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  1. Verily

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    Yeah like, all the information you’d need for the moving parts of this bad solution come down to just one value, which is the length of the string. That’s the number of place values you need to consider, and also the highest value digit to consider. It sounds kinda like someone whose programming history is a bunch of functional but imperfect Project Euler solutions. I have trouble imagining that anyone who wasn’t based out of python would seriously consider this as a viable alternative to literally anything. It sounds like an astounding use of python’s extreme flexibility with variables and large selection of prewritten features.
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  2. bushwah

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    check! validity! before! efficiency!
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  3. Raire

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    Does R count as coding? Because it's giving me a headache.
  4. Exohedron

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    Ugh, R. Well, there are definitely worse things that still count as coding, so I guess R has to as well.
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    Gang. How can I teach myself to be an employable programmer without getting incredibly discouraged?
    I've lost half my income from Covid, and I'd really like to gain some employable skills. I'm okay with HTML/CSS and I'm trying to learn PHP. And I did some Python in college. But at the moment I'm stuck staring at project suggestions (e.g. "Predict Movie Success through Data Mining") going "what? What? how? And why?"
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    Wat. Why don’t they just ask you to solve for fashion while you’re at it.

    That sounds like common sense encountering the dangerous edges of the Big Data explosion. The edges that have been up to some shit like trying to reinvent phrenology (yes, really) and other things where people decide that maybe they can work with the horribly flawed idea if they throw a lot of data at it. I don’t think it’s ethically wrong to try to use data mining to predict movie success if you’re not trying to convince anyone to buy into it, but I do think it’s stupid.

    If you’re particularly mathematically inclined, maybe Project Euler? If you’re not, that leaves every other approach to programming, and I have no idea what resource covers all of that. It also depends on which language you’re using for what is a reasonable learning project.

    But if you are looking at projects like that and losing interest, I’d say you have good instincts.
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