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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by KingStarscream, May 26, 2016.

  1. KingStarscream

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    eta: Spreadsheet for everyone's Battletags for computer players! Thanks to @Erica for making it!

    A thread! For fanart, fanfic (I have it on good authority that the Roadhog/Junkrat fics on AO3 are top-notch), funny videos you've found, or actual gameplay discussion!

    Overwatch is a 6v6 shooter game released by Blizzard pretty recently! (As in, three days ago recently.) It's got fun gameplay and plenty of characters for people who can't shoot, and a whole boatload of story. There's tie in comics, character bios, animations, and graphic novel in the works. The main website is here, and I'm gonna go ahead and link all of the (gorgeously animated) shorts that Blizz has released so far!

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  2. Mendacity

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    My main characters thus far: Tracer, D.Va, Bastion, and Mercy. I focus on Mercy most of the time because she's my unliving waifu. I also love healing. I'm trying to get a basic understanding of each character but at the same time fuck it I love me mercy.
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  3. KingStarscream

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    edit: With a five video limit, I'm using this post for the next couple animated shorts that have been released since launch.

    I mostly play Pharah, Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Tracer, though I have an overwhelming fondness for Reinhardt and Roadhog too. We just usually have a tank. I adore Widowmaker too and have loads of fun, but I'm probably middling-poor at best. (I am shit at Mercy even though she's my #aesthetic, and getting moderately better at Lucio as time goes on.)

    Also, for shipping considerations:
    Soldier 76/Reaper
    Soldier 76/Reaper/McCree
    any combination of the above???

    (...D.Va/Lucio. Reinhardt dad-ing everyone. Winston pale romancing Tracer under the moonlight.)
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  4. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    Man I kinda want to play overwatch but I'm terrible at strategy. Maybe one of the tank characters would work, I dunno.
  5. KingStarscream

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    Honestly, the strategy isn't too hard to work around! There's always going to be the perfect 'meta' team to build, but I've won with completely off the wall teams and lost with teams that should have been perfect. The tutorial mode is free-form enough to let you figure out which characters have the best feel, and generally if a team is losing other people will switch around you if you don't feel comfortable doing it.

    And ofc, if you do end up playing, I'm always open to grouping up and playing with you!
  6. KingStarscream

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  7. KingStarscream

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    i love this fandom
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  8. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful

    Widowmaker is my wife.

    I really wanna play it, but I get really bad nausea in first person games, so I'm painfully aware I would suck major ass if I tried to play with people. Also boyfriend has the ps4 and I'm on PC only, so we wouldn't be able to play together.
  9. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    waaaa i didnt know there was an overwatch thread ;;; i have the game but im too scared to play it.... i get really nervous and anxious about letting my team down so i just... dont play WHICH IS DUMB CUZ I WANNA AND I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!

    also genji has a booty that wont quit
  10. Mendacity

    Mendacity A bipolar, bigender, bisexual icon.

    Honest game trailers finally did one for Overwatch and I Am So Happy.

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  11. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    You can make custom games with all AI if you just wanna dick around without worrying too much about failure! (You can also make custom games where you're the only one on the map. I've been doing that to figure out all the hidey holes recently.)

    But (and consider this an open invitation to anyone from Kintsugi) my battletag is PRelations#1205, so feel free to add me if you think having a friend playing will help!
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  12. KingStarscream

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    Because I've been keeping a tally and want to see if other people agree/disagree for whatever reason, a list of characters in OW with prosthetics (or what I assume are prosthetics):


    Lucio (look really closely at how his legs are modeled in game; there isn't actually any room for an organic joint in there)
    Hanzo (could be boots, could be prosthetics, jointing issues apply)

    Genji :P
    Tracer (temporal instability with an assistive device)
    Pharah (tentative, in-game model seems to lack room for arms + legs but devs say that's just the suit and not a reflection of any disability; headcanon away!)
    Mercy (only visible skin is her face, with tight lycra around the base of her skull/jaw, could be armor reinforcement on her back, could be a fullbody prosthetic a la Genji-- nanobot Dead Mercy theory is also super popular)

    Special Mention:

    If you think of anyone else, feel free to mention it! Neurodivergences include Reinhardt explicitly having delusional and hallucination issues (which may be dementia or something else) and Symmetra being autistic. I think you can make a pretty good argument for Reaper, Soldier 76, and Widowmaker having severe PTSD and identity issues (I mean lbr all of theme probably have PTSD at this point) but I'm not sure any of that's been confirmed in text.
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  13. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    Tracer's thing probably counts as an actual disability, she has assistive tech and everything (even if it is a fantasy disability) and I'd bet Genji and Hanzo both have PTSD.
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  14. KingStarscream

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    Ohh that's true. I'm gonna add that under 'body' since her temporal instability is a fullbody thing and about at plausible as super cybord assassin.
  15. Choco

    Choco Duke of the Weepy Marshmallow Brigade

    oh man overwatch. guys. no guys. you don't even understand. i was so totally prepared not to give a single solitary fuck about overwatch (shooters aren't my bag, tho i was digging the body/racial diversity i was seeing early in development, esp. after they announced zarya) and then i found out that mei exists and i about fucking died?

    she looks like me!!!! like almost exactly like me!!! she's a fat chines woman and she's still super cute, and the entire fandom is in love with her, i've never seen a fat video game character almost universally loved the way i have with her, and it makes me feel so damn good about myself? i have to cosplay her now

    and then my cousins were visiting over the memorial day weekend and got me and my dad super obsessed with it. and now here i am, in this hell.

    so far lucio's the only character i'm not absolutely shitty with, but i really love the variety in play styles, i love how the entire ethos of the game seams to be "having fun, working together with your friends" and less "oH MY GOD YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO VIDEO GAME PROPERLY, GET GUD" which is definitely calming down my anxiety re: shooty games

    i haven't looked into the lore as much because i was trying so hard not to care, but now i basically have to

    im in way too damn deep guys

    and my battletag is Calliope#1181, feel free to add me (tho i haven't been playing as much lately)
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  16. KingStarscream

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    I shot you a friend request!

    And yeah, I really love that there's not a real 'meta' or 'best character' and that basically every character has it's own playstyle and pros and cons. I mean yeah, a team of all Reapers or Tracers or Lucios probably won't win, but that doesn't mean they can't.

    I literally learned like two days ago what Lucio's right click does and I am forever in the shame pit for it, but I did knock a Zarya off the edge in the learning so that's alright. :'D
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  17. kastilin

    kastilin MI CRUSH ASS TA DUST

    adding on to this, i was looking at lucio's skins & i noticed that the way his shin is curved back really doesn't look like the way a human leg would go, even in armor. thiiiiiis may just be me though!

    also i have yet to buy/play this game because online pvp games make me weirdly anxious, but at this point i have watched ~24 hours of streams so i have thrown myself as far in the pit as it is possible without going the final step i think
    one day i saw an all mei team utterly obliterate another team. it was terrifying.
    and a-mei-zing
    i can't stop making mei puns. help me
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  18. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

    i stupidly fucking searched underwatch im lgughign BUT UH @PRelations ILL SEND YOU A FRIEND REQUEST IF YOU GET SOMETHIN FROM XIIOVII IT'S ME ;;
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  19. KingStarscream

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    Added! :D

  20. jashindamnit

    jashindamnit problematic pettanko loving, crop burning dragon

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