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  2. I Am Bored of Java
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  3. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    Do you think you’re bored of Java as a language, the things you’re doing in it, programming as a whole, or what?

    Java is a pretty clunky language to type out; if you’re not already using an IDE (integrated development environment) I recommend Eclipse, which will generate most of the boilerplate for you.
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  4. considering these things, I believe this problem is an "I need snacks" problem, which has an easy solution
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  5. the first week of school+ work has been exhausting and i am tired all the tone. later i have to apply to the school’s food bank. that’s v scary and intimidating
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  6. sometimes it bothers me that I don't understand movies and what emotional responses in movies mean
  7. I'm back on the internet to say that java sucks and the pusheen shop has put out halloween stuff
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