Language Learners, or: The Owl Comes For Us All

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by kmoss, May 20, 2019.

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    I’ve discovered the Klingon course has infinite hearts even on mobile. Like you go to the learning dashboard for it and there’s literally an infinity symbol next to the heart icon. I think you can still lose hearts in respect to other languages that don’t have infinite hearts while practicing Klingon, but presumably you can just keep practicing Klingon indefinitely regardless.

    I didn’t know languages had that option. I’m honestly confused about why they’re not using it. I know why Duolingo might not want every language to use it. But I wouldn’t use hearts for my language lessons, if I were making any, if there were the possibility to not, without first going to war with the people in charge.

    ……Maybe that’s why I’ve only ever seen it with Klingon. These people have impeccable pronunciation. Marc Okrand, the guy who made this conlang, doesn’t even have pronunciation this good in official Star Trek materials. Can you imagine trying to win a hill to die on contest against several people with impeccable Klingon pronunciation?
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    I'm trying to refresh my French. My vocabulary's okay but my grammar is awful.
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