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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Wiwaxia, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Lizardlicks

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  2. Lizardlicks

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    Eey quick update to say this is your one week warning! If you're considering signing up for Drone season this year you have one week to do so!
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  3. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    FYI Drone Season signups close midnight 7/7 so anyone still planning on doing the thing who hasn't yet, better get your ass in gear!
  4. ChelG

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    Are Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido specifically supposed to be humans or carapaces, or does it not really matter since they're only in the fluff for an album? The description of them implies carapaces but the pictures are photos of non-disguised humans.
  5. Ihasa

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    That is a good question. I had assumed Carapaces and that the photos are of the real band members in simple cosplay.
  6. Acey

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    I’ve honestly always been confused about their place in the Homestuck cosmos in general. The album doesn’t seem to really tie that heavily into the comic lyrically, from what I recall, save for some obvious allusions?

    (Definitely wall to wall bangers on it tho)
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  7. ChelG

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    Human Mobius Trip looks sort of like A. Claire, honestly. Probably coincidence, but...
  8. TheMockingCrows

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    This is a big project and I'm excited so I wanted to drop a link here too bc Why The Fuck Not I guess. I'm doing a big Alpha/Beta kids polyamory fic because it came to me in a dream and I ran with it after waking up. Everyone will be with everyone else in at least one configuration before the fic's end. Yes, everyone. I made a list and checked it with assistance lmfao. I'm excited to get to the rarer pairings that have neglected tags, folks deserve some good food once in a while. I'd suggest subscribing to it, or checking my art/writing thread for updates since I won't be pinging in here every time obviously. So far it's only two chapters. Mind the tags, they update with every addition as needed. <3

    Summer Just Ain't Hot Enough
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