Lord almighty, that's a dick.

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Starcrossedsky, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    can't you rotate it from the file, by right clicking on it?
  2. IndigoRiffRaff


    I'm on my phone (traveling, so no computer) so alas I can't do those things
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  3. LadyNighteyes

    LadyNighteyes Wicked Witch of the Radiant Historia Fandom

  4. boop

    boop beepbeep

    if its an iphone you can fix it in your phone by rotating and saving and then rotating back and saving again
  5. Acey

    Acey draw the line dividing laugh and scream

    Necroing because, uh...


    please tell me i'm not the only one seeing what i'm seeing in this cloud pic i took
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  6. kastilin

    kastilin MI CRUSH ASS TA DUST

    that sure is a cloud right there

    in other news have some cakedicks. i mean dickwrecks. I MEAN CAKEWRECKS
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  7. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    So I follow a recipe blog on tumblr, because pretty food porn and sometimes good recipes that I want to use myself. And today, the weekly round-up includes a link to edible cookie dough. Including a pic!

    I don't know why they put the dough into jars, or why there's a little whipped cream-like top to each of them, but that Sure Is A Thing.
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  8. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    ...I LITERALLY just sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose like I was some straight man glasses character in a fanfiction.

    Why do people do this XDD
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  9. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

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  10. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    Someone is buying it, too. It gave me the "don't miss out, there's only 1 of this item left and 1 person has it in their cart!" warning when I went to look.
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  11. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    Honestly, it is a very pretty penis.
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