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  1. TheOwlet

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    i mean matt is a white think with dark hair but at least it's curly and he's also covered in tattoos both invisible and visible and also is like short
  2. IvyLB

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    yeah see matt has a bit of design specificity.
    I don't mind white twinks with dark hair per se! But if tumblr gave me a dollar for every time a non-human/incorporeal/nonconfirmed/literal evil triangle gets made a white twink, probably a white blond twink i would be fucking rich. And my own robots are not going to be touched with that shit! Only racially ambiguous redheads in this here household
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  3. TheOwlet

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    A final Bad take because @Loq reminded me that dnd characters count

    The discourse around Petric gleefully murdering people because he's...well, a worm in a dead elf meatsuit who's been a Person for all if a year. His ability to conceptuslize people he doesn't personally know as *people* is very limited. He knows it's an issue and thus outsourced his morality to the rest of thd Party but Oh Boy
    (Alignment: peer pressure)
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  4. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Mood's real weird at work ATM, very tense, very calm before the storm. Prolly gonna start hitting next week-ish i think.
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  5. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    We have the same thing. I was transferred to the GP centre full time (I normally do half and half GP/psychiatric stuff) and so far I have not had a lot of extra work. Think it might start hitting next week,.or the week after.
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  6. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    They cleared out two wards (one surgical, one internist) to make space, and have simmered down on surgery to turn at least one of the operating rooms into a special ventilator ward with additional beds, should our ICU run out of space. The visitor's entrance is all but blocked up and everyone's running around in masks, it's...very strange. the mood is very much like that tension before a thunderstorm breaks loose.
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  7. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    okay so, noting this all down here for future reference:

    basically: if you have a city that contains most of humanity's leftovers, and most things outside the city walls will murder you...what do you fucking feed people with??? The location we see seems to be temperate and somewhere south-eastern europe/MENA-ish if I had to take a guess

    animal protein: Small lifestock like chickens, ducks, pigeons, quails, rabbits, guinea pigs, maybe small goats because you can feed them most anything and have the space for it. Since space is limited, and larger animals need more food, animals like cows and pigs would be extremely rare. Meat from bigger animals like deer and such gets brought in by hunters (or Hunters), so it's more of a luxury good i think. Also means that cheese or milk are virtually unknown except maybe for smallscale goat/sheep milk production.
    Post-RedWar there's impact crater lakes in the city, so I think some form of aquaculture would be sensible, somehing like trout or carp maybe. You could even go for multitrophic setups, with fishtank that has hydroponic plants root down into it and maybe mussels at the bottom. Setups like that might even be doable indoors in a sort of vertical farming thing. Something like this, but bigger scale.
    I could also easily imagine insect farming. It's a good food conversion and again you can probably make do on kitchen scraps if you're running it mostly for your own needs, not commercially

    The Starches: Anything you can keep in a pot and thus in a roof garden or balcony: tubers like potato, sweet potato, other tubers, but also legumes in all their shapes and forms, so beans, lentils, peas, that sort of thing. probably no grain because you need relatively much space to get a decent yield, though corn/maize might work since you can get pretty okay yields out of say, planting up a bunch to screen your balcony. Peanuts I can see work well for similar reasons. I could see foraging expeditions out into the countryside for wild grains if someone spots a good amount during patrols but those will probably need some protecting because again: anything out there wants to murder

    Veg and Fruit: Anything you can grow in a pot. If you can grow it on your balcony or patio rn, it'll work. Berries, espalier fruit trees, looots of veg especially if it's got vines and can be grown vertically. I would say that greenhouses are easy enough to produce to make stuff like citrus plants viable, as well as other plants that like warmer and drier than the vista around the city seems to imply, so olives, figs, pineapples etc. Also: so many mushrooms since you can again grow them with relatively little effort in your garden spaces.

    Herbs and Spices: Again, anything you can grow in a pot. Probably even stuff like ginger, since you can propagate it well on windowsills if you have a lump. Stuff like vanilla or cinnamon much less so because those are finicky plants that need space, so probably somewhat heavier on the 'herbs' than 'spices' but spices not unknown depending on what exactly you need. Coffee and tea plants are certainly in the range of 'stuff you can keep in a greenhouse' too. With coffee you could even use the berry part on top of the seeds to get more bang for your gardening investment, and tea plants apparently even come in winter-hardy variants these days.

    Nuts: Another one for the 'foraging' corner, though i could see smaller sources like hazel to be part of regular garden setups easily enough, just the big stuff like walnuts and almonds that's a bit of an issue here.

    Oils: Since animal fats are probably not that common, I reckon that it's plant stuff again. Olive maybe, or rapeseed, which also grows wild like nobody's business, so that could be another one for 'out of walls foraging' efforts.

    Sweets: sugar beets and honey, I would think. The climate doesn't look warm enough for sugarcane, but sugar beets have very similar yields and are hardier and honey is obvious because if you wanna do urban/vertical farming you need plenty pollinators, so there's probably a beehive on every other house

    Fibres: Again, if we don't have a lot of sheep or otherwise shearable animals to go on...well, plant fibre. Nettle on the cheap end probably, linen on the expensive end, hemp somewhere in between. If we go back to insect husbandry, I can also very well see silks, though potentially something more like eri-silk, where the insects aren't so fussy about what they eat. Also @KaidaShade suggested that since this post golden age: a bit of genetech to make goats with the spidersilk protein, that's probably some highly sought after source for spidersilk for say, armour production which I'm entirely happy to run with.
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  8. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Why is it that once a month i turn into a horny, hungry mess because the uterus is doing its thing

    And yet each month this catches me by surprise
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  9. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    I too wonder why I can never catch it before it happens.
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  10. TheOwlet

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    so my landlord broke my car today. Not on purpose, and his insurance is gonna pay for it but....

    what broke is the rear window/trunk door. Landlord backed out of his drive way, into a flagpost that fell over and right onto my car. if it had dropped a foot to the side it would have skipped the car entirely.
    so the window's completely shattered and after the first shock of car? CAR?!?!!? I'm okay, and my replacement car from the dealership has a fold-back roof. But that window had my stickers on it. I got them both when I was visiting Sparkles last summer (god, almost a year ago?). One was from con, a cartoon-y hyena-parade reading 'We'll carrion' and the other one i got from the whaleshark swim at Atlanta's aquarium
    and now both of them are gone, and it's stupid to be upset about that, but also i am upset about losing them because I looked at those stickers every day when going to my car, and it always made me happy to do that and remember the great time we had. And I can't just. buy those again. I could probably get the hyena parade? but it's not the one i actually bought at con, and the whale shark stickers I don't think i can get back.
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  11. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    When we went to the aquarium they gave me the same sticker as well and I know I haven't yet put it on anything. It'll probably take me a good two months to find it but international mail isn't running right now anyway. I would be perfectly happy to send mine to you! I'm indecisive about placing stickers so I never do. And then it would be from the same trip.
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  12. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Thank you be so kind from you! I'm just irrationally upset about the sticker being gone rn but like, no rush no hurry, I don't know how long it'll take for my car to even return to me, anyways.
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  13. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Being upset is totally valid! It will take uhhhh at least a month tho, unfortunately, I am the opposite of organized and I own too much stuff. But it can be a quarantine project I'll hop to when I get bored!
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  14. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Like I said, absolutely no rush, and Who Knows when mailing services will return to normal, it's been all fucky over here too and thus i am out of lush products, it's terrible
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  15. TheOwlet

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    Why does it always come as such a surprise to me when cleaning makes me feel better? Like, i know it will, yet getting up and actually doing it always takes a forever.

    And then when I've actually done some, like vacuum, or put way some clutter, or dishes, it's like 'i should do this more regularly, it feels good!' and then i just...never do.
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  16. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Nobody can stop me from enabeling my best friends rarepair ships and i think that's beautiful
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  17. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    you are doing god's work
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  18. TheOwlet

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    aka ' @kastilin gave their character a horrible backstory. What if I wrote that down from the other parties pov. What if'

    result: Destiny fanfic, Lyk/Oryx mindfuck, might not make a lot of sense without knowing the characters and the setting? Regardless, I am very pleased with what I did so you all gotta suffer through it with me.

    There is no such thing as time here. There’s barely even a ‘here’, barely a space. But the place where she’s come from...had both. Elsewhere, and elsewhen. Elsewhen she had been a carrier of Light, as if dragging those little sparks with her might have been any protection at all.

    Here...here she was another pet, or she would be. Soon, insofar as time could be called. Not now, for sure, but the future so certain that it might as well be ‘now’ already. Her resistance, kneeling on the sharp crystal surface, is just for show.
    He knows this with the same surety that he knows the hunger of the Worm, that he knows the fine threads that keep that illusion of reality together, here or elsewhere.
    A little tug on these threads, here where his power is absolute, and her head lifts, eyes weeping the Light he’s going to squeeze out of her. There’s a chalice ready for it. The process is going to be delicious, as much as the result.

    His clawed hand curves under her chin. The skin is soft, unarmoured, the bones underneath it fragile enough to snap with a single thought. Instead his claws rest gently against it, just piercing through the skin to send a single drop of glowing blood upwards, into those Light-weeping eyes. She doesn’t even blink.
    Pain won’t be the way to twist her, pain is nothing to her. But there is always something else.

    His hand travels up to her back of her neck - just as frail, just as easy to snap - and pulls her head back to bear her throat. And here she starts fighting, as much as anything can fight him here. The light that spills from her eyes dries up, sharpening back into physical form. They are glowing with rage, with Light, with the Deep-tinged blood in her veins that makes it even easier to get a hold on her.
    But that rage is a key. Pain is nothing to her, but humiliation...no, beyond that. Control. That is what she fears. A leash around her neck, tightening to a noose. That is a challenge. Not a big one, no, but enough to be entertaining; to offer the leash she fears to her, as if he’s not holding the other end.
    It’s just a matter of not letting her see the end of the tether.

    His hand slides free from her hair again, and as her head drops forward, that little bit of fight, of fire, cools again, too worn out and stretched thin to carry on. Nearly snapped, but not nearly enough.
    A thought sends her standing straight. The motion isn’t really one, she goes from kneeling to standing with no input of her own. Her confusion too is entertaining. The fire in her eyes stokes a bit higher again. Being angry is being better than being afraid, as far as she is concerned, that much is clear on her face.
    As if she could hide her fear anymore than she can hide the racing pulse in her neck, or the frail bone he can see shimmering through her skin.

    He stands behind her, head and shoulders above her, and before her a mirage falls into existence, twitching at the edges, darkness made into both their shapes, so that she can see how his hands come down on her shoulders,covering them completely. It’s not nearly enough if she can just feel his hands, his breath - another illusion, there is no need for air here, for oxygen, any of the trivial chemical reactions that supposedly underlay ‘life’ - as he leans forward, armoured cheek brushing against her hair.

    “You are one of the Awoken.” The name is easy to plug from her mind, laid bare in his domain. It means nothing to him. It means everything to her.
    “Formed from the Deep as much as not. You have been Taken.
    Stop fighting. Let go of your fears. True purpose has found you. You will be wanted.”

    That rests underneath that desire for control, for freedom: fear. Fear of losing herself, fear of losing others, of never being enough, never being wanted for what she is. Well, he does at least want her, the same way all Taken are wanted: as tools, as knives in the dark, as the chalice bringing in the tithe, his creatures shaped to his will.

    His hands descend down her arms, to her wrists. Again, the fire flares higher, enough that he can feel the tension in her muscles. Paltry things still, but more than most manage. His palms envelop her wrists, pull them up, leave her stretched out and squirming. There’s a true ember now in her, reflex to fight warring with her desire for his words to be true, with the song of the Deep underneath everything he says, calling her down.

    “What challenge calls you? What paths lie under your feet?”

    And he knows, the words themselves pulling the answer from her mind, squirming, trivial little things. Delicious fear comes with them, then denial, then admission, immediately followed by fear. The ember flickers, dances, draw to fight then to submission. She wants this. She resists this. Resisting one’s own desires is so much harder than resisting someone else, but she tries. It’s a joy to watch.
    He transfers both her wrists into one hand, leaving the other free to slide back down her body, the lines of nerves and veins, where she might squirm from pain as much as from pleasure, expecting one but getting the other until her body can’t tell them apart anymore. As if there was ever a difference.

    “That you may be free to do as you wish, away from the leashes others would put on you. That you may drop all pretenses. But you are tied down. Your duties are chains, your cities are anchors. The harder you fight, the more they entangle you.”

    Her fighting stops. She’s limp under his hands, in his hands, the ember almost snuffed.

    “You need to be solitary.

    There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [defiance]”

    Not of him, but of her principles, her past, her future, her connections. Herself.

    “Take up the knife. Walk freely. Take your new shape.”

    His free hand holds a knife now, black wisps given shape, coiling around a pure white core that is light but not, bright but not.

    The ember goes out, her entire body slack, at his mercy. It has been the entire time already, but now she admits it. A short game after all. His adversaries here are not as challenging as he’d hoped, too soft a whetstone.
    He drops her wrists, and they sink down slowly, as if through water. Her dark mirage mirrors her. It smiles at her. She smiles back. Her hand extends to the knife. Past it.

    Too late he realizes that it was never an ember. It was a spark. It was the first rolling of thunder before the storm touches down.
    There’s a lance in her hand, crackling with power antithetical to his down. The dominion around him screams, tears itself away from her, tears itself apart, but she is moving, an electron jumping between nuclear cores, faster than his will can reassert itself. The lance swings around. She strikes.

    His Throne shatters.
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  19. kastilin

    kastilin meme market gardener

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  20. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Now that i had lost all fear of risotto, i am having IDEAS on what to do with the concept. So many ideas.
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