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Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by Vacuum Energy, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    All right! The wiki for The Witchborough Hijackings is up. I'll need everyone's email address to send out the access invitations -- you can post it here, PM it to me, or contact me over the Skype chat.

    One of the nice things about Lexicon is that it scales nicely - it can handle a lot of players, and even changing numbers of players, without any problems. So, as long as we don't end up with more than two dozen people, it works just fine (and even then the problems are logistical rather than structural). Conversely, it's okay if you need to drop out midstream.

    Pinging everyone again:
    @Carnivorous Moogle
    @Bel Capricorn
    (again, let me know if you want off that list)
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  2. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    can i request a turn that is further than this week? this is my last week of classes/finals and i'm not likely to have brain to write anything just yet.
  3. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    Oh! Sure. The first week's deadline will be, not next Friday, but the Friday after that - that'll be April 29.

    Anyway, reminder of what the rules are for turn 1:

    This turn, each one of you needs to write an entry (one to five paragraphs long) with a name that starts with the letters A, B, or C. Inside this article, you need to make links to two pages that don't exist yet and are further in the alphabet. (Don't create those pages now - you, or someone else, will create them on a later turn.) Post a link to your article here once you've written it, so we can coo over it and speculate and stuff.
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  4. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    whoops I calculated the date wrong. The deadline for this turn is April 29, not May 1 or May 6.

    unrelated edit: I figured I should tell you where this premise comes from -- it's a steampunk-reskinned version of a major problem with self-driving cars. Basically, what if someone managed to hack into a popular type of self-driving car, and caused mass crashes? (Except, of course, with zeppelins.) This being said, you don't have to talk about that at all! You can talk about who might've been on the airships. Or the places the airships took off from and crashed into. Or people involved in the court system. Or wireless telegraph codes. Or the airship-manufacturing companies. Or other types of transportation, such as trains and steamships.
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  5. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    ohhhhh i understand how this works now. i mistakenly thought one person took a turn each week, but this makes much more sense and we get content way faster! i'm psyched. also i'll totally have time to write something by the 29th, that's awesome.
  6. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    I thought the same...shit, I'm bad at starting things. I'm going to need some time to look at at least one other entry before I make mine
  7. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

  8. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    This looks interesting and I will keep an eye on it, but I'm not sure I have the knack for participating just yet. "_"
  9. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    Eh, sure, I'm participating anyway, I'll write an entry to start everyone off.

    Things will be easier starting next turn; you will have other people's links/suggested titles to start from.
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  10. BlackholeKG

    BlackholeKG I saw you making fire

    Oh, hey, this is super neat. Can I take part?
  11. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    i've actually got an idea and will be writing tonight
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  12. peripheral

    peripheral Stacy's Dad Is Also Pretty Rad

    //anxiously hopes his entry doesn't conflict too much with anything others have written/will write.
  13. peripheral

    peripheral Stacy's Dad Is Also Pretty Rad

    ahhhhh i posted a thing i hope it doesn't suck
  14. peripheral

    peripheral Stacy's Dad Is Also Pretty Rad

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  15. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    @peripheral possible problem: it's already stated that they were arrested in the wireless telegraph office, and that they were prosecuted for whatever they could be stuck with. it seems to me that if they actually escaped from one of the airship...

    you know what, never mind, i just had an idea, don't change anything, it's perfect.
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  16. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    Also, and I hope this goes without saying, we will never actually write an article under the title "Witchborough Hijackings". This is on purpose.

    @BlackholeKG: Sure! PM me your email address so I can send you an invite to the wikidot.
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  17. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    The main-page snippet is merely there to give you a general idea of the time and place; you're free to change around the details all you like.
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  18. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

  19. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy


    Here's my article! Feel free to crosslink and backlink as you wish, although since this is the first turn, you're not required to link to any existing entry.

    Note: this is something that is actually true about modern airplanes. We could have pilotless airplanes now, if we were to pass the correct regulations. That we don't is another symptom of the problem I'm trying to explore with the kinetocomputer plotline.
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  20. peripheral

    peripheral Stacy's Dad Is Also Pretty Rad

    Oh shit, @Vacuum Energy that makes the guy I wrote about even more sneaky.

    Okay, so what does squeeing about all this entail?

    cause i am having worldbuilding feels folks.
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