New Gamer advice?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Cate, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    agree on da:o

    even i had issues with it and i've gamed my entire life
  2. Key

    Key never make a triangle

    I have very little gaming experience and I don’t remember having any specific issues with it. I’m curious though, were you using PC or console? The consol controls were harder for me to use than the pc controls but that could well be because I’m more familiar with the pc than any consol.
  3. Kittenly

    Kittenly Just Squish That Cat!

    Yeah, I played dao with my friend sitting w me, which helped, but if you're playing on easy and glance through some guides on leveling, I think it's worth it. I don't think the menus or egregious sepia bothered me /because/ it was the first big rpg I played and so I had no frame of reference xP
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  4. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    I have no idea how you feel towards puzzle-ish games, but Picross 3D Round 2 is available for the 3DS and is the best game in the world*. It's like nonograms (or regular picross puzzles) but 3D. You get to uncover little models of things by removing extraneous blocks.

    *Well, it is very good.
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  5. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    I've done both and had issues with both, personally.
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  6. Paradigm Shift

    Paradigm Shift Sleepy Girl Wants Love

    the only proper way to experience video games is from the beginning

    start with Tennis For Two like a real hero
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  7. IndigoRiffRaff


    I really like Terraria -- I play it on PC but it's also available on PS4, among other things. Undertale is also, as many people have said, very very good.
  8. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    open sorcery is a text based game (you can run it on basically anything that can run a browser, it uses Twine so HTML and Javascript) and it's really really good
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