RPG,Vampire, Werewolf and other Creatures of the night adventure. Want to play? ( invitation only)

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Are you a player in the RPG or Watching?( this is so I have record of who is adventuring.)

  1. Playing in game

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  2. Watching

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  3. I want to be a towns person( because i want to add to the experience of the players)

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  1. Victoria Rose

    Victoria Rose Role-Player: Assassin/ warrior/ vampire

    Note: This is a GM based game. I will start you off based on your choice of character, breed and how you became that way. Vamps and wolves ( Born or Bitten) , you need a name and what equipment you character is able to use. ( this in-tells things you yourself know how to use.) any magic properties must be stated before you enter the game I request that you PM me them so I can print them off for remembrance purposes. Any questions as to game play please put them in { this form}. What you are and how you became that way chooses your starting point for not everyone will start in the same place.

    Game typing
    : "speaking" part is well known, (details /side note of play ), quote for direct conversation. I will quote in game with directions and who is looking at what and what options they have. Tavern is a free play zone for any player.

    Setting: Ever watch Hensel and Gretel , Van Helsing, or even Dracula, well that is the time period we are in. The out lay is a usually quiet town with a large castle to the west of it. Gives for more time to get home before the sun hits it. South are abandoned Ruins of what once was a grand theater that is all but forgotten to some. North are nothing but woods for miles that can only see the edge from the castle or the sky for those who can take to the sky. East of town is a road used for trade that leads to a shore based town. In the center of town is a fountain with the founding father on a horse.

    Side Note: My characters are all my own and only there as a npcs and the only one that will adventure is the main character. Encounters/ battles will be played as turn based which i will decide by the number of players for said fight. I will be fair to all who play and have stats for each encounter. Posted in this [ ] form. If you have ever played D&D you know that each weapon has a certain amount of damage that it does, please post it when you start along with any ability or specific enchantment it has.
    (Not ready for posts or play yet please refer to the guides of my pages for questions and any thing other then the game play on here) THANK YOU. GM

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