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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 111 It's a lucky chapter number! Also it's time to make a wish!

    Goku and Upa fly off to do the necromancy thing.


    Not to mention put it in danger.................................

    But anyway all that's a while off yet. (I assume, I mean, we haven't even seen Original Piccolo.)

    That's not true at all! Which begs the question: are you just being boastful for the kids? Do you think that they won't make wishes that you can't grant? Do you not know your own limitations until you run up against them? Or is it just that Toriyama hadn't decided there'd be things you couldn't do yet? :mystery:

    Speaking of nightmares, being buried alive is a nightmare and so I feel real bad for Upa's dad, who came to only to find himself not even in a coffin or anything just buried in the ground. Hhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Ch 112

    Smart move! Goku catches the 4 ball before it can go hurtling away to who-knows-where.

    Oh right, that's a thing that exists.

    Everyone has plans for what they're gonna do. Yamcha's gonna become a Kame disciple, Kuririn's gonna remain one, and Goku's off going around the world to train. The next Budoukai is in 3 years, so maybe we'll get a timeskip? I wonder if Goku will be big by then? Maybe, maybe not. Is he still 12? I've absolutely lost track of time and potentially passing of years.

    Ch 113


    SUITS! Also, someone's wearing a "pafpaf" hat, which I assume is a "puff-puff" reference. On the way to the Budoukai!

    HAIRCUT BULMA!! Yeah! It's a good one.


    now I can finally complain about Tien's third eye. why does it never seem to close. Why does it not have a lid. How does he deal with having three eyes. Seems like he'd always have to be extra careful about not hitting his forehead on things, at least regular eyes are kind of inset and protected by the rest of the face, but that one's just like right front and center on a protrusive bit of head.

    Oh, also it's kanji-lookup time! this one's a doozy. Iiiiii think it means crane or stork (
    )? Having a bit of trouble because it's cut off on the old guy and Tien's shawl is obscuring it on the right.

    Apparently I should have just read a panel down because Roshi says "Tsuru (crane) sennin?" So yeah, I think I read it right.

    am i reading urusei yatsura

    Still the small Goku! Well, he might be slightly larger, but definitely not big Goku.

    Time for prelims!
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 114 Once again I’m digging the tropical holiday atmosphere

    Ahh, choosing lots for prelim matches. Everyone’s split up so far so they won’t have to fight each other to be finalists.

    Is Announcer Guy here?? Please let Announcer Guy be here

    Yamcha shows off the results of his three years of training as a Kame disciple and smokes his first opponent. Kuririn faces someone even more imposing who’s roughly 15 times his size

    Seriously, this guy is huge, but Kuririn wins (and is very smug about it).

    Tien comes by and is a dick, but that’s fine because Yamcha’s a dick back. Then Tien has a match and is too fast for most people to see.

    King Chapa? He looks pretty serious and he’s a previous winner! I wonder if there’ll be a more serious match in the prelims!

    Ch 115

    Goku gets the first strike on King Chapa, who then decides to pull out his “hasshu-ken”. The “ha” part is 8, and I think the “shu” may be “hand/arm”? “Ken” is fist, I believe. He’s an octopus pretending to be human to get in the competition!

    No, he just moves so fast he seems to have more arms. Oh well.

    Goku blocks all his hits.

    MOUTH CANNON??? Apparently not, just an “explosive blast” of breath. Even against King Chapa, Goku wins handily.


    Thankfully we get a condensed prelim and find out that Goku, Kuririn, Yamcha, and Roshi-as-JC all qualify.

    You shouldn’t let her do that, guys.

    Ch 116

    This panel is super unimportant except it causes me great joy because Goku is handwalking around and I love him.

    Tien comes by again and is a dick (and a contestant).

    Σ(・口・) ooooohhh I don’t like that


    Oh shit, Chiaotzu is manipulating the matchups for the competition! Dude. Cheating just rubs me the wrong way. >:0

    [pretend there's an image here of a wolfish-looking dude saying "Wolf men are low-class assholes who become wolves when they look at a full moon!! But during full moons, I become human!! Got that?!!"]
    A reverse-werewolf, huh? But… there isn’t a moon anymore. Wonder what that means for all the weres. Forget, y'know, tides and all that, these are the real questions we need to to have answered.
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 117 Can't wait till everyone's friends... seriously though it happens SO MUCH you guys, it's one of my favorite tropes and it happens stupidly frequently here. I'm in heaven (except when I'm not because of some of the more Unfortunate Shit that happens)

    Tien v. Yamcha fight!! They're very serious and possibly thinking they may have underestimated each other, but maybe not. It's very possible Yamcha's thinking that and Tien is like "HAH".

    Oh, confirmation!
    Yamcha: "This guy... He's better than I thought..."
    Tien: "I can't believe there's someone of his caliber. Looks like he's not all talk."
    Awesome, I was right the first time.

    Yamcha uses his rougafuufuuken (Hope I got the right number of long vowels in there, it's hard to remember.)

    These guys keep climbing further and further up the wall, lol. Also, looks like Goku's tail grew back! Wonder if he ever got around to training it. (How do you train a tail like that anyway? Just ask someone to hold onto it while you try to get better at not succumbing to it? Maybe you just lift weights with it.)

    Yamcha indeed does a kamehameha, but it looks like Tien has something planned to resist/deflect/otherwise deal with it.

    Look at this shit. He's up to something.

    Ch 118

    thank you toriyama for my life

    you guys get down from there!

    Well SHIT.

    As Goku said, Tien just deflected the kamehameha blast

    into the crowd. The must have to sign waivers in order to be allowed to be so close. There would be so many lawsuits otherwise.

    uhhhh and then Yamcha gets royally fucked and his leg is broke real bad. Puer changes into a carpet and takes Yamcha away for medical attention; Lunch and Bulma go too. :'( Poor Puer, he loves Yamcha so much.

    Next is R-JC vs. Manwolf, so a little bit of a break in the dramatic tension.


    Ch 119



    This guy has a grudge against Roshi because he destroyed the moon at the last tournament. Also he hates hairy woman, so he can't have a wolf girlfriend. Well, fuck him, I say.

    just hoverin' around

    There's a lot of silliness because R-JC is just too much above Manwolf to even bother fighting him seriously. MW pulls a knife but is still no threat or challenge, and Roshi still offers to turn him human.

    poor kuririn. what's up with you and the lack of hair?

    Manwolf becomes just Man and runs off to flirt. Godspeed. There's also a creepy panel of Kuririn with a moon for a head that I'm not copying because then I'd have to see it again and I don't want to.
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 120 chibifight

    Chiaotzu is frankly creepy as shit.

    Significantly less so after this panel, though.

    People need to learn to float around already, it'll make things a lot easier in these kinds of fights in rings. But they can't yet, so Chiaotzu's hovering is starting to be an issue for Kuririn. Chiaotzu takes this opportunity to attack Kuririn with.. a dodonpa! We've seen that attack before!

    SOMETHING's afoot. Not sure what it is yet, but. Hmmm. Tao had "kill" on his shirt, not "crane", but... I guess it's a possibility that he was trained by the Tsuru dude?

    WELL SHIT I would never have thought!

    Tien tells Tsuru-sennin about Tao, who tells Chiaotzu to finish of Kuririn, who's trying to figure out a way to counter the dodonpas and decides to try out a kamehameha. At the rate it's spreading around, everyone'll be able to use it in a few chapters.

    Ch 121


    Way more effective than anyone thought! Kuririn managed to dodge Chiaotzu's attach and then launch one of his own.

    Unfortunately Chiao just floats back in and then uses some strange mind magic to give Kuririn GI pain, which I find extremely reprehensible as a frequent sufferer of GI pain. Don't do that to people.

    I'm glad Kuririn's getting a chance to be one of the more... uh... Well. More tactically-minded ones.

    Using that trick, Kuririn manages to knock Chiao out of the ring.


    Ch 122

    Goku vs. a new person! This could be a pretty silly fight or it skew serious, and I really don't know which one it's gonna do.

    Goku's opponent shows off for Goku after Goku says one of his punches wasn't that great. This seems like a real dumb thing to do, because it probably gives Goku a perfect opportunity to observe his attacks without being the focus of them.

    It begins

    * pats Announcer Guy * I know, buddy. It's rough. I'm sorry. These people just have no respect for infrastructure or architecture or boundaries or limits.

    I was reading through the fight so I could summarize it/talk specifically about important bits and uh. It ended extremely quickly, with Goku winning with an elbow right to the solar plexus. Although... as Tien comments, it wasn't just one elbow, it was three in rapid succession.

    R-JC explains that Panput (that was the guy's name, I forgot) was extremely good... but only at a regular level, which Goku and Kuririn have surpassed.

    Hoo boy, next is Tien vs R-JC, which should be an interesting match!
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 123 I'm betting on Tien for this one honestly

    R-JC and Tien fight!



    so it's useful after all. Looks like afterimages aren't going to be much use with him.

    R-JC takes his shirt off, so we know it's getting serious. There's also lots of emphasis on hand movements.



    It's not clear at the moment if either really have any advantage. Both seem to be keeping up with each other, and both have landed some strong blows.

    Ch 124

    At some point, Tien lost his shirt too.

    awww heck yeah i know what this shit is

    Taiyouken always seems so... cheap. It's like throwing dust in someone's eyes. Just feels a little out of place in a serious match. But I guess the end goal is just winning, not doing it in an elegant and graceful way, no matter how much I want it to be.

    .... prediction: we'll see Goku in sunglasses before this arc is through.

    After Tien does a kamehameha (JESUS FUCK I WAS JUST JOKING LAST TIME CALM DOWN EVERYONE) R-JC hops out of the ring because he's "been waiting in anticipation [for] young people like this to appear".

    Ch 125

    Time for a Goku-Kuririn fight.


    They seem fine with fighting each other, but man, I don't think I could do it. Probably why I went into science and not being crazy strong at martial arts.

    A bunch of the chapter is taken up with Roshi talking to Tien about why he was in the contest in the first place (same as last time) and why he purposefully lost (because he realized his pupils wouldn't rest on their laurels).

    Back to K v G!

    Well at least if I go bald because of my treatment I'll have some advantage in fighting.

    this is the feeling I'd get when I jumped off the swings as a kid
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 126 this one's a fun fight!

    Goku's fine after his landing and goes to attack Kuririn in the air, but Kuririn does some absolute bullshit and avoids it by inflating. I can't believe I had to witness that with my own two eyes.

    Many good things about this panel: a) Roshi standing on his staff; b) the fox with "FOX" written on their shirt; c) a small otter-looking child being amazed at Roshi

    Oho, kamehameha for extra impact!

    oh jesus. kuririn's lucky he doesn't have a nose, because it would be just smashed at this point.

    It is QUITE apparent that Kuririn's not much of a challenge for a Goku who's fighting seriously. (No one is surprised.) But Kuririn, as the emerging tactical mastermind of the group, has a plan!

    more kamehameha usage


    But it was a trap! (Also: RUDE.)

    Ch 127


    I gotta start keeping track of how many alternate fashion Gokus I've seen.

    lookin' bad for Goku

    But it was a counter-trap! Or rather, just a kind of prank. Apparently Goku has a bit of a dramatic streak, waiting till the 9-count to bounce back.

    Goku HAS trained his tail, although the method isn't revealed, which is a huge disappointment for me personally because I wanted to know how one would do something like that.

    I wouldn't necessarily agree with that assessment, but yeah, it's a pretty big vulnerability that's been patched in the latest update.

    Oh, lol, literally the next page is a joke about how he does still have weaknesses (being "honest and straightforward"). Kuririn tells Goku that "dirty doesn't mean shit in a fight", and Goku takes it to heart and starts bouncing around the ring real, real fast. He startles Kuririn with a :P face and then pokes him out of bounds.

    Having won, now it's time for Goku to face off against Tien in the final match.

    Ran into the limit again, wow!
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 128 GOKU VS TIEN!!

    There's been relatively little architectural destruction so far. Maybe we'll remedy that now.

    ballet roshi wants a better vantage point

    some nice tailwork here.

    As a sidenote. I'm compelled to say. If you like armpits, especially on very large men, this might just be the manga for you, because hot DAMN there are a lot of armpits on display.

    They do the usual kind of start-of-fight exchange, except more intense. There's some big hits, the tiles of the ring breaking, a dodonpa, and Goku decides to make some afterimages despite witnessing the last match where Tien said "That won't work on me!" or some equivalent

    please stop that


    Ch 129

    what the fuck is happening in the beginning of this chapter

    so Tien shouts "Haikyuu ken, here we go!" and then responds to himself like this??? What is happening? Why is he making that face and making a heart in his speech bubble? D:

    is this volleyball

    is this what I'm -- AAHHHHH! HAIKYUU? LIKE THAT VOLLEYBALL SPORT ANIME?? is it actually a volleyball attack? This does NOT fit my image of Tien whatsoever.

    Goku's basically fine tho.

    and we'll see his real actual power!

    and it's Goku's turn to beat on Tien for a while, which makes Tien very excited because he finally has a worthy opponent!

    Ch 130

    more afterimages (i like the :P one)

    This time, there's some several-layer deep bluffs and Goku's afterimages work out for him. Tien's upset by that (his eye failed!) and decides to use Taiyou-ken.

    hell yeah he stole roshi's shades

    what the heck I just now noticed his hat has a crane on it

    WHAT THE HECK SOMEONE IS INTERFERING IN THE MATCH!! And I have suspicions about who it is...
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    I keep running into the limit for uploading files for individual posts. You can only do ten, which is sometimes just not enough for three chapters! (Not that I have to do three, but that's just kinda what I settled on, and it usually works out...)
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    Saro Where is wizard hut


    Interference continues, and by page 3 or so there's confirmation that yep, it's Chiaotzu using his telepathy (?) to mess with Goku at opportune times for Tien. He nearly gets rung out (haha it's a dumb pun) but a last-minute blast saves him.

    is it just a crane school thing to have telepathy? They do a lot of floating too. Whatever the case, Tien's kinda pissed that there's been interference and defies Tsuru-sennin, who wants Goku dead (because of the whole dead-brother thing, I think).

    There's a bunch going on in this chapter! Tsuru gets pissed that Tien wants to have a fair fight and not be a hitman, so he decides to kill both of them and Chiaotzu as well (when he wants to stop the interference).

    So Roshi just knocks him into the next county with a kamehameha so that Tien and Goku can have the fight they want. I like glasses-less Roshi better because he feels less skeevy, even though the personality doesn't change.


    Ch 132


    Welp. 4-armed Tien is a go. I wonder what that skeleton would look like. How exactly do those arms articulate? It Is A Mystery

    mfw I have to draw hands

    this is a very un-Goku-like exclamation, I feel like. I wonder what it was in Japanese.


    GOD 4-armed Tien is a frickin monster, but he doesn't keep them for long, because it's time for something called a "kikouhou", which is apparently very dangerous to both user and usee. Tien keeps telling Goku to dodge and I can't quite tell if he's trying to do some weird reverse psych trickery or not.

    Ch 132

    Roshi seems to agree that it's very dangerous, so maybe Tien just doesn't want Goku to die, but why use it if he doesn't want to, like, use it? I don't get it. Kuririn's confused too. We can be confused together.

    OHHH it's that thing! It's his ground destroying attack that I've seen a couple of times. Guess I didn't know the Japanese name? Anyway, everything makes sense now, he's destroyed the arena so there is no more ring to be in.


    Tien's fine cause he can float, but Goku (who jumped up to avoid the kikouhou) can't and is falling.

    Goku is using a kamehameha, but flips around to face the wrong way at the last moment

    and sends himself flying at Tien instead! Which Tien was not expecting, by the look on his face.
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 134 there's something very chilling about seeing kuririn like this:



    Anyway, Goku just sent himself flying into Tien and now they're both falling together

    well fuck. this means goku hit the ground first. because he ran into a car which deflected him into the ground like a second before Tien hit. So, with that, Tien is the winner!

    There's a good bit of talk of future plans and what people plan to do now that the tournament is over.

    umh excuse me what the fuck

    Ch 135



    found at the scene of the crime

    So *someone* with a "ma" inside a circle mark (no need to look this kanji up, i'm familiar with it already) is killing people, hmmm??????

    oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    oh, so it has a cuteness to it in Japanese as well. I didn't know. "Ro" is a very common male name ending (e.g. Ichiro, Sanjiro, etc.) so I didn't know if maybe it seemed more... masculine and imposing to a Japanese reader or not (and the romanization of piccolo would be something like pikkoro, although don't quote me on the doubled k; it might just be pikoro)

    Huh, so Roshi and Tsuru served under the same master, who had a fairly weird-sounding name and dealt with King Piccolo in the past. by... putting him in a rice cooker? that looks an awful lot like a rice cooker.

    rice cooker.

    So, to recap because I got all excited about a mention of Piccolo and then distracted by a magic rice cooker: Goku's flying off in a rage, trying to find the dragon balls to bring Kuririn back to life (despite being very depleted from the Tien match); King Piccolo's symbol was found at the site; whatever killed Kuririn also stole Goku's dragon ball and the budoukai registry, which I assume is the list of people who were in the tournament.


    look an awful lot more like Kami at the moment!

    MOTHERFUCKER PILAF AND THEM SHOWED UP AGAIN!!! their relevance is frankly startling. I absolutely would never have thought after the first time that they'd show up again, let alone twice (?)

    Anyway now King Piccolo is interested in the dragon balls for the purposes of being * alphaville voice * forever young~

    Pilaf tries to bargain for a portion of the world (and kinda succeeds, which is astounding) and King Piccolo destroys the magic rice cooker with a glare.


    Aaand another short one.

    eta not romanization, that's the exhaustion talking; the turning-an-english-word-into-one-you-can-spell-with-katakana thing.
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 136 This chapter seems to have been edited and maybe translated by different people and the quality isn't quite as nice :(

    Goku found the culprit (of at least stealing the dragon ball, and probably offing Kuririn, and he's a scaly bastard.

    cell prototype

    Goku's very tired and I relate because I am also very tired. The scaly flying dude does a mouth laser which I can't relate to because I'm just a regular human (who is very tired), and dissipates Kinto'un yet again. Then he knocks Goku into a jungle.

    PSA: Mafuba safety (mafuba being the... technique? I think? used to seal King Piccolo in the magic rice cooker, or MRC for short)

    The list is delivered to K. Piccolo, and Scaly Dude laughs because he took care of 2 of them already.

    Ch 137


    aaaand then there's some disgusting stuff where K. Piccolo horks up an egg. and names the thing that comes out "Cymbal".

    (Really this brings up all sorts of questions about namekian reproduction, but i'm too tired to get into them right now.)

    Bulma's going to make a stasis capsule to preserve Kuririn's body so it doesn't decompose (good thinking) and another radar (more good thinking) and unfortunately in the meantime poor Namu gets killed :/

    Meanwhile Goku wakes up in a jungle and immediately smells food. someone's roasting a coelacanth over a fire. how'd they catch that.

    Ch 138

    "a swarm of wild Gokus can skeletonize a large coelacanth in less than 5 minutes..."

    The fish reenergizes Goku (* insert god i wish that were me meme here * and he promptly breaks a rock to test it out. But Kinto'un still's gone, which makes Goku angry.

    YOU! and THAT!

    He and Goku have a little bit of a fight because of course it was his fish that Goku ate, but before it can get too heated the new K. Piccolo creation shows up.

    Huh, since these ended up being short, I'll put a fourth in here.

    Ch 139

    Yajirobe and Goku do rock paper scissors to figure out who gets to fight the dragony guy and Y wins.

    I really don't like how much of Yajirobe's loincloth we have to see in the fight scenes with him. PLEASE put on some pants.

    BUT he cuts dude in half with his sword, so uh, better work than I was expecting, honestly!

    waste not want not i guess
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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 140 i want grilled fish now

    K. Piccolo wants to know just who killed his child. Didn't know you thought of them that way, makes you slightly more sympathetic.

    Tambourine is off beating on Gilan and sticks an arm right through him. It's fairly unpleasant.

    do you wanna get hepatitis???

    ohhhh shit yamcha is next on the hitlist

    NOTHING he's said so far has sounded like Kuririn, what the fuck are you on about

    Yajirobe refuses to give up the dragon ball because if he does... people will stop trying to come get it and he won't be able to eat anymore, which brings up the worrying possibility that he'd eat humans who came for it. Yajirobe, I'm judging you right now.

    Ch 141

    Goku puts the smackdown on Tambourine now that he's reenergized by fish, but it's not enough to make him dinner. Tamourine gets up and does a mouth laser, which is ineffective. the kamehameha goku uses on tamb is very effective, however, and wipes him out.

    after tamb is destroyed

    Looks like K. Piccolo wants to get in the fight! honestly i feel a bit sorry for him, i guess he did just lose two kids in a matter of like... an hour

    what the heck even is your deal, Yajirobe

    Ch 142


    jeeeeesus you guys work fast

    K. Piccolo and friends find Goku's location

    K. P, your dress is gonna fly up!!

    Ch 143

    Aha, the mystery of the katakana spelling of Piccolo is revealed: it is Pikkoro, with a doubled k.

    Time for a Goku-K. Piccolo fight, which is happening about 15 chapters sooner than thought it would.

    more nice tail-work

    Goku's making a pretty good showing against K. Piccolo. Not sure if it will continue or if it's just K. Piccolo being in shock that someone's doing so well, but he seems to have a bit of a disadvantage at the moment.

    aww heck yeh K. Piccolo took off his... stole thing and now is moving real fast! The tides have certainly turned, and now Goku is looking very much the worse for wear. He does a kamehameha, and at first K. Piccolo seems concerned about it and calls it "the mafuba", but in the end he just brushes himself off after getting hit with it.
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  13. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    I love how long Yajirobe remains relevant too. Like it's not too long, but jesus he's key to the Saiyan Saga not going to shit.

    and that's just bizarre
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  14. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    He could be the strongest person in the galaxy if he gave a shit.
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  15. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 144 still over here contemplating the yajirobe enigma

    Looks like King Piccolo is gonna use some kind of beam attack. Aaand yep, after some charging, he does.

    well fuck

    man i was fucking right to judge you, good god

    But it turns out Goku's not dead! Yajirobe takes him to water and then flies off with him in towards Karin's place.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the gang has found a fifth ball when they notice that the other two are now together and coming towards them, oops.

    Ch 145

    Looks like the plan is to try to engage King Piccolo and hope they can get their hands on the other two and make a wish before King Piccolo can. Roshi takes off his glasses so you know it's serious.

    They come up with a plan and bury the dragon balls and hide.


    this is the worst thing i've ever seen. how is his tongue so long. he's going to damage his esophagus by swallowing those dry. although maybe not, he fucking coughed up an egg roughly the size of a large turkey earlier so. in any case i don't like it

    what an exclamation

    this is a bad situation! But now there's no choice but to fight. Tien wants to, but Roshi sprays him with sleeping gas because he doesn't want him to die. Then he challenges King Piccolo, who jumps down and is happy to fight.

    Ch 146


    Roshi has a brand-new MRC!! King Piccolo is shocked. (He exploded the old one by glaring at it, why not do that to this one too?)

    But apparently this does not occur to him, because he tries to escape instead and Roshi uses the mafuba technique.

    but he misses the MRC


    Roshi collapses after using it, and King Piccolo's fine. He summons the dragon balls out of the ground where they were buried and we get a bit of a cliffhanger.

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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 147 I hadn't considered the possibility that Roshi might actually have died but I guess I have to face that it might be the case

    Welp. King Piccolo has all the dragon balls. Been a while since we saw them all together. Seems like they still work because K. Piccolo is able to summon Shenron/Shenlon/Shenlong/whatever the romanization of the day is.

    good plan, but i doubt that that trick's gonna work again

    yeah, it didn't work.

    still very unappealing! can't wait for "my" piccolo. Impressive cheekbones though...

    Meanwhile, Goku and Yajirobe have reached Karin Tower. I wonder if Yajirobe's gonna have to climb it?

    Ch 148

    Pilaf and his followers and the pterodactyl (?) servant are ecstatic about King Piccolo's new young body. Shenlon's in a hurry but King Piccolo has other plans for him.


    Aaaand he exploded Shenlon. This is a bad scene, man. King Piccolo's off to the actual king's palace, presumably to overthrow him.

    no one could have seen this particular outcome

    you have a surprising amount of faith in a person who was only going to bury you because he didn't think you'd be good to eat

    OH! Yeah, I guess Yajirobe would be interested in senzus. Food seems to be his main motivating factor.

    Ch 149

    Upa's dad just chucks Yajirobe and Goku partway up the tower and unfortunately we have to see more loincloth. I know it won't happen but I still pray for pants.

    Ignoring the grammatical error.... I just found this panel amusing for some reason? I can't really put it into concrete terms.


    Goku and Yajirobe scale the tower, K. Piccolo continues his slow and inexorable destructive path into the castle... if the timing is to be believed, both reach their destinations at the same time

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    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 150 ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

    K. Piccolo continues his quest to actually get the title I've given him to distinguish him from "my" Piccolo and destroys a city to convince the current king to basically abdicate.

    Karin admiring Yajirobe's inexplicable strength.

    gonna be so full for like a year dude

    Karin gives us confirmation that Roshi was killed, and that there's nothing left that he can teach Goku in the way of fighting. Goku, reinvigorated after eating a senzu, is ready to run off and challenge K. Piccolo again, but Karin has another suggestion.

    Okay, let's try to figure this out. I know the second two kanji already (god and water), and the first one... is apparently "super". So, basically, super god water. Some sort of heavenly elixer?

    Ch 151


    Not too shabby a job at translation! I suppose "super god water" isn't quite as elegant as their transliteration, but the essential meaning's there.

    But apparently it's a pretty risky proposal, because it's a poison unless you're physically and mentally strong enough to withstand it.

    Karin looks very sad and cute in this panel. :<

    Karin pours a cup of it for Goku, who drinks it all (after Yajirobe tastes a tiny bit and gets sick). It's not looking great for him. Meanwhile, it seems that Tien is practicing the mafuba and keeps missing the MRC.

    :( put them in stasis capsules too. also, please put Chiaotzu's hat back on.

    wow I was expecting this to take a while but in just the course of a night Goku survives the choshinsui and has some power unlocked and Tien seems to have gotten better at the mafuba technique and can now hit the MRC. I guess we're going to have an attack from two directions.

    a cute goku i just wanted to share.

    Ch 152

    The people staying at the Kame House get the bad news, first from Tien on the phone/radio/whatever and then from the TV.

    King Piccolo Daimaou is a bit redundant - the "ou" in daimaou is already king. King Piccolo Great Demon King. * shrugs *

    There are some serious issues with this translation, beyond the occasional grammatical error. Which is a bit disappointing, even if I know I couldn't do better (my Japanese knowledge is very spotty, despite having taken classes for three years....)


    it's a whole herd of kinto'uns! So many of them! Do they just float around in a mass like that when they're not carrying worth people around? Man, it would be fun to ride on a big mass of them. Probably comfortable.

    another cute Goku.

    I guess this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship (?) between Yajirobe and Karin, because if I remember correctly Yajirobe's often just kinda hanging out with Karin. Maybe he just wants to eat senzus.

    King Piccolo has some weird ideas about what makes a good governing structure, but I don't think he'll actually last long as an actual king, so I doubt his dumb policies will change much.
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  18. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 153 I wonder what parameters Goku used to choose his new Kinto'un.

    King Piccolo has more bad ideas about ruling and decides to destroy one of the regions of the world, and it just so happens to be the one that Bulma's parents are in. Tien is already on the way to try out his new mafuba skills, and Yamcha's leaving too, because he can't sit around and do nothing while all of this is going on.

    Goku is also on the move.

    heck! it's no longer a nice, new, shiny MRC; it's a hard-used MCR. A vessel with a huge hole in it probably won't hold someone very well. I wonder what Tien will do.

    I guess he'll decide that he can win without the MCR/mafuba.

    Dragon ball was a mistake

    The new Piccolo creation is named Drum, so we're three for three on percussive names.

    Ch 154

    Tien's got to fight the newest King Piccolo creation and Goku's on his way. Drum seems to be quite strong and Tien's struggling. Luckily we're not stuck in a long waiting-for-Goku (heh) pattern, because he shows up just in time to be a fuckin' hero and save Tien's life!

    this goku's not gonna take any shit

    yep, not taking any shit.

    Ch 155

    whoops he grew an extra finger


    heck yeah goku is one badass mf

    ARCHITECTURAL DAMAGE ON A LARGER SCALE! Can't wait till the battles start reshaping the landscape (i mean.. ... ... besides the destruction of the moon)

    The rest of the chapter is more fighting and King Piccolo being frankly astounded that Goku is able to endure his attacks. How many more chapters will you actually be around? I feel like we could have a stalemate for a while and things could really drag on, or we could get a quick end to King Piccolo. or something else altogether. That's always a possibility.
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  19. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 156 let's get rid of old piccolo soon so that new piccolo can get created!!


    the size differences in this series sometimes are just incredible

    I think Goku might sometimes have a bit of an advantage, being so small compared to a lot of his opponents. Obviously there's the reach issue, but he's so much smaller a target as compared to... all of the big dudes he fights, who just have more surface area to hit.

    how does anyone know this shit?

    you too???

    Realtalk: what's the point of holding back? besides dramatic tension. Like, I suppose it's better if you can defeat someone without exerting so much effort, but did you really think you'd just come by and steamroll King Piccolo (who has been variously called "invincible", "the strongest", and similar things) without really making much of an effort? If there's no penalty to it, then why not just start out at the strongest level?

    Maybe next chapter we'll see full strength battle.

    Ch 157


    my reaction whenever anyone gets hit in this series

    kamehameha manipulation

    * many pages of exchanging blows with no clear indication of who's ahead *

    Ch 158


    More eyelasers! But, as a person with knee pain every day, it pains me to see someone get hurt in the knee area. This panel made me kinda curl up and shrivel away.

    Been a while since we saw Bo in action.

    Even though I know.... I'm still usually like "???" whenever anyone calls him anything but Goku. Happens a lot with Bulma because of things like this.

    King Piccolo is fuckin pissed about Goku and

    catches fire.

    He shoots the bo out of Goku's hands and then uses a huge beam attack on the mobility-impaired Goku.
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  20. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Ch 159 the thrilling conclusion (?)

    Beam attack had an effect like some kind of small nuclear bomb.

    well, I guess I was talking about landscape-altering attacks...

    Heck yeah Tien! (it's... kinda hard to believe that they'll be roughly the same size at some point right now)

    Unfortunately, floating has drained the last of Tien's energy and Goku's still having a bad time with that leg injury. King Piccolo drops his guard to use another attack, and Goku seizes his chance... but with the injury, the attack doesn't have enough force behind it to finish of K. P. Who then takes the opportunity to use another beam-type attack.

    didn't know you could do that!


    Goku's ready to finish the fight, but K. Piccolo takes Tien hostage and I think this is the first time we've seen Tien's third eye close? WHICH MEANS it must have some sort of eyelid/covering!!

    Ch 160

    Poor Tien tells Goku to just finish off K. Piccolo anyway, but Goku doesn't. ;.; he's a good kid. (although he must be, what, at least 15 at this point? Somewhere around there anyway. Not really a kid anymore, but his stature is awfully misleading.)

    A little too late, Goku comes to the conclusion that if he doesn't do something, everyone's gonna die anyway. Besides, even if Tien dies, he can just be resurrected using the dragon balls!

    well shit.

    come on not the other knee too D:

    That's the spirit! But what are you gonna do with it?

    What he does is a one-armed beam attack straight down, so he goes flying up towards King Piccolo (who had risen up in order to do, probably, one of those devastating drop-type finishing moves). Now it's a test of strength: Goku's "all strength in one arm" punch vs. King Piccolo trying to block!

    Ch 161


    Welp. Welp. When you just punch straight through someone's chest, usually that means that they're defeated. But not always! Let's see what happens. (Also, poor Goku, all covered in that nasty purple blood.)

    King Piccolo coughs up a final egg and it goes flying off and then he explodes spectacularly.


    Yajirobe takes off with Goku in his cool car (the start of his long and illustrious career as a courier) and Tien wants to get back to the Kame House. He grabs the bo which was forgotten, and Bulma, Yamcha, and Lunch show up to help him out. A little late to do any thing about Piccolo, but that's fine, Goku had it on lockdown.

    MY BOY!!!!!! this is a moment i will treasure forever.
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