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  1. Vastar Agouti

    Vastar Agouti tol nerd, Witch of Heart

    You freeze a little when she gets that close, and a little thrill runs down your spine automatic-like at having someone else's mouth so close to your sensitive yet terrible excuses for quasi-earfins. Then you relax in a rush and nuzzle back, smiling fit to burst. "Ain't never met no kind of real miracle 'til I met you, Appie. You got every shade of my trust on this."

    Then you lean back again and reach up, untie the mussel-pearl and shell-studded cord that keeps your raggedy topknot in shape. Then you fingercomb your hair out as best you can, looking at Appie all shy - somehow this feels even more naked than smearing your paint, ain't no-one seen you with your hair down willingly not ever. Hair loose like this, it's damn near long enough to sit on, and the thought that she could easy grab it and use it as a leash to bring you to heel makes you shiver. You glance at her, smiling self-consciously. "You want me to turn round, or this any kind of okay?"
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  2. Apkuri

    Apkuri pipingMelody * wildissident * spergiest precog

    You worry for half a second that you got too close, as she freezes for just a moment, but then the nuzzling and the words she says make your entire thorax feel warm, and you watch with wonder and sparkly-feeling anticipation as she unties her hair. You have to try a couple of times to find your widest-toothed detangling comb in your modus, because Vastar being all shy and trusting is taking up more pan processing space than you have. You are struck dumb by paleness.

    Right. Question. You should answer. "I, um... yes? I mean, I can work on the front parts like this, at least." You carefully gather one lock of her hair into one hand, feeling down the texture and tangles. "I'll probably have to be looking from behind you to get all the back parts. But... but we can work around to there."
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  3. Vastar Agouti

    Vastar Agouti tol nerd, Witch of Heart

    "Y-yeah, sure." you ain't any kind of sure words are a thing you can be doing right now, but assent is easy enough, and you lean into her touch, chirring a little low in your throat. You wanna purr already, you know your squawkblister's aching for it, but you're already hells of embarrassed and back and you don't know if you can even stand any more tenderness without passing out.

    You fumble a little, wanting to do something in return but not sure what could match up to this. "Uh, there anything I can be all up and doing to be assisting? 'side holding still and not minding the harsh-ass tangles when they happen."
  4. Apkuri

    Apkuri pipingMelody * wildissident * spergiest precog

    She is so obviously hungry for affection, and still holding herself back, and it is breaking your bloodpusher a little bit. You spray some detangler into your handful of hair and start carefully picking apart the bottom of the tangles with the utmost care. A subvocal not-quite-purr is hovering somewhere in your own thorax, but you don't want to startle her.

    Then she asks if there's anything she should do, and you laugh, low and affectionate. "Relax, maybe. I am trying to take care of you." A few careful strokes later, you add, "If you feel like it, you could tell me about you."
  5. Vastar Agouti

    Vastar Agouti tol nerd, Witch of Heart

    You laugh as well, a little nervous like, but you ain't never had anyone but your lusus tell you to settle down and let them love you. She ain't even pulling your hair that much, not like you expected, and after a moment you twitch your ears, give her another one of those gentle horn-boops. "I dunno, I ain't never all up and told much about myself before..."

    You're rolling out with shy-fluster-hi-keep-at-that, and it takes you a moment to draw all that around you and think of where to begin. "Uh, well, I've been all living in this bayou for all my life since mom met me outta the caverns - I only been out of it a few times, and most of them were a few perigees looking for that harsh motherfucker Kholai when he up and vanished on me. I know it ain't chill to go looking for your kismebro when they all up and dump you, but I never found no body besides what his lusus left and I just wanted to get on my knowing, yeah?"

    You swallow drily, your emotions gone that same thin bleak feeling your always get when you think of him, then let yourself sink back into the gentle sensation of her hands in your hair, boop your knotted horns against her temple. "Known that motherfucker since we were four sweeps old. Hope he's still some shape of alive."
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  6. Apkuri

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    Vastar's story draws a sympathetic chirrup out of you unbidden, and you nuzzle your forehead to her horns. "I'm so sorry. I understand... I understand wanting to know, for sure." You gather yourself and lean back enough to keep brushing. "I never lost any- any quadrants. But Mintuu didn't know what had happened to her moirail for sweeps and sweeps. It was hard. I'm sorry." You gently brush hair back from her temples, and drop a shy kiss there.
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  7. Vastar Agouti

    Vastar Agouti tol nerd, Witch of Heart

    Okay, now your squawkblister can't up and hold it in no more, and you start to purr despite the frustrated sadness talking about Kholai always brings. You frown all sympathetic-like at the thought of Appie's matesprit having such a low time. "That's harsh as fuck, brosis. But she got you, and you got me, and I'm all shiny with hope that it'll all work out, yeah?"

    You lean forward enough to head-bonk her again gently, smiling fit to burst. "I'm like to burst into all sugar and starshine if I get my feels on any more."
  8. Apkuri

    Apkuri pipingMelody * wildissident * spergiest precog

    "Surprisingly enough, things do seem to keep having a habit of getting better," you observe wryly. "Although hopefully not so much so that you explode."

    You uncertainly pause in the hair-combing." Is this too much? Or the trying to talk about feelings at the same time as..." You mime brushing again.
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