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  1. what if I was eating ice cream right now
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  2. I called in 'sick' to work so that I could go to an orientation to a work/study position and it looks v promising and much less stressful than my current job! Fingers crossed!!
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  3. the work/study position is in my field of study and I already sort of know the supervisor I am going to perish from excited anticipation
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  4. I finished season one of Veronica Mars and put something up on Redbubble! Tomorrow I have a ~scary~ interview just because I am so excited about it. I think it would be neat to make more Redbubble designs!
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  5. Lat's first day of school to-do list

    -Read 4.5
    -Read 4.6
    -Read 4.7
    -Read 4.8
    -Read: Editor
    -Read: First program
    -Read: Primitives
    -Read: Variables
    -Exam contract
    -Call Target & quit
    -Finish Pusheen order
    -quick-browse Target to see if there's anything you *need* before you quit
    -Fetch real bullet journal
    -Map out semester schedule
    -Write birthday present for Jen & post
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  6. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    Yooo you’re taking a programming class!! What language? (If you don’t mind me asking I mean)
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  7. Java! I'm very excited about it because it means that I can drink coffee and technically say I'm doing homework.
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  8. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    Java is my primary language! I love it dearly and I have private static void main of string array args memorized

    (Eta: which you probably will too, it’s one of the most common lines of code to have to write)
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  9. math homework notes;

    4.1 - 13 problems
    4.5 - 8 problems
    4.6 - 10 problems
    4.7 - 11 problems
    4.8 - 11 problems

    practice quiz - 9 problems
    real quiz - 9 problems

    total: 71 problems

    due: september 1st, 2019 (sunday)
  10. shopping list for target:

    -shampoo & conditioner
    -lunch box
    -letter board & letters
    -the re-wash spray stuff
    -body scrub
    -all good things are wild and free mug
    -get lost in what you love mug & decal
    -lover deluxe edition
  11. my compsci prof won't stop saying 'invoke' and i have to assume that i am actually studying to be a witch
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  12. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    like "invoke the get name function"? I'm used to that being "call" -- "call get name" or "call the get name function" (styled getName() in text). Maybe I'd say invoke the exponent function with arguments base and power, but this still seems quirky to me.

    not wrong, mind, but quirky.
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  13. like "this is how we invoke a program, we call it up through main" like main is something we're trying to resurrect from the afterlife, idk
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  14. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    it's been a long time since I had main explained to me (and was in python, to boot) but that sounds much more ... mystical than what I remember
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  15. my prof is an old white dude so idfk what he thinks he's about
  16. module 2:
    2.6: 10 problems
    2.5: 7 problems
    2.7: 5 problems
    practice quiz: 18 problems
    quiz: 18 problems

    module 3:
    5.1: 7 problems
    5.2: 3 problems
    5.3: 10 problems
    5.4: 5 problems
    5.5: 6 problems
    practice quiz: 14 problems
    quiz: 14 problems

    module 4:
    6.1: 14 problems
    6.2: 13 problems
    6.3: 8 problems
    6.4: 5 problems
    6.5: 11 problems
    6.6: 9 problems
    6.7: 9 problems
    6.8: 12 problems
    practice quiz: 16 problems
    quiz: 16 problems

    module 5:
    7.1: 9 problems
    7.2: 9 problems
    7.3: 5 problems
    7.4: 7 problems
    7.5: 4 problems
    practice quiz: 10 problems
    quiz: 10 problems
  17. i have so much math homework and i just wanna listen to records and do a face mask
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  18. i did a face mask and i'm listening to some neat music so i'm going to try and knock out another hour of homework!!!
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  19. 74% done with math homework!
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  20. i got 100% on my math quiz!! now i am DONE
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