Pool Ladders and Pathing Errors: The Sims Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Carnivorous Moogle, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    Also, that particular house now costs almost 80K simoleans. Apart from the first 20k starter capital I earned all of the money myself. :D
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  2. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    trying and failing to make money with the get to work stores. tried a knick knack shop, grew quickly tired of the time it took to restock items, so started a bakery in the glimmerbrook world (geddit cause gingerbread and witches) and that's been better because i just fill the cases before opening the store, but im not making a lot of profit right now. i made like, 300 dollars the first day. which is better than the retail store, but i'm used to making mad dough off of paintings so i'm spoiled. still more enjoyable to run a bakery. especially after i walled off my cupcake machine so passers-by couldn't use it

    also a few paparrazi (i cannot be bothered to look up how to spell that) showed up while i was baking my products (my sim is not a celeb) and were able to come inside while i was still closed, which is not a thing i thought they could do. they didn't really get in my way, just sat in the little corner i had set up with a couch and bookshelf so i could skill in off-hours.

    though the one guy managed to pee on my floor, mess with my cupcake machine, and then i told him to bug off (i had an outhouse in the back, he was just being rude)

    too lazy to try and work out how a restaurant works. too many moving parts, just give me a cash register and i'm happy
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  3. 3strim

    3strim Professional Accidental Rater

    Origin Sale + Quarantine = Need Moar EP

    So, what expansion packs are you folks finding you can't live without?

    I already have Get Famous, Get Together, and City Living and to me, City Living is definitely my must-have EP with the at-home careers and the way it meshes so beautifully with Get Famous. Island Living, with its occult lifestate, beautiful beaches and build buy additions seems like a solid winner, but I've also heard that Cats and Dogs also brings some quality goods in the design department and that Seasons is the best all-around for gameplay.

    Actually, expand that out. Gimme your favorite GP and SP too because while I'm already eyeing Vampires (again, I like my occult sims) I am totally open to hearing thoughts! Currently, I only have Realm of Magic because I felt like a lot of the game packs were either useless or not my cuppa tea (Like Parenthood seems solid but I... don't like children, virtual or otherwise) and between the two, RoM was new and shiny and I needed to have little creatures float behind my Sims.

    Stuff pack wise, I only have Perfect Patio (from a bundle, because I needed the tub for a build) and Romantic Garden (on sale) which is giving me some amazing stuff to decorate my Sims yards but gameplay-wise... I mean, the wishing well is kinda neat? But I could absolutely do without it.
  4. chthonicfatigue

    chthonicfatigue Bitten by a radioactive trickster god

    Seasons is great. I really like the in-game holiday calendar and function to add your own holidays, with goals to meet (or not, if you prefer.) Also
    recommend Laundry Day pack which adds a little gameplay and some nice country-aesthetic items.
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  5. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    The only ones I don't have are Toddler Stuff and that stupid extra Pets stuff pack

    I refuse to buy that one on principal of I ALREADY BOUGHT CATS AND DOGS, EA

    Want to buy the toddlers eventually for extra hair, but I hardly use toddlers so it isn't on my list of important purchases rn

    ashamed to say im looking forward to the knitting pack, and i'm very interested in the new expansion and game pack this year. hopefully something good. i'd love a farming expansion with a neighborhood similar to twinbrook, that's one of the worlds from sims 3 im sorry I couldn't play in. stupid sims 3 being needy about comp specs to run decently

    I don't really use the town from city living, mostly the items and stuff. seasons was great but the town wasn't my favorite. Sulani is bae, I hope at least one more swimmable world is added, even if its a large pond or lake in a park, or a stretch of river. going to the seasons world without being able to get into the water is a bummer, they have so many beaches

    (I think brindleton bay was from cats and dogs instead, oops. I meant that town. think seasons didn't come with one)

    vampires are gr8 because goffick

    parenthood is kind of fun, makes parenting more hands on. get to work could have been better in my opinion. the detective career was too buggy in my case, and I wish there was an easier way to diagnose sims. you can see the symptoms, but you have to guess the name? I wish there were doctoring skill books with pop-up info like in the Vampires EP. I never made it to the top of the science career but I didn't notice any bugs or annoyances there. Science good. good place to visit on a day you don't mind slacking off of work too, if you just want to add to your mineral and fossil collection. I should get on that one of these days

    I like the stuff and the neighborhood in get famous more than the actual gameplay. you have to skill your butt off in like, 6 or so skills, and I feel like the pay could be better. you make more money doing the military career, and that one is a pretty simple one to rank up in. also you get badges. if you are an actor and you only work 3-4 times a week (or less, because you have to wait for the day your filming to come up. i'd love it if you could have maybe 3 gigs at a time, like real actors do. I spend a lot of time skilling and twiddling my thumbs waiting around, it sucks.)

    speaking of the military, strangerville is perfect. I have a soft spot for the town because I grew up in the southwest, the sims aren't too ugly, (coff, realm of magic and cats and dogs), and the gameplay is good. enough work to feel rewarding, but not so much that it gets annoying

    I've already praised the selvadora pack, I go there for a week or so to dance, eat, and make lots of money doing dubious things to cultural monuments


    sorry native selvadoreans.
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  6. 3strim

    3strim Professional Accidental Rater

    Laundry Day was another stuff pack that got some pretty rave reviews for the gameplay components it added, so its definitely between that and Tiny Living for me. Still leaning to the latter because I'm a builder (who's mourning that my fanciest trick was put onto the Sims reddit recently so I'm needing to up my game a bit) and building big tiny lots is definitely my thing. But laundry and little life things are also my jam (and perks for using some the the bloat in your inventory).

    But so far a lot of people agreeing that Seasons is a good pack (even though yeah Brindleton is Cats and Dogs) so I'll probably go that route! Especially since another look is saying that like City Living and Get Famous, Seasons and Island Living mesh with one another in a better way than most other EPs (ie monsoons are a thing? And mermaids control the weather so that's a chunk of the occult boon right there) so Seasons first.

    Again, I would probably adore Parenthood if I was into legacies or having my Sims start families, but I turn off aging and keep my Sims going until they find some way to kill themselves (like the time one of them set the leaking sink on fire and killed the whole household) so gameplay-wise, I wouldn't get as much out of it. But still definitely a solid pack for bringing in features that make raising your Sims to be rewarding, from what I've seen and heard.

    I really wish City Living would have let us build our own apartments though. That's my one big regret about the pack. Especially as a builder, I want to build a giant house/apartment complex and populate it with like five families but they took away those options from the debug menu :'c
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  7. Loq


    I have entirely forgotten the names of what I've bought already tbh, even though it's only been a few weeks :') Making Magic (I make my OCs and Sometimes You Just Need A Mage Okay) is kinda fun so far, but I'm kinda :/ about having to actually socialize with npcs at all. Let me depopulate your maps and replace them with my own people, EA, I don't care about your people. The other one.... I think might have been City Living? Maybe? I bought the one my roommate said would give me a politics career track, bc I wanted that and scientist (again, for OCs) and Why Are Half Your Normal Career Paths Pay-to-Play Now, EA. Haven't explored any actual gameplay changes from that too much, besides shifting my one dude's job out of ~management~ and over to politics where he belongs. Did the bundle deal bc I was already buying those two, so I've got the.... Vintage Party(?) one for Extra Fancy Clothes™
    next up, whenever I have money again, is gonna be the pack that gives me scientist, and maybe more occult sim types? mermaids look p cool, I could roll with mermaids.

    (yes hello I only acquired 4 when they did the anniversary giveaway, I'm a broke bitch and have been playing 2 until now)
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