Ow, my fingers (polymer clay thread)

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Meagen Image, Jun 18, 2021.

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    A couple years ago I got an idea to make some personalized fridge magnets for my in-laws and bought myself some FIMO clay. The project had mixed success, and I couldn't really think of anything else to do with them, so I put them away in a box with the rest of the Miscellaneous Art Stuff.

    Last year I bought some Play-Doh on impulse and played around with it a little, which was good fun but the material definitely has its limitations you need to work around. So I wondered if that clay was still good.

    Turns out, FIMO does eventually become crumbly and useless, but a little bit of Googling suggested that FIMO Mix-Quick (which is essentially just a bar of the "soft" component of the dough without any of pigment) might be able to help.

    Long story short, yes it does, and I wanted some kind of project that would help me retain my interest, and I settled on making replicas of the heads of Minecraft YouTubers who play on Hermitcraft.

    I oven-cured the first two and snapped some photos.

    clayhermits01.jpg clayhermits02.jpg
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  2. Meagen Image

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    I did a Mumbo and it turned out okay!

    Then I wanted to do a Bdubs Classic and Bdubs Anime Happy Face, so I mixed up a brown for the skin. But there wasn't quite enough for two heads, and I was running low on reconstituted black for the hair, and long story short they both became unsalvageably wonky and I had to turn them to scrap clay. :(
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