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  1. Astrodynamicist

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    so in the fantroll rp thread, it came up that it might be useful for planning purposes to introduce the characters we're thinking of playing before we start anything, so here's a thread for that!

    to start with, give basic info about your character(s)*, which of the rp setups you're interested in (sgrub or space opera/adults in space are the main choices right now, but i suppose if you have another setup you're burning to play go ahead and list that, too) and whatever other details would be relevant to brainstorming rp scenarios. also please indicate if there is anything you definitely are NOT up for rp'ing, like nsfw or graphic violence.

    *there's not a consensus on this yet i don't think, but the current idea is that each person only gets one character to play, at least to start. but whether we implement that or not, if you have multiple characters and you haven't decided who you want to play, go ahead and introduce all the candidates.
  2. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    One character per Universe right? Meaning one in SGRUB and one in Space.
  3. sicknastyspades

    sicknastyspades Most Rad.

    SS is here for SPACE OPERA shenanigans!

    I kind of want to play a grouchy underachieving yellowblooded janitor who sells taxidermied squeakbeast corpses on Troll Etsy and secretly wants to be Troll James Bond and/or Troll Batman. I spent too much time today thinking about him and accidentally became emotionally overinvested (also his adult title is the Mopswain I will fight you).
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  4. Petra

    Petra space case

    I kind of want to split the space opera into two groups, a rebel ship and an imperial ship. Both would be interesting to explore, I think?

    My Jasmet (pictured in icon) is an emotionally stable, sort of silly oliveblood with the psychic power of plant empathy and a bee swarm lusus. I've mostly played her as an older teenager, but could play her as an adult pretty well - perhaps someone growing the food on the ship, or maintaining plant-based air-filtration gardens? One note - if I do play her, I want to npc her purpleblooded docterrorist moirail, just because Jasmet wouldn't leave her behind. If that's not possible I guess we can have TRAGIC BACKSTORY.
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  5. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

    here's my fantroll:

    name: Astroh Dynnam
    gender: female
    blood color: yellow
    symbol: the SCP field code for "guns are no good", which looks sort of like a 7 with a superscript x
    age: depends on setting, really. probably on the young side of established adult.
    lusus: Colliemom (she might be dead by the time of the rp, again depending on setting)
    abilities: helm-quality psionics, which include the ability to control combustion. she has engineering expertise as well, focused mainly on explosives and electrical systems.
    affiliations: member of the Sufferist cult [i go with the setup where the Cult of the Signless Sufferer had a schism; the Signlessists are committed to hemo-equality ideals, whereas Sufferists are more "down with all highbloods"]
    typing quirk: has sor7* of weird cadence to her speech. for example, drops subjec7*s of sen7*ences, some7*imes also preposi7*ions/ar7*icles. o7*herwise obeys grammar rules. replaces "t" wi7*h nearest analog of her symbol (ie "7*").
    quadrants: all empty, though i'd be okay with them getting filled in the course of things. worth noting - Astroh is asexual.
    physical appearance: very short (5'-ish). her horns match her symbol with the right horn turning sharply into a 7 shape; the left used to end with four prongs sticking out in an "x", but it got broken when she was a kid (she broke it off deliberately in a desperate and badly-informed attempt to get rid of her psionics, and stopped at the one because of the pain). it's either just a broken stub now, or possibly she has some tech plugged into it for psionic control, i haven't decided (i originally drew her with an antenna sticking out of it, but that abruptly stopped making any sense and i never thought up any good rationale for it). shoulder-length straight black hair. her clothing choices emphasize practicality, and tend to end up being fairly androgynous-looking.
    strife specibus: probably bombkind and taserkind primarily, with fistkind as a backup. maybe pistolkind/riflekind too if she's been through training with Sufferist freedom fighters/terrorists.

    Description: Astroh's life is ruled by fear of becoming a helmsman. A fear which, while justified, was exacerbated immensely when as a child she came upon Sufferist anti-imperial propaganda while surfing the dark and secret parts of the Troll Internet for bomb-making guides and illegal supply depots. After getting in contact with some Sufferists and eventually confiding in them about her psionics and fears about becoming a helmsman, they converted her fully to their cause. She is a true believer, fueled by rage at the Empire more than any real desire to fix the system or help people. Not that she won't help people - she cares about her friends/comrades, and is at least in principle up for helping other lowbloods escape the Empire's clutches, but in practice she mostly works on blowing shit up. A job which admittedly brings her into constant conflict with how strongly she wants to stay the fuck away from the authorities. (I'm thinking along the lines of, she'll gladly sneak a bomb into a spaceport, but she wouldn't go on a rescue mission to get new helmsman candidates out, even though she really wants to help them, because that would bring her too close to potentially getting caught by the people she's hiding from.)
    Buried under all that heavily-stoked anger is a troll full of scientific curiosity, a love of tinkering, and immense wanderlust. If fear of the Empire weren't a factor, she'd be content to explore the universe, working odd engineering jobs to pay her way to new star systems. She has little to no regard for rules and laws, happily ignoring/bypassing/subverting anything that gets in the way of her doing what she wants. This includes rules set by her Sufferist handlers. She likes to exploit loopholes, but usually she doesn't care enough (or respect the rule system enough) to bother.

    RP Limitations: i won't rp smut (not that she's likely to end up in any given that she's ace, but hey who knows), anything else i'm fine with.

    Which RP: i'm here for the space opera one! adults in space here i cooooome :D

    (am i forgetting anything? i feel like i'm forgetting stuff...)

    (edit: doh i forgot to say which rp i wanted to join)
  6. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

    that's what i was thinking, yeah!
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  7. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

    ooooooo i'd be up for that!!
  8. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Are we doing spaceSHIPS or SpaceSTATIONS? Or one of each?
  9. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

    idk nothing's been decided for sure yet.

    i feel like it depends on what kind of plots we want to run? like, if we want more running-around-visiting-worlds-and-people, ships would be more conducive to that. versus say political intrigue in the contained environment of a space station. or someone tried to do shenanigans on an imperial base and got stuck. i think there's probably also a fair amount of leeway if little pairs or triples go off separately if say one group wants to firefly it up while another is all excited for troll deep space nine, and troll not-serenity could totally dock at troll dsn later and then everyone has adventures together. or something.

    maybe we should start throwing out ideas (probably in the other thread?) for actual plotlines/starting setups we'd be interested in? because that would help narrow down setting.
  10. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Name: Klaire Azazel
    Gender: Female
    Blood color: Teal
    Symbol: Sigil of Azazel
    Age: 9 sweeps
    Lusus: Lynxmom
    Abilities: Makeup artistiry, limited sewing skills, running away and hiding. negligible telekineses. (Can make a spoon hover or makeup powder go where she wants it, can´t move anything much larger.)
    Affiliations: None/Open
    Typing quirk: Elegant script with neat little b[]xes.
    Quadrants: Open, has a string of broken moiralliegances in her past.
    Physical appearance: Tall, looks perpetually in need of a sandwich. Horns describe a <> shape. Clothing is black, closefitting, and minimalistic. Hair is short and either spiked up or slicked back.
    Strife specibus: Claw/Needlekind
    Description: Klaire survived childhood mainly by hiding or fleeing form anything that might harm her, causing a certain amount of hypervigilance and jumpyness. Anyone who does catch her is scratched until they give her a chance to escape. Her main talents lie in makeup art and claw decoration. Since she literally spent most of her childhood up a tree her friendships were all internet based and she hardly ever speaks in company. Standard response to danger: Nope and also fuck that.

    RP Limitations: Very explicit torture, brainwashing, certain mental illness themes.

    RP: Adults in Space.
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  11. sicknastyspades

    sicknastyspades Most Rad.

    name: Idekay Ascops
    gender: male
    blood colour: yellow
    symbol: ∂
    age: eleven-ish
    lusus: Ide’s owldad died a sweep or so before his ascension. Ide being Ide, he taxidermy’d the corpse and now uses it as a comfort object.
    abilities: taxidermy, general sewing skills, basic mechanical repairs, can clean well enough to not get culled for incompetence, knows just about every nook and cranny of whatever ship he’s stationed on and can fold himself into surprisingly small spaces considering that he’s like seven feet tall
    affiliations: do you own a spaceship/space station? do you want to pay a barely-competent asshole to keep your giant space object clean and relatively devoid of small animals? congratulations, you just hired Ide. he probably works for the Alternian Empire because I like playing characters who work to uphold the evil oppressive regimes.
    typing quirk: capitalizeS lasT letteR oF A worD (REVERSEs It WHEn SHOUTINg).
    quadrants: technically open for filling, but if you are willing to touch Ide with a bargepole there is probably something wrong with you
    physical appearance: Ide is far too tall, far too skinny, and seems to be constructed primarily out of knees. His posture is some kind of on-the-verge-of-collapse hunchbacked tangle of limbs. He has a dreadful hatchet of a nose and probably still suffers from whatever dermatological problem adolescent trolls get. His horns are small, ridged, and swept backwards. His hair is a straggly waist-length braid which could theoretically transform into a beautiful cascade of princess curls were it ever acquainted with a brush. He is massive palebait (shame about the personality).
    strife specibus: primarily uses mopkind; has a needlekind backup for when he needs to do actual damage

    description: Ide’s generally a grouchy guy, which is approximately one part genuine dislike of all other sapient life forms to two parts if he’s ostentatiously obnoxious enough to people they will stop bothering him. What Ide mostly wants out of life is for people to stop walking all over his nice clean floors and leave him alone so he can sit in his cupboard surrounded by taxidermied squeakbeast corpses (he sells them on Troll Etsy). He is genuinely and sincerely happy to live as uncomplicated a life as he can achieve. So, of course, he needs to be dragged into shenanigans as quickly and ruthlessly as possible, because that will be hilarious.
    Ide is probably smarter than he acts (not that this is particularly difficult); he’s very good at just barely skimming the competency bar. He’s neither efficient nor incompetent enough to get noticed, and his detailed knowledge of wherever he works lets him avoid a lot of trouble. If your rebel spy has infiltrated the Imperial Fleet and needs someone to inform them about hiding places, shift changes, and general gossip, Ide has that information and is easy to intimidate.
    He might act aggressive from a distance, but if once you’re inside his mop radius he’s mostly just nervy and mildly baffled. If you manage to pierce his prickly exterior, you will find an interior which is just as prickly but is also prone to making lewd comments and swinging its mop around whilst pretending to be Troll James Bond fighting off a horde of ninjassassins. He is a huge dork, you see.
    (Incidently, the next person to make a bucket joke is getting mopkind to the face. With Ide’s luck the next person to make a bucket joke will be a highblood, but they will get mopkind to the face anyway because Ide’s the sort of idiot who follows through on promises he makes to himself even when they are terrible ideas.)

    rp limitations: I find everything to do with sex extremely tedious, so while I’m technically willing to rp smut I’m liable to get bored halfway through the bonerparty and wander off. I am probably too excited about torture/gore/body horror, so if that squicks you even slightly you should maybe not play that game with me because I am extraordinarily bad at remembering other people have limits for that sort of stuff.
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  12. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    name: Sacara Raleni
    gender: Female
    blood color: teal
    symbol: resembles an eye
    age: 9 sweeps
    lusus: raccoonmom
    abilities: good at make up, sewing, knitting, speed reading, getting out of awful situations with minimum of bloodshed.
    affiliations: currently open
    typing quirk: i's aren't capitalized, often ends sentences as question?
    quadrants: Open! She had a moirail a while back, but the relationship was toxic and the breakup was messy. Will flirt back if she actually realizes she's being flirted with.
    physical appearance: short, flat chested but with rather curvy hips. Hair in a neat bob with bangs. Nearly always has a dramatic eyeliner going on. Her horns are smallish but pointy, and vaguely resemble raccoon ears, if you're already thinking of it.
    strife specibus: scissorkind.
    Description: Sacara is actually pretty happy. Having recently got out of a not so fun relationship, she's enjoying her improved life. She's sometimes quiet, but mostly she's perfectly willing to get into a conversation with anyone who will talk to her. Her make up brushes are constantly being washed, along with her hands. Has a fondness for trashy pale romance novels, and hides them wherever she has space. In her bag, in her room, anywhere. If she gets called out on it she will totally deny liking them at all. She will help people experiment with their own make up, but generally for herself sticks to the same look all the time.
    RP Limitations: I have no idea how to write smut, so I'd like to avoid it if possible. Gore-y type stuff is fine though. Not confident in my writing abilities but I will try.

    Which RP: space opera one, I've got somebody else for sgrub etc.
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  13. Lazarae

    Lazarae The tide pod of art

    Name: Maksim Brudar
    Gender: Male
    Blood Color: Teal
    Symbol: A + inside a box with concave sides
    Age: Varies depending on setting. If space opera, on the young side of adult.
    Lusus: Giant mushroom.
    Abilities: Excellent knowledge retention and incredibly steady hands. He's good at mediating and subtle diplomacy. I'm debating whether or not he has any extensive medical knowledge (he'd make a good docterrorist or EMT equivalent) but he does know basic first-aid and can remain calm in a crisis.
    Affiliations: Holds some reservations re: the Alternian Empire but he's sticking with them for now until something better shows up and makes a decent argument.
    Typing Quirk: Meticulously careful spelling and grammar and does not use contractions. He remains polite even when upset and always remembers to say please and thank you.
    Quadrants: Moirail to a violetblood named Batur Forcys, on-again off-again black feelings for blueblood Karwan Drogos (who is much more invested than Maksim) that (if an adult) got him through drone season. If adult his red bucket was Thaana Mirikh, a yellowblood he respects but doesn't really pity. Ashen for the entire troll species.
    Physical Appearance: Tall for his caste, or maybe that's just presence. He has a placid face, long hair he keeps tied back with a Batur-violet tie, and long fingers. People tend to think he's too delicate to hold up in a fight but he's got lean muscle people don't notice until he's thrown his first punch. His appearance is always clean and in order, and he hates people seeing him a mess.
    RP Limitations: I also have no idea how to smut, but gore and violence and body horror are all good.
    Which RP: Either or. I don't know his classpect though.
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  14. ingloriousHeist

    ingloriousHeist Shen an Calhar

    name: Iglora Henist
    gender: female
    blood color: cerulean
    symbol: a lyre
    age: Young for a cerulean but the equivalent of middle aged for a low caste, idk.
    lusus: Incubusdad*
    abilities: Well-versed in several different weapons and knows Troll Latin because of her home life. Familiar with many subversive web forums. A writer, she is most talented detecting and creating propaganda.
    affiliations: The Empire. However, she really enjoys pushing the limits and slipping into things ideology from anti-Imperialist sources. She doesn't actually think that any of these movements will ever succeed, but there is a certain thrill in proving her skills.
    typing quirk: Perfect grammar, especially in her work, 6ut replaces "b" with "6" in chat logs.
    quadrants: Has a moirail, but nothing else.
    physical appearance: Tall, with long, straight black hair. Horns are curly back and slightly outwards. One horn has a protrusion that points almost straight up; the other has a protrusion that follows the curl of the horn. Generally wears a light gray button-down shirt with her sign embroidered over the breast; a dark blue, rather flowy skirt over a pair of shorts; and a red scarf as a belt (because moirallegience); a dark blue jacket, on occasion; glasses with a computer interface and chain; a couple gold/silver bangles; and hair sticks
    strife specibus: Staffkind; 2xknifekind; fistkind.
    Description: Growing up, Iglora made a point of tracking down and collecting forbidden books. She felt that it was a shame to get rid of all that knowledge, especially when it could potentially help her. This allowed her to study the evolution of both Imperialist and Rebel propoganda over time, something she found almost more interesting.

    She also had to deal with her lusus and it's thralls over the years. Her lusus would hypnotize lowblooded trolls and bring them back to her hive in the middle of nowhere, feeding off of their energy until they withered away and died - or until Iglora got mad enough at the intruders to kill them.

    At Ascension, she left behind her lusus and joined the Fleet, becoming a Doctrilationist. Doctrilationist is a portmanteau of “doctrine” and “public relation(ist),” and is a career that involves the creation of the propaganda and literature distributed by the empire, as well as the reviewing of non-government works to ensure that they do not contain treasonous or heretical ideations against Her Imperial Condescention and her Glorious Empire. Iglora likes "living on the edge," though, so she frequently lets rebellious ideas slip through the radar and subtly adds it to government writing. She has yet to be caught, and sees that as a testament to her skills.

    RP Limitations: None that I can think of at the moment.

    Which RP: I am 100% up for space opera! If we need more people for a Sgrub game then I can pull another fantroll out of storage.

    *In the other rp I've used this character in, Incubusdad was a troll-shaped lusus who spoke only Latin and would take enthrall different trolls and bring them home, feeding off of them until they got too weak and died. Said trolls were not happy to have a young troll taking his attention. Incubusdad was also sometimes Succubusmom, as gender doesn't really matter that much when you're a demonic construct. I understand that a troll-shaped lusus can be considered really weird, though, so I can always change that if people want. I'm fine with that.
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  15. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    I'd like to toss my teal trollsona into the imperial side of space opera as a beauracrat and accountant. Stocking, checking inventory, and looking for missing supplies, with all the fun of literally hunting down the office supply thieves! Still working out a proper list of traits and descriptions.

    I really love how teal-heavy our submissions are so far. We can do the troll varient of long-suffering office drones, with extra explosions! :p
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  16. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    That sounds fun. Complaining about paperwork is the main method of getting along.
  17. BPD anon

    BPD anon Here I sit, broken hearted

    Can I still make some? I want to try my hand at fantrolling.
  18. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    I kinda wanna join in, I'm just going to drop my character in here, and go from there, if that's ok.

    Name: Oneira Anteam
    Gender: Doesn't care much/female
    Blood colour: Somewhere between olive and jade
    Symbol: (|~)
    Age: Depending on setting. I have played her at 5-ish and 7-ish sweeps
    Lusus: Huskiemom. Also has a dog pack, but those are more siblings.
    Abilities: Barista, makes crossbows.
    Affiliations: Sufferists, but mostly independent.
    Typing Quirks: Pirate speech
    Quadrants: A moirail, but is kind of promiscious in that regard.
    Physical appearance: Short, stocky build. Face and hands scarred from the sun and acidic snow (as far as acidic snow & rain is applicable to the verse, i don't know whether that's canon or fanon). Likes to dress in white.
    Strife specibus: Crossbowkind, knifekind. (Tentatively fistkind)
    Description: Oneira grew up in Troll Scandinavia, in an area inaccessible by delivery drones. When she was 3, she fell asleep in the snow, and was found by a Sufferist who brought her to the Barrista's cafe/outpost. Mistrustful at first, but slowly warmed up to the people there, learned about helping others out and many other things. Later, the Barrista would take her on his delivery runs to trolls who lived too far away from the outposts, or were cut off except by boat. When he disappeared, he left the café and the boat (a refurbished fishing boat with steel plating bolted on to act as an icebreaker) to Oneira, who took it over. On a run further south she met Loreli, who would become her moirail.
    One half of the sweep, Oneira runs an outpost/café, the other half she travels around on her boat, delivering goods and running a boat-cafe.
    When she was around 2, 2 1/2-ish, she found a dead huskie (nonlusus) with five cubs, whom she and Huskiemom adopted.
    Ancestor: Her Ancestor Gobano Anteam was called the Snowfang. She was officially Empire-affiliated, and hunted traitors, dissidents, and generally anyone who tried to hide from the Empire on her Troll Scandinavia turf. The only thing that remains of her are localized legends about a monster that lives in the forest, unseen, that will kill you, and a splinter of her Arbalest bearing her symbol.
    RP Limitations: Not gonna participate in smut, but can handle gore.
    Which RP: Either, but I don't have a classpect for her.
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  19. Astrodynamicist

    Astrodynamicist Adequate Potato Goblin

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