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    *paps him* oh noooo
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    hallr - wolf
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    The rain storm outside rages as much as Ryol’s heart races when he finds himself face to mud-splattered face with several feral dogs. The weather had ambushed him, weeks out from any bigger settlement and only luck had brought him close enough to this abandoned farm at all. He had just been in the process of checking over his pack to make sure his books were all alright when a low hoarse growl had made him back up until his back hit the wall behind him and he realized he was already surrounded.

    And he was tired. He was far too tired to fight with dogs, the fact that he hated hurting animals aside. He swallowed loudly, eyes glancing from one pack member to the next in quick succession, trying to figure out which of them was going to attack first, before a gruff bark, of such volume it seemed to make the entire barn shake, pulled his attention to the shadows.

    She was easily almost twice the size of these other dogs, missing an eye and half an ear, limping slightly and still the almost black hound of clear Mabari heritage commanded such authority she would not have looked out of place besides King Calenhad himself. Her remaining eye gave Ryol a long hard look, noticed his fingers twitching and sniffed the frost on the air around him and she simply sneezed before coming closer to sniff his pack.

    Ryol had the distinct feeling that he was suffered here at least partially for the food he carried, but he didn’t care. He was simply too relieved. And besides, he was Fereldan. Being so accepted by a Mabari was… an honor, even if she was a feral, worn out beast. Part of him wanted to try to befriend her, liked the storybook idea of being followed around by a pack of feral dogs loyal to him, but it would almost sully the wild nobility she clearly had. This hound was independent and self sufficient. She clearly should be free. They were alike in this way. Still, maybe he could at least befriend her a little.

    “Well… I suppose I shall make a fire and share my food then, no? Perhaps I will have a bone or two for you to nibble on so you will leave mine alone, my grim lady?”

    She barked softly, settling down magnanimously as if to agree he should serve her, even as the other feral dogs still circled him cautiously.
    (I'm gonna work on the others bit by bit sorry this is taking so long)
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    important pokemon post:
    grass types (and bonsly) like sleeping in lightly padded plantpots.
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    the ordeal of having to decide if i trust a website enough to buy plants there..... F
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    rowan and larch.... could be mine tho......... and then I'd really have an excuse to start making that concrete replica of the fenharel statues and maybe also the mythal statue...................
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  7. IvyLB

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    oh yeah btw i have a shirt/general merch print storefront now
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  8. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    What if.... What if I stole cuttings from the fig tree... haha just joking.... unless......
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  9. IvyLB

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    I bought the rowan and larch btw, larch is potted up and seems delighted to be here and exist, rowan needs some babying before i pot it up still but it's cute as hell and i'm super excited
    i also really should not get more bonsais. I'm already running out of space. God.
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