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what is best part

  1. toes

    59 vote(s)
  2. tum

    64 vote(s)
  3. soft ears

    73 vote(s)
  4. Snoot

    65 vote(s)
  5. blep

    73 vote(s)
  6. snif snif snif snif

    66 vote(s)
  7. honour

    44 vote(s)
  8. beans

    70 vote(s)
  9. ....texture

    64 vote(s)
  10. sweet and beauteous face

    94 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. chthonicfatigue

    chthonicfatigue Bitten by a radioactive trickster god

    She's very dapper! So neat, so sweet.
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  2. Acey

    Acey let’s form a band! let’s take a stand!

    She looks so polite!!! ;0;
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  3. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    She’s very polite especially when she asks for pets. She just gently pats your leg and looks up at you.
    • Winner x 7
  4. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    Thinking about fish
    • Winner x 11
  5. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    squishy face...
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  6. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Coming from a family who's default phrase when something is adorable is "Aww, what a muffin!" your kitty is extremely well named <3
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  7. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    An impurrtant conversation

    (Seriously, Cinders will talk to you all day if you let her. Plz forgive my dumpster fire room ^^;;)
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  8. Acey

    Acey let’s form a band! let’s take a stand!

    Her occasional thoughts are Very Important and she wants you to Know!!
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  9. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    He woke up while i was eating breakfast this morning


    little man why did u do that with your neck

    Bonus Stella from however many days ago
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  10. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    Muffin stop you are being too cute

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  11. Mossflower

    Mossflower Well-Known Member

    double post but I have to show off the uncle and his niece being adorable

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  12. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

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  13. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Does anyone else's pets have a favourite toy?

    Jet's is Mr Piggy. This is what Mr Piggy looked like when he was brand new:


    This is what Mr Piggy looks like now, two years later, having been his favourite toy since the day Jet came home with us:


    I also had to do a third surgery on him yesterday:


    He's tattered, chewed up, frequently damp because Jet drools when he's happy. I've bought him a new set of the same toys, but the OG remains number one in this longhaired crime gremlin's estimation. He often brings it to me to throw so we can play fetch, as well, and after a lecture this morning about how I can't throw it for him if he puts it out of my reach he started doing this instead:


    Mr Piggie is gonna be more thread than fabric and more drool than stuffing by the time Jet gives him up, and he's gonna love him with his whole kitty heart for every second thence.
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