broth. you'll need to eyeball how much, since no two pumpkins are exactly the same size; you want enough to comfortable cover your pumpkin, but not so much that it's freely swimming around. give it a generous few grinds of black pepper, and possibly a bit more salt. let simmer until all the items are soft and mooshable. half an hour should do it.

    once it's all soft, either use an immersion blender, or pour it into a blender blender in batches, and blend it all smooth. don't over-blend or it'll get a bit gummy; just until there are no chunks. pour into bowls (you get about 4), put a dollop of warmed cream cheese in each, and sprinkle with green onion.
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  14. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 5.45.34 PM.jpg

    my byootiful dinner! vietnamese noodle salad with 'meatballs' (actually cut up breakfast sausage, it tastes nearly the same). the sprouts are daikon radish from my greenhouse, which i had to thin anyway so might as well eat them. beneath the meatballs is a layer of do chua, vietnamese quick pickle. you cannot see the cellophane noodles at all but they are there. lurking.

    dressing is mirin, rice vinegar, light soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, garlic, and lots of sriracha. <3
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  15. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    My sis decided to preserve all the extra ginger root we had as ginger syrup - and so then we had to figure out things to do with it!

    Tonight, we made sort of ginger toddies-

    1 spoonful ginger syrup
    1 spoonful honey
    2 shots Irish whiskey
    Juice of half a small lemon
    Fill with hot water

    It is very bright and warm, and not honey-forward at all so Kai likes it too.
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  16. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Anyone have a favorite recipe for cornbread they'd feel like sharing? I've got the craving for cornbread and I want it to be good
  17. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    YES. Do you have a cast iron pan or no? I suppose my cast iron recipe can be made in like, a pie pan? But I've never tried it.
  18. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Unfortunately the only suitable cast iron I have (with sides) is 14 inches in diameter and would make more cornbread than I think we could eat (I really want to get a 9in one for exactly that reason, 14 is way too big for basically anything)

    I was thinking of doing them in a muffin tin because that's the heaviest duty baking dish that can hold batter we have (it's a really big and sturdy one)
  19. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    I do have a cornbread muffin recipe! That's what I normally use when I can't tell someone my skillet cornbread recipe. This is basically what I do, although I don't like a sweet muffin so I halve the sugar. As written it isn't very sweet and some people add as much as half a cup - that's not my preference though. Greasing the muffin cups with bacon fat makes for the most delicious cornbread, imo.
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  20. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

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