One-on-one RP partner finding thread!

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by Acey, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. bornofthesea670

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    Hi @kleric! I have a habit of taking a few days sometimes in an rp due to lack of spoons or time, so I don't mind that at all. I work today, so how about we start brainstorming in PM later?

    I should be home about 7pm Eastern Daylight Time :)
  2. its ezra

    its ezra possibly feral

    hewwo its ezra

    so i'm stressed out by group rps and tend to stay away from them but i've been rping a really long time! i enjoy para more than script--but am comfortable with like a mix of the two or just shorter paras if thats preferable for anyone. i am way overly wordy so sometimes i'll drop a really long post but i don't really expect that in return! i'm fairly active and can be expected to be online most days but will occasionally drop off the face of the earth for 1-2 days... i do always come back but i'm sick as hell so that's that

    so what am i interested in? my "big fandoms" are the MCU, doctor who (anything before 11), and like, dragon age? i'm pretty well familiar w all of those universes and then i've got relative familiarity with a lot of smaller stuff too. fun fact i'm actually really used to doing canon/canon rp but!! i'm super comfortable with canon/oc and oc/oc and my greatest asset? i have a reaaaally wide range of canons i can write reliably. like i could probably write literally any avenger is what im tellin ya.
    (*edit: also who wants to rp some pacific rim? im just sayin!)

    shipping is cool but not required, nsfw is fine by me... love hurt/comfort shit, love really angsty trash fires and Bad Ends, love overtly dark plotlines, but also i love just like horrid domestic fluff. i will probably bury you in meta about our characters because thats like my big Thing. im pretty good at coming up with plots and i am fine rping just about literally anything without requiring warning. (i would say overall i am a lil bit of a dream.)

    im not a fan of skype but could potentially use it i guess. i am super good to use discord, threads or PMs here, or even email! and also im in central time (gmt-6 i think)

    thanks for reading my drivel <: pleas to be contacting me if you'd like <:
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