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what is best part

  1. toes

    60 vote(s)
  2. tum

    65 vote(s)
  3. soft ears

    74 vote(s)
  4. Snoot

    66 vote(s)
  5. blep

    74 vote(s)
  6. snif snif snif snif

    67 vote(s)
  7. honour

    45 vote(s)
  8. beans

    71 vote(s)
  9. ....texture

    65 vote(s)
  10. sweet and beauteous face

    95 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    Babies are almost as big as momma (three of the five have gone to their permanent homes with close friends, the other two are staying with us).
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  2. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    family of floof!
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  3. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    Melanie and su-ji are becoming friends and its very sweet. Melanie (dog) likes to lightly groom her and do a snif snif, and su-ji (cat) loves to noof and scent mark Melanie's muzzle

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  4. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Cats and dogs! Being friends!
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  5. chthonicfatigue

    chthonicfatigue Bitten by a radioactive trickster god

    A good and cosy girl having a good stretch


    Bonus tootsies:
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  6. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    oh, to be a sweet cozy kitty doing a big stretch...

    i love this good girl very much
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  7. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    This is Muffin. Muffin was thrown out of a moving car window and saved by my gf and other passerbys. This was her at the vet the day before we brought her home in Sept
    spoilered for needle

    this is her now cuddling with her Uncle Shiro 4EF30C47-8F5B-416F-91B5-279DE3216CFB.jpeg

    We think she was probably someone’s quarantine pet and tossed when they didn’t want her anymore. Now she’s spoiled rotten and gets all the cuddles
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2020
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  8. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    What a babey
    Im glad she has a good home and an entire uncle to nap on!
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  9. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    She’s got a whole aunt to mess with too!
    Princess Peach. She’s more refined and less inclined to rough house, but we’ve caught them playing together a few times.
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  10. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    The baby wore a sweater for the first time since last February and gave up on life.

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  11. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    Got a picture of all three kitties sleeping together. Muffin cannot sleep normally it seems.

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  12. LadyNighteyes

    LadyNighteyes Wicked Witch of the Radiant Historia Fandom

    The Boston-Terrier-patterned blanket I gave my mom went over well:
    the only audience that matters_cropped.png
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  13. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    He knows he's not allowed in my room so he's moping:


    Edit: sorry for no pic at first, i hit submit by accident
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2020
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  14. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    Buddy continues to be an Absolute Unit and I love him so very much
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  15. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    I've kept the last of last year's tadpoles and released the rest, but she was too skinny to logically survive and I've kinda bonded with her? (Again, legal so long as I don't trade or sell her.)

    IMG_20210314_185752.jpg IMG_20210314_185712.jpg

    I've been a little drunk and maudlin this evening and we've been communing. We've decided her name's Priscilla.
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  16. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

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  17. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

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  18. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made


    This dogs name is Snorkel and he has a brain like the space between stars. Vast, empty, and littered with the trash he eats when no one is paying attention.
    Last edited: May 28, 2021
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  19. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    Muffin showing off just how adorable she is. 9030A8AB-FA04-41D4-B845-7BC15F594E17.jpeg
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  20. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    Such soft eyes...... I love her :swoon:
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