"Once again, I gaze upon this stately ladder" - Zero Escape Series!

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Maya, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    i waited, and was rewarded by the price of Zero Time Dilemma dropping from $40 to $22!

    i like the character designs so far! & the outfits, too.

    the fragmented nature of the story segments is interesting! keeping track of it is definitely going to be a puzzle lmao.
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  2. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    so i haven't been liveblogging here because i'm actually using my dreamwidth now and i ended up liveblogging ZTD there (link is to my zero escape tag) instead

    but i just wanted to check in here and say
    that i got fucking bamboozled, in the "accidentally shipped something that turned out to be incest" way. i mean, i wasn't even shipping it that hard, but i was at least thinking about it, and now i'm just like... uh... hmm...

    bonus points,
    the ship in question was Diana/Phi/Sigma. i've never been bamboozled so hard before.
    and the worst part is, just earlier today i nominated said ship in an upcoming fic exchange. "the deadline's coming up, so i'll just nominate some zero escape ships that i think might catch my interest when i'm done with the game!" i said. "it'll be fine!" i said.


    side note,
    the whole "sending babies back in time with a specific item that has no discernible origin outside of its own time loop" thing? big homestuck vibes. not to mention the doomed/unfair timeline stuff. the "turns out these shippable characters are actually biologically related" thing is just the cherry on top.
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  3. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    An examination of the differences between the three games by focusing on a particular common motif

    The third-act reveal about the location the protagonists were in actually being an entirely different location.

    Expectation: the characters are on a giant cruise ship that is currently sinking!

    Reveal: the characters are in an exact replica of the cruise ship, built in the desert for Mad Science purposes.

    Justification: the characters had to believe they were in real danger to make their psychic powers work better/at all.

    Expectation: the characters are inside a pressure-regulated survival bunker to shield them from a pandemic going on outside

    Reveal: the characters are in a secret science base on the Moon, also it is the future and the pandemic has already run its course

    Justification: not letting the characters catch on to the fact they're in the future, and that some of them have been cryogenically frozen for a long time

    Expectation: the characters are in a bunker with three distinct "wings" branching off from a central elevator shaft

    Reveal: there was only ever one "wing" all along, they were just awake in shifts and different teams had access to different rooms

    Justification: .....budget cuts..?
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