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Discussion in 'Your Bijou Blogette' started by Xavius, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    The last time I was here was mid-2019. A lot's happened since then - some of which is going to be in this blog, some of which is going to be in an as-of-yet-uncreated vent thread. I'll probably link it in here when it's done, just for ease of access for myself so I don't neglect ever doing anything in it like I would probably do otherwise.

    [Space Reserved For Vent Thread Link!]

    Before, when I was here, I kept my interpersonal interactions to a minimum because I felt that moderating a forum meant I should maintain a business-like veneer at all times. While that served me well for dealing with troublesome situations, it also meant I was more reserved than I should've been, and I never quite got the backup and help that this forum provided, except in very small doses in the Caring Void.

    Let this be a post to say that I'm done with pretending to be professional all the time. I want to talk about things I want to talk about - like, hey, I just got a Tumblr for the first time as of last month; isn't that wild? The site's on the decline or whatever and I'm just now getting there!

    It was actually being on Tumblr again that made me want to come back. I browsed Seebs' page and a few other members that I could remember, realized how much I missed everybody, what a better state of mind I was in compared to when I left, and...well, that's that. I came back.

    As a final note, let me say that I understand that it's been almost four years since people've seen me, so if you feel uncomfortable with me moderating something, please tell me so. I don't expect to instantly receive trust from people who don't know me as well as they do someone like Rigel or Re Allyssa, so if I overstep bounds, please let me know.
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  2. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    I've been consuming Dragon Ball content, every little bit that's come out, and I've been enjoying everything...but I'm really concerned with where Dragon Ball seems to be heading now, because despite me being worried about it forever, it looks like a GT Remake is in the mix, except they're turning everybody into kids this time, not just Goku. Oh joy.
  3. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Welcome back!! Hope you end up enjoying the return.

    I’m not big on the DBLore, was GT bad?
  4. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    GT was contentious. As a product, it's generally regarded as the worst of the series - the powerscaling went wonky even for Dragon Ball ("Stronger than Majin Buu" got thrown around for some random metal guys), Goku was turned into a kid again for no reason, and personally I didn't like the voice actress they picked for Pan (the female lead) or what they did with her character; she never felt important enough to justify being there, which meant the fact that she was front and center for every arc just felt glaring.

    Its ideas, though, were fantastic. It was the execution that damned it. I'm hoping we see some of its concepts revisited.
  5. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Aw man. I binged TFS recently since I had like, fringe interest in the series when I was younger (like “my tv was a box” younger), so hearing how it kinda got wibbly is frustrating to hear.

    I suppose if GT is reworked that everyone is a kid then maybe it can be like the midquel of dragon ball?
  6. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    The problem with GT was that Toriyama wasn't involved pretty much at all; Toei Animation made it with him only having some light supervisory roles if at all, so it deviated a lot from what made Dragon Ball good. And unfortunately, no, it won't be a midquel - everyone being kids, if it happens for the same reasons that it did before, then it'll be an involuntary transformation.

    I once saw a post that stipulated that a property can only go so long before it finds a Muppet Babies version of itself, and here we are.
  7. Hisuian Typhlosion

    Hisuian Typhlosion Infernal Parade

    Oh…oh no.


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  8. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    I don't know! Everyone was dreading it! We were all watching Dragon Ball Super tick by in the years between the Buu Saga and the End of Z (Dragon Ball Z ends after a multi-year timeskip post-Buu that Super covers the length of)...and then they all of a sudden jumped ahead several years to do a Gohan story, skipping a lot of Super's potential arcs, and putting us on track for GT 2.0.

    I'm not eager, but I'm hopeful something good'll come of it. Until such time as it arrives, at least I have DnD to play to keep my mind off the worse possibilities.
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  9. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    Oh hey, it's you. ... has it really been four years since you were here last??
  10. Xavius

    Xavius Suit Monkey

    Just about! Mid-2019 was the last time I was part of Kintsugi, so it's really closer to three and a half years. I'm probably going to go into some of it here or in a vent thread. It's good to see you, though!
  11. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    It's weird how it doesn't feel that long... until I think about how the pandemic feels like it's already lasted a decade, at which point I get dizzy from the sudden time vortex I've opened up under me. (which is to say, wow I'm thoroughly unmoored in time lol)

    It's good to see you too! Glad you came back.
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