Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by BunjyWunjy, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. ironicBonds

    ironicBonds is actually two dogs in a trench coat


    ...and i don't have to leave my house until tuesday. score
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  2. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Yesterday I went out in a tank top and had to turn on the AC. Today it is just barely above freezing. What the fuck.
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  3. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    The weather is annoying here too. I do not like having to wear gloves while biking :( (Although it's really not as cold as some of you guys are dealing with)
  4. Southe-lands

    Southe-lands A Cliff in Front, a Wolf Behind.

    It was 32 degrees when I woke up. 32 degrees. On the gulf coast. What the fuck.

    Also I can't find my gloves with the track-pad fingertips. Boooooo.
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  5. baskerville

    baskerville Well-Known Member

    basically this

    i don't have to go outside too often, thank the lord, but i'm wearing 3 shirts, a jacket, and a robe. winter needs to leave as fast it arrived
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  6. BunjyWunjy

    BunjyWunjy Frabjous

    oh god, the slush. the slush
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  7. Elaienar

    Elaienar "sorta spooky"

    It's cold and I hate it and I'm never going outside again until Sunday I guess. Or maybe Friday. Ugh.
  8. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    it was weirdly warm today. like that's kind of a good thing because I was outside for most of the day, but mostly a bad thing because climate change
  9. BunjyWunjy

    BunjyWunjy Frabjous

    it's been 35° for two days and I'd like my cold weather back before the snow melts, thanks
  10. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    It's relatively warm outside and I am so grateful. Our thermostat broke and so now we have either HEAT or no heat and the maintenance dude can't/won't fix it and it sucks, but at least with milder weather we can turn the heat on for a bit and then let it cool slowly over time.
  11. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    It's either 35F and whiteout snowing, or -2 f and SUNSHINE-Y AS SATAN'S ASSHOLE there is no in between.
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  12. Southe-lands

    Southe-lands A Cliff in Front, a Wolf Behind.

    It's remarkably pleasant outside, if a bit overcast. I think I'll enjoy a-

    *humidity: 58%*

    *me: weeping tears of joy*
  13. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    Colorado is sending us some shitty weather for the 25th/26th so i have to come help out at work on monday because Shit Will Be Screwed Up by the storm hapening
  14. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    I remember a few years ago, when celebrating Christmas at my grandma's house in east Texas, we actually got a brief, light snowfall. This year when we celebrate Christmas at my grandma's house, it's gonna be in the 60s-70s F. Not entirely sure whether to blame global warming for this one or just chalk it up to Texas being Texas.

    eta: though i should say that this is slightly less "complaining" and more "wtf texas"
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
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  15. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    It's raining buckets here now. Nashville, wtf. It's nearly January and you decide now is the time for rain.
  16. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    : )
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  17. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    Christmas day, 72 degrees
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  18. Southe-lands

    Southe-lands A Cliff in Front, a Wolf Behind.

    Hah, you are like a little baby! Watch this:

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  19. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    That would be a lively summer day.
  20. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    It's currently 75f in Hell's Screened Porch, and sunny too. It meant our gathering was outside so I'll take it. Tomorrow the high is 55f and the day after it's 75f again. That's the part I've got a problem with.
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