Polyhedral Hoards and Character Palettes - Show Off Your Dice!

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Socket, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

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  2. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    I finally got around to taking pictures of the Complete Hoard! The metal ones were a Critmas gift from @inchwyrm - they're delightfully hefty to the point where I faintly worry I might dent the table with them if I roll them too enthusiastically.

    (The beautiful purble-and-red swirled set gets a special mention for being cursed as hell, screw those dice, they're evil. I'm half of a mind to get the d20 made into a necklace to make an example to the others: its favourite numbers are 3, 2, and 1. Things it has done with those 3s 2s and 1s include: nearly drowning my tiefling via three successive Athletics fails; turned a low-DC slippery slope into an insurmountable obstacle; and caused a tabaxi ranger with a +6 in Dexterity to faceplant into the dirt and twist her ankle instead of doing some sick parkour...as her entrance to a gladiatoral arena. I have not used that die since. It's beautiful, but a saltwater baptism confirmed it to be cursed.)

    2A75CA90-744B-4219-952E-4D9027248603.jpeg 680F16C3-BB2A-45E2-9D64-7111C67EB89C.jpeg

    Also I got the Kraken "Over The Rainbow" set the other day, because it's Pride season and that's all the justification I need. Look at them. So gorgeous. So gay. Had to turn the lighting way up because when they're not in direct lighting they photograph a lot darker than they look irl. I love them though. Gonna combo them with the Cotton Candy set I ordered and make some kind of obnoxious ostentatious bard palette out of them. >:D
    05081E55-C34A-402A-937F-CFE8CFD55AEA.jpeg 6AE08A8C-9AF1-47C9-BA91-307D02657B07.jpeg
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  3. Socket

    Socket fuzzy tabletop goblin

    @hyrax Thank you!! Now I will stare at them, consumed with the desire to Buy More Dice. The blue goldstone ones..........i'm want them ;A;
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  4. inchwyrm

    inchwyrm I wear the cheese

    Okay but that etsy store is pure undistilled temptation. The amethyst and the aquamarine ones are gorgeous and I need them.
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  5. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

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  6. inchwyrm

    inchwyrm I wear the cheese

    Also just noticed that they do GIANT DICE and I have an extreme need right now.
  7. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]


    the set I'm using right now for Myria is this one, which my sibling got me as a gift last year:
    after some googling today I managed to find out that these are made by Dice Fairy and found two other sets by them which would be good to complete Myria's look. right now I'm trying to decide between the two (by which I mean I'm trying not to buy both of them)
    leaning towards the purple one! though I wish it were a little less ethereal.

    edit: oh yeah, I'm also thinking about these ones, though they're a little dark
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  8. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    On the topic of things I didn't know I wanted, this person makes fun dice.

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  9. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    the day has finally come! over a year after that post and almost 10 years after buying the dice... yesterday i bought a paint marker and re-inked the numbers. these pretty dice are finally legible!

    before on the right, after on the left

    image0 (1).jpg

    image0 (2).jpg

    i used them last night for my group's first Starfinder game, and i rolled two nat 20s and an 18! like damn dice, trying to show me what i was missing much?
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  10. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin


    Most of mine were gifts or permanent loans, I don't know for sure of any fancy makers (most of the ones I do know are just chessex) but I do love them!

    Sorry for the less-than-well-staged photos, I was too excited to get fancy.

    IMG_20190829_165925036.jpg IMG_20190829_165943178.jpg
    My main dice bag, and the entirety of its contents

    D6s - the big green/gold ones are my most recent purchase, for running my current game in a 2d6 system, the black ones I fished from the Home for Wayward Dice to use for some timekeeping extra rules I use in d&d dungeons, the bitty purple ones (one missing in this photo, was found in the hoard later) were a gift from one of my players, and the others are randomly collected extras for when you just need more D6s: the random ones may get retired to the Home now that I have the purple ones.

    D10s and D8s - the blue and white-gold D10s are my character Aurelie's, and were gifts from the person who ran that Ars Magica game. The brown D10 was a gift from a player in a mini-arc I ran years ago. The D8s were selected as extras for divine stuff - smiting and cure spells in d&d 3.5, if I'm remembering correctly.


    My very first, very incomple character set - these are the dice I ran my first paladin Eliana with, supplemented with some of the extras. The numbers' paint is completely worn off, but I am incredibly sentimental about these dice.


    My second character set, also with invisible numbers, also sentimental. They're hard to see in the photo, but they have an almost oil-slick marbling of blue, brown, and purple into an almost black background. They were originally owned by one of my college friends who got me into d&d - he died of leukemia a few years ago, and I picked this set of his to keep. I used these to play Sev in his original Interface Zero game, and they frequently come out again to roll other sneaky types.

    These two sets were used to play my most recent paladin, Samantha! Together they cover most of her "significant" colors. These are some of the few dice I intentionally picked for myself.


    I bought these on impulse because they're SO PRETTY, but I haven't had a chance to use them yet. They have a sort of shimmer finish unlike any of my other dice.

    These were my gift from a tabletop exchange last year, and I haven't found a chance to use them yet either. They're my first set of metal dice! I'm almost afraid to use them bc they seem like they'll dent things, but they're so pretty and miiiight not roll away so often?
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