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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by TwoBrokenMirrors, Mar 2, 2015.

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    According to this website: http://www.sageandwisdom.net/what-is-smudging.html

  2. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    Ah! Intriguing. I shall have a read up on that.
  3. Aya

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    Don't make taking or not-taking this one path the judge of whether you're a wimp or not. That's far more power than a walking path has any business having. You don't want to do the thing? It's not a huge deal if you don't do the thing? Why judge yourself about it?

    Think of it this way: if the path had a gross smell on it, you wouldn't want to use it. This really isn't different, except it's a this-is-bugging-me sort of psychological-smell.

    I'm not telling you not to take the path if you think it would be good for you or an empowering experience. I'm saying that it's seriously not a big deal if you don't want to, and you don't have to punish yourself for being nervous.

    EDIT: Thought of a better way of putting it. There's the thing where walking through there makes you nervous, and there's the thing where you're putting yourself down for being nervous. Those two things are not the same and you don't have to solve them at the same time.
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  4. ingloriousHeist

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    Honestly, if your dogs aren't freaking out or acting oddly, you probably don't have anything to worry about. Animals really do have a sense about these things, and even their presence can keep you safe from a lot of paranormal things. Do I have at least one story about this very thing? Yes, yes I do.

    Something that I always find useful in situations like these is a simple shield. I don't know if this one is covered in that link or not, but I'll describe it for you. I've had to use this one all too often, but it's always worked for me.

    Essentially, you want to imagine that you are surrounded by a bubble of energy. Depending on what your beliefs are, you can either be projecting this energy from yourself or drawing it up from the Earth. Either way, this bubble is as strong as the strongest thing you can think of - concrete, diamond, dragon scales - and anything that means you harm will not be able to pass through. If it doesn't mean you harm, it probably will be able to pass through, but it's not going to hurt you, regardless. Keep the vision of the bubble in mind as you walk down this path, and nothing will be able to harm you. You have to really believe in this, though, because belief = 2/3 power.

    Practice this before you have to go into an area where you might need it. Magic, or visualization, or imagination (whatever you want to call it) is just like any muscle and needs exercising. Start off by sitting somewhere quiet and closing your eyes, and then work up to walking around and doing things. This will make sure that you're used to it and that the shield is strong whenever you actually need it.

    There are trickier variations of this shield that can be more effective, depending on what you want. For instance, in the basic version, you can still be seen. However, you can add to the visualization and make the outside of your bubble mirrored, so that anything that might be looking in only sees their reflection, or make everything inside the bubble invisible, so that anything looking towards you only sees the other side of the bubble and can't see you at all. This all requires more practice, however, so it would be best to start with the basic version.

    It really is an effective shield that's easy to summon and maintain, and I've never had anything breach it yet. I hope it can help you, too!
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    ...Thanks. It's not easy not to yell at myself for being stupid and wimpy for not wanting to walk there but you're right, it hardly matters in the great scheme of things even if I am being silly somehow.

    I would like to hear that story. =P And yeah, like I said earlier the presence of animals certainly makes me less freaked (I think it's the only reason I could walk down there before), but my brain is a silly, silly thing.

    That shield sounds very useful. I will definitely have to practice it.
  6. ingloriousHeist

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    The story I'm thinking of is one part of a longer story that starts with "so my idiot friends taunted a spirit" and ending with "and then almost 5 years later we locked it in a box and haven't seen it since." I might type the whole thing out at some point, because it's interesting but it was creepy as hell to live through.
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    Wait, I don't think I've heard this one.
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    You've probably have heard parts of it.
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    That sounds EXACTLY like the kind of story that I obsessively buy books about real-life hauntings to read about (even though they freak me out. And for some reason made-up ghost stories are not nearly as interesting) so if you ever do type it up please do ping me, I wanna hear! ...If that's okay with you ofc. Uh.
  10. ingloriousHeist

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    I'd be happy to ping you! Idk when I'd type it up, though. Maybe this weekend?
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    I have done this! Usually at night when it feels like nasty things are about, but same idea. Whether or not any part of what my brain is processing is legit, it sure as hell makes me feel a lot better. So I highly recommend it!

    (Also, I'm from a Christian tradition, and so my [brain-created?] ghosty-goos are usually of the powers-and-principalities kind [scriptural? eehhhh?], but I don't care one whit where you're coming from, if you feel like your little sis is getting loomed over by a Something, you get out of bed and you go fucking tell it off. [It went away.])
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