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    Log date April 4th, 1853, 6:15 PM.
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin.
    Clear skies, light air, 68F, 26% humidity, 30 inHg.

    Schmir, Yogurt, and Butter each gave a quart, I left the rest for the kids. Kids must be growing fast, the Ladies have been getting antsy if I try to take more.

    Babka, Hamantash, Lekach, Rugelach, and Mohn each layed today. Latke, Blintz, and Sufganiyah did not. They like the new roosting bars though, and at least no one mucked up the water dish today.

    Lokshen has been poking at the snake that took up residence under the porch. If she doesn't catch it soon, we might need to look into getting one of the local boys to come up here with a shotgun.

    I think Challah's getting old, in the mornings she moves like Granny Nettie does in winter, and I've noticed she's been laying around the stove. Need to make her a rug or something, if it is her joints then laying on the cold floor can't be comfortable. This will probably be her last litter, and I'm half-sure it'll be all runts. I'll sell off most of them, but I'll keep one to take up apprenticing under Challah. Need a good name. Maybe Matzah Ball?
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    Log date April 5th, 1853, 7:55 PM.
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin.
    Infrequent clouds, light breeze, 72F, 34% humidity, 31 inHg.

    Shmir and Yogurt gave a quart each, Butter gave a quart and a half. One of the kids nipped the teat, so she's spiting the brat.

    All hens layed today, and Mohn has spent the whole day brooding a rock instead of her egg.

    Lokshen caused a ruckus today under the porch. No snake, and she's not dead, so she must've got the snake good and it's hiding away.

    Challah's got that look she did right before the big locust swarm two years back. Like she knows something's wrong and knows she can't fight it or run from it so she's just going to be gently concerned. No locust sounds and no swarms on the horizon, but we all know that doesn't mean much of anything.
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    Log date April 6th, 1853, 12:55 PM.
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin.
    Thin but total cloud cover, gentle breeze, 78F, 42% humidity, 38 inHg

    Something's wrong. My ears are popping constantly, the aiir's so thick it's like i'm underwater. Hens aren't laying and refuse to leave the coop. Goats are spooked, won't leave the barn. Lokshen's tail is bottlebrushing, has been for three hours. Challah's left eardrum burst, she won't stop whimpering. Whatever is happening is bad. Wrong. My eyes and ears are achi
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    Log date April 6th, 1853, 8:49 PM.
    all else same

    Challah gave birth. All runts, like i thougt. Four stillborn, three live. Well, two live now. Thrid born live but passed later that day. She was blue all over, must've been problems with the lungs. Named her Beigel and buried her under bluberry bush.

    Can't spell today, head hurts too much.
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    Log date April 8th, 1853, 5:51 PM
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin
    Total cloud cover, moderate breeze, 84F, 50% humidity, 30 inHg

    Unable to log entry yesterday- bedridden due to pain from pressure letting off in early morning. Felt like my brain was being pulled out through my ears while my skin prickled all over. No sign of cause either way, and frankly there's too much to catch up on from yesterday to bother worrying about it.

    Goats too skittish for milking, but Yogurt was on the barn roof this morning so she can't be too terribly put out.

    All hens laid today. Good thing too, I was worried about them since I couldn't get out yesterday.

    Lokshen's been startling at every little thing, and she's been very touchy-feely all day. Must be feeling insecure, can't say I blame her.

    Second puppy passed. There was blood in his ears and mouth, the pressure was too much for his tiny body. Named him Bialy and buried him with his sister. If third puppy lasts the week, I'll name him Matzah Ball. Challah is very huffy, I think she's insulted that I'm going to wait that long, but I don't think I could stand it if something I'd already named died.

    I've got a bad feeling. Clouds are growing thicker by the day, winds are slowly growing, temperature's rising, humidity's rising, and then that whole pressure wave? I don't like it. It's like the world is a clock spring being wound up. Whether its going to drive the clock or slip and throw coils everywhere remains to be seen.
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    Log date April 9th, 1853, 11:31 AM
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin
    Heavy cloud cover, fresh breeze, 90F, 58% humidity, 29.5 inHg

    Schmir and Yogurt gave two quarts, Butter gave one.

    All hens laid, but Babka and Blintz got in a fight over a brooding rock and broke theirs.

    Lokshen is back to hunting the snake, though that mostly involves hiding under the porch and chirping.

    Challa is nursing her pup today, pup seems fine though he's definately runty.

    I'm getting chills up my spine every time I look outside or think about the weather. Nothing's matching up. It's too hot for this time of year, the clouds are too dense for humidity this low, the wind is coming from the wrong direction. I don't like it, it's got the mental feeling of opening your closet and finding a hangman's noose hung up with the belts and suspenders. Not something immediately dangerous, but it certainly doesn't go where it is and the fact that it's there anyways feels like a threat.
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    Log date April 13th, 1853, 5:04 PM
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin
    Black clouds, strong breeze, 75F, 98% humidity, 28 inHg

    Strange weather continues, though today's weather is much more what I would expect before a strong storm. Missing a few day's worth of log notes because Butter got in the house while I was chasing Schmir again and decided paper was good for eating. In short, received a letter from Mama, her and Granny Nettie have reached Seattle, and are expecting their business to conclude shortly at which point they will return, expected to arrive in two weeks. Thank heavens for railroads, I can't imagine how long their business would have taken ten years ago. I still haven't decided whether "business" is Mama looking to see if it's worth moving west, or if it's Granny looking to see if it's worth being a pirate in the Pacific. On the one hand, Mama says it is dreadfully dull living here in the middle of nowhere, and she has several marketable skills that, should she put her mind to it, could see us living very nicely for the rest of her life and likely mine. She claims she comes by said skills naturally, but I'm nigh certain she just plans on taking the Lawyer Incident Of 1846 and making it a regular profession rather than part of one of Granny's cons. On the other hand, Granny's gotten restless enough to build one of those ocean canoes her husband sailed before his execution, and she's already spent a good two years working out how to get it to sail on land. What with how badly the last attempt went, I wouldn't quite put anything past her.

    For today, Butter and Schmir gave a quart each, and Yogurt gave one and a quarter.

    Babka, Mohn, Latke, Blintz, and Sufganiyah laid today. Hamantash, Lekach, and Rugelach did not.

    Lokshen caught a bird this morning and has been parading one of the wings around like a flag all day. No news on the snake.

    Challah and Matzah Ball are both doing well, though Challah suffered somewhat the other day when the temperature was at its peak. Maybe if we do end up moving to Seattle I can set her up with one of those new electric fans on the hot days.
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    Log date April, 1853.
    Mama's Farm, Shingle Creek, Wisconsin
    Thunderstorm, near gale.
    Don't know date, can't use sextant, can't see instruments.

    Cattle on neighbor's land stampeded through the farm. My legs are mangled badly, I can't move them at all. Honestly I'm just shocked that I lived at all. Took me at least a full day after I woke up to drag myself back inside, but I blacked out a few times so who even knows how long it actually took. I know at least one of the goats got smashed to pieces during the rush, but the body was too far away to really make out, and the other two were nowhere to be seen. Challah and Matzah Ball kept me company outside, though Matzah was more an adorable hinderance than any help. Thank G-d I thought to teach Challah to fetch a canteen when she was little, I would have completely died. Matzah Ball's too young to properly teach just yet, but it won't be long.


    Something's happening. The pressure is coming back, fast. It's been five minutes since I noticed, and my ears popped twice. Shit, Lokshen's fighting the snake, shit shit everything is going wrong fuck wait what the fuck what the fuck im not writing that what the fuck what is h a p p e n i n g everything is panicking I'M panicking is that a fucking mountain lion what thefuck help help help mama granny help me i can't do this alone fucking shit wheres the gris-gris Nettie i don't know if i believe in anything in particular but it would be real FUCKING nice if this thing will protect me like you always said it would, Elohim please let me live
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