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    I know there's been discussion about this in various places at various times, I just can't find anything right now.

    Are there online or print resources specifically aimed at someone coming out of a long-term abusive situation who's having a hard time a) internalizing that it's over and b) that things will get better?
  2. albedo

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    If You Had Controlling Parents is pretty good; largely focused on recognizing after-effects of an abusive upbringing as such, and contextualizing parental behavior in a context of intergenerational trauma.

    Toxic Parents (Susan Forward) is recommended often, though I haven't read it myself.

    Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving is a little over-personal but decent.

    The Gift of Fear is interesting but problematic - some focus on 'hey, there's no point in winding yourself up with anxiety, recognize what your brain is trying to tell you, then relax', but dude has some victim-blamey attitudes toward domestic violence which are problematic. is pretty active and seems fairly decent, and also has a resource list. is... ok-ish. Supportive and well-moderated, but I find it personally exhausting because there's a lot of minors in that particular subreddit who can't escape their situation.

    I can't really recommend the various "justno" subreddits - the communities are... drama-filled.

    I've also heard good things about , though I don't really frequent it myself.

    I don't have as many resources for recovering from partner abuse for obvious reasons, but hopefully that's a bit useful...
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