Pool Ladders and Pathing Errors: The Sims Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Carnivorous Moogle, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic


    cats take up half a double bed

    why is this adorable
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  2. Spectacularsalmon

    Spectacularsalmon Enthusiastic dork

    I got sims 4 since it's on sale on origin right now, and someone straight up died at my sims' wedding.
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  3. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful

    Thats the most murder mystery thing that I think is possible in this game
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  4. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    i have over 200 mods+pieces of CC

    its so much
  5. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    I don't know what CC is so I'm imagining it stands for "cat clothes"
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  6. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    Custom Content
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  7. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful


    friend, you're doing fine.
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  8. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic


    got any mod suggestions?
  9. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful

    the only sims 3 mods I have that aren't hair/clothes/furniture were various nraas modules and poses, sadly. That's my sims 4 folder, which... isn't that different, only without the nraas mastercontroller modules. I have, uh, a problem
  10. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic


    ...does anyone know of a mod that stops sims from cancelling all their actions to freak out on the full moon? i tried to search for it but couldn't find it

    keeping the freakouts is fine i just want them to stop cancelling actions like sleeping and mixing elixers and cutting gems, it ate my red valeran root and glitched out a lapis lazuli in my inventory (the gear icon didn't show up on mouseover and clicking on it did Nothing, although i could still get it cut via the gemcutter "cut a stack of gems" menu)
  11. Spectacularsalmon

    Spectacularsalmon Enthusiastic dork

    So looks like tumblr's adult content ban is going to affect a lot of cc blogs. The most popular one, http://sssvitlans.tumblr.com/ was flagged, and probably a lot of others too.
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  12. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

  13. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

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  14. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    So I got a new laptop and I haven't figured out screenshots yet, but I have brought Arthur back. I'm putting it under spoilers for length and strangeville plot stuff, I know I didn't want to be spoiled.

    Poor Arthur is mourning his fam, since I had not saved them to gallery before my laptop went to whatever hell apple products go to. So he got tidied up into more modern duds, tied his hair back due to the heat (I'm not cutting his hair mom, leave his man buns ALONE) and moved into a small house in the desert, that he swiftly filled with garlic plants so that he could protect others from rude vampire bitches and make some dough.

    However, our man quickly noticed that his neighbors were....a little janky. So he asks around, and the general consensus was that something was up at the secret lab in the crater. Now, Arthur is not a conspiracy theorist, he's a simple dude, but in his experience secret labs aren't The Best. So he hitches a ride up there to find the place deserted, which is...weird. Where are all the scientists working? Did they move to another location and leave their files?

    His first thought is aliens or ghosts, and neither of those are particularly threatening, so Art made a plate of nuggets he found in the fridge and went from room to room rifling through papers and munching on nuggs. That night he went home, chatted with townsfolk, nurtured his garlic, and planted a weird fruit his buddy Erwin had sold him. It grew into one of the local glowy pods.

    Erwin why are you selling those.

    Anyway, he gets his programming skill up (along with some athletic skill just in case) and goes back down to the lab. He gets some more info from the computers, looks at the big fancy door protecting the basement levels, and goes home to chat up his scientist pal Rita. Honestly the rest went by kind of fast and if you've played the dlc you know how it is.

    So now he's created the vaccine and is recruiting folks to help take down the giant alien plant monster. Actually he's at a loss right now. But he's got Erwin and Rita on his side! But seriously, how do you take down a two story tall plant monster? Probably fire, but there's an option to try to communicate with the beast, and Arthur is a big buff marshmallow puff, so he's going to attempt that first. He tried it once and didn't get eaten. There's a chance!

    Anyway, if y'all remember he has great genes, so right now he's sort of dating Rita, but she has the evil trait, and it could be cool for story reasons if some of his children turn out evil, but im not married to the idea of him, yknow, marrying her.

    So if any of you wanna stick a cute girl or guy on the gallery for him to have babies/gaybies with, lemme know.

    He's tired of the whole dynasty thing, so all kids will split the cash when he dies. Spouse can stay in the house, and the kids can work out who keeps it. Or maybe if I don't get super attached to it I'll liquidate that and split it up between the kids. He's not dead yet, so we can figure it out later.
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  15. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    I have the Raven Family now, my new dynasty type fam. First generation is almost done, just raising up a kiddo or two. The kids turned out a lot less cute than the Violet babies did, but there is only one so far so I shouldn't judge them too badly...she still has time to age up to a teen. and I am not too good for sim plastic surgery.

    I kinda want to bring Arthur back and let him do that thing where he saves the ecosystem of the tropical neighborhood or something similarly Good because he is a cinnamon roll. haven't played sims in a month or so, so my terminology is off lol. He'll probably marry a townie since I need to tweak most of the original families, and the traits aren't always great.

    also, im always in love with Cassandra Goth, so perhaps something with her. still working out how screenshots work with this laptop though. I've got them figured out for Minecraft, but not sims
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  16. bornofthesea670

    bornofthesea670 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I know how to find the screenshots to put onto imgur, now I need to re-find the screenie button. I did a few accidental ones but none are interesting. Think when I open the sims next time, I'll take some pictures of the outwardly ugly but somewhat aesthetic Raven home, as well as my little demony founder and his sadly less demony childe. will have them have another babu to see if the skintone carries on. do kids just not show the grey skintones? I feel discriminated against. LET ME BE WEIRDER

    Also I miss having Arthur have a big ole castle so we shall like, devise a small memorial in the backyard for his old wife and fam, and then he'll go off to Selvedora to raid tombs work with the local archeologists and get paid for his work hahahah EA accidently made it problematic BUT IT'S FINE

    its fine
  17. Spectacularsalmon

    Spectacularsalmon Enthusiastic dork

    Stuff like this is why sims 3 is still my favorite. Also, I actually had the last one happen in my game. It was weirdly depressing.
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  18. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Oh my god the Tiny House stuff pack is so ridiculously broken for skill grinding sims in. Like, I love it, and it's a great tradeoff for achieving certain house sizes, but being able to stack Tiny House bonuses on top of lot traits meant I took a sim from 0 to 5 Charisma in less than 24 in-game hours.

    My toddlers are so fucking smart! They're so goddamn fast and sociable and imaginative and smart! And they know how to use the toilet!! What the hell!!!
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  19. Verily

    Verily surprised Xue Yang peddler

    Uhhhhh witner??? How do you rate a problem with overly educated toddlers anyway?
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  20. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    I have been having an excellent time with just my base game. This afternoon alone I've spent around four hours getting my sims home just perfect <3
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