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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by turtleDove, Mar 25, 2019.

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    So, ages and ages ago, back when I was a smeet that hadn't graduated high school yet, I painted rocks. Mostly as a hobby, although I had some half-formed plans to sell them at the local flea market once I had enough for stock.

    This wasn't "I made some abstract art paperweights", I did fairly realistic animals. Mostly rabbits, honestly; a lot of rocks are fairly rabbit-shaped, and I was working with river rocks we'd picked up from a landscaping business or something. Also a few snakes and bugs, but mostly rabbits.

    Now, there's still a few rocks kicking around in my parents' house that I didn't finish painting - I did a base coat, but never got around to the rest. And, well. It's the internet. "Weird hand-crafted shit" is a fairly big seller. I'm still going to be doing the Etsy quilts, but this is an option too.

    So I've started up a Patreon (over here: and I'm going to be working on doing some rock art. Patrons can see progress pics (which I'll probably also post here, after they've gone up on Patreon) and vote on what sort of critters I'll be painting. If I get enough stock, I'll also be doing a raffle for small rocks and sending them to the person who wins that. And there's an option for "commission me to paint you a rock".

    Things I need to get: more rocks; decent acrylic paint; probably some sealant, so that keeping them outdoors is an option; probably some paintbrushes and such. Maybe a book on this, or at least looking up wtf I'm doing as a refresher. (I had a book, and a bunch of paints and brushes; they're probably in Cape Breton, though, if they still exist.)
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