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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by doro, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. doro

    doro Collector of Unfortunate Sexualities

    It's really easy to be down on self-insert fics/art/ships/etc. because so many young folks do it, but honestly, self-insert stuff is really fun? And the fact that so many young people's first foray into shipping is with self-insert stuff is even more of a reason to not rag on it. (Though I'm totally game for a laugh or two at the My Immortals out there.)

    So here is where y'all can share about any adorable self-insert ships you have. I'm working on some art for my ships right now, but it doesn't matter if it's an artwork, fic, or just some musings off the top of your head. Gush all you want ^^ No shame, just shipping
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  2. doro

    doro Collector of Unfortunate Sexualities

    Think two characters are incredibly hot and lovely? Are the two characters already married? To each other?? Can't choose between them??? ......porque no los dos?

    And so have some art I did of Yuuri/Me/Victor ^^ I'm really happy with how cute it ended up (even though I don't quite look like me...that might be for the best <:3c )

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  3. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    I always liked reading people's self insert fics way more than reading more "acceptable" canon oriented fic
    (I also MAAAAAY be on and off writing a self insert magic the gathering fanfic, for reasons.)
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  4. doro

    doro Collector of Unfortunate Sexualities

    Cool. I don't know shit about Magic the Gathering, but I'm honestly doing the same. Tho I never end up posting any of my fics. I'm hoping I'll be able to muster up the gumption to post this one however. It'll still be me/victuri.

    Wanna talk about your fanfic? :3
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  5. Lazarae

    Lazarae You won't be the death of me

    I keep an ongoing pretty-much-self-insert-but-not-because-identity-issues fic going in my head like 98% of the time. I just don't talk about it or write it down because embarrassing as fuck, but I like going "what would a character-much-like-me be like in this world? How would it interact with canon characters?" and it gives me something to focus on because my head is never quiet, but sometimes I just want to bang concepts together and if I'm attempting original stuff I'm likely to end up getting distracted by worldbuilding >>;
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  6. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    I'm definitely never gonna post any of it either, or at least not without some heavy revision.
    Yes. Yes always.
    SO BASICALLY. In magic the gathering, there are powerful mages called planeswalkers, who can travel between dimensions (called planes) and awoke this power due to severe trauma. The card game itself is ACTUALLY ONE HUGE SELF INSERT FIC ALREADY, because you're supposed to build decks and play the games as if you were actually a character casting spells. But no one does that, sadly, because elitist nerd boys.
    So, basically, me and my boyfriend started off discussing what planes we'd be from, and it spiraled into a whole fanfic, involving things like his favorite character getting a redemption arc, me being super awkward and shy and unable to talk to mine because OH MY GOD SHE'S SO COOL, him getting killed and me murdereing a god and sending an entire plane into chaos to get him back, me having repressesed fire magic, and lots of dorky interactions with actual characters, because the actual characters are honestly huge dorks half the time. Oh, and me getting stuck babysitting. That is also a plot point.

    I do that all the time. It's easier for me to deal with problems by thinking of myself as a character, i think.
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  7. shmeed

    shmeed plant me

    i kinda dated erwin smith in my mind for a while, sometimes together with levi but it was usually just me and erwin
    that was nice and it was very much what i needed at the time
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  8. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    My City of Heroes main, Silver Gale, is a magical storm-using superheroine. I like to imagine her in the MCU, helping solve problems with her knowledge of how those same problems were already solved in her universe, and basically falling into spades with Tony (with Pepper's understanding and support).
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  9. Meagen Image

    Meagen Image Well-Known Member

    Okay here's a scene I really like. I dunno if I'll ever write more of this.

    The new girl followed Tony down to his workshop. He was ready to shoot down any attempts at friendly conversation, but she stymied him by not making any. Instead, she sat down on thin air, stretched out comfortably, and hovered up to about two thirds of the room's height. From this vantage point, she looked around the room with the uncomprehending but delighted expression of a tourist at a suitably exotic marketplace.

    Tony scowled to himself as he began dismantling the casing on a burned-out beam projector. He wasn't going to be the first to say something. She wasn't asking questions or touching anything. She was just floating there, annoying but not intrusive. If she tried to mess with anything, he could throw her out.

    Of course, she had placed herself directly behind his back, meaning he'd have to constantly look away from his work to keep an eye on her. Or so she must've thought. Tony called up a small display next to him, and put the view from one of the internal cameras there. It had to be turned up as far as it could go to keep her in frame, but now he could see her every move. Tony grinned to himself and began peeling away some burnt wiring.

    Three minutes and twenty-two seconds later, he'd exposed an intact part of the mechanism, and she still hadn't moved. Tony turned around to glance at her. She was, apparently, still busy admiring the view of his many half-finished projects and shelved experiments. "Don't you have something better to do?" he wondered aloud, in his best ascerbic-yet-dismissive tone.

    She looked over at him with mild surprise, as if she'd forgotten he was there. "Don't you?" she asked, with perfect sincerity. He looked back down at his work without another word.

    The projector didn't really *need* salvaging. There wasn't anything in there of which he hadn't already made at least three better versions. He wasn't learning anything new about the design or the way it failed. It was just... something to keep him occupied. He began peeling the next part out of the casing with slightly more force than strictly necessary.

    "Oh hey, what's this thing?" she asked suddenly, floating across the room and coming to a stop in front of a storage shelf at the far wall.

    Tony spared one glance at it as he flicked through the cameras on his display to find one that could see her. She was pointing at an oblong piece of metal, smoothly curved on one end and stopping at a jagged edge on the other. "Junk", he answered.

    "I can see *that*." She stretched out her hand towards the shelf.

    "Don't touch it!" Tony snapped. He immediately chided himself for giving her such a perfect setup for a 'touching his junk' line.

    But instead of taking it, she merely smiled at him. Her hand stopped where it was, but a slight blue glow enveloped the metal object, and it lifted up from its position and flew to hover between her outstretched hands. She turned around to face him, sitting cross-legged in the air. "Where'd you get this?"

    "Germany", he answered her question again with the shortest and least helpful answer he could think of. "Put it *back*."

    "Ah", she said with a satisfaction that made him pause, "I *thought* this wasn't one of your designs." He snorted in annoyance. She turned her right hand palm-up and the metal obligingly floated to a vertical position, then began to rotate in place. "If I had to guess, I'd say this is part of a trashed robot. I can tell from some of the crush marks, and from having seen many a trashed evil robot in my time."

    He closed his mouth in the middle of an attempt to interrupt her. He could *not* believe he had been memed on. He was the one who memed on others.

    She went on, "If you're keeping a piece of it in your lab, then it probably had some sort of system on-board that you wanted to analyze, and this is the biggest piece you could salvage. It's likely Thor was the one to kill it, he's the type to only leave small bits. And if it's still on the storage shelf and not on the scrap pile, it means you haven't managed to crack it yet..." She paused to give him a gauging look, then finished, "you'd tell me if I was wrong, so I must be pretty close."

    Tony kept his cool. He didn't even bother to note that it had been an armored suit, not a robot. "That's a brilliant deduction, Holmes, now put that back *exactly* how it was and get out of my workshop."

    She smiled with genuine delight. "Thank you! I thought it was pretty good too!" The metal armoring floated to be vertical between her hands again, and slowed to a halt. "You know, something interesting about magic is that with sufficient skill and affinity for an element, you can reverse entropy within its sphere of influence." Tony was about to restate his demand, but she cut him off: "A really good fire mage can *un-burn* things. A really good water mage can *un-dilute* things. Me? I can do this."

    The glow intensified, and little bolts of electric discharge began to dance over the surface of the metal. Tony reached out with an alarmed cry - how was this in any way *not touching* or *putting it back*?! But then the armor plating turned over again, showing a web of glowing circuitry on the inside, which was... straightening and re-connecting itself as he watched. In a few seconds, the electricity flickered away, and the piece of metal returned to its previous state. All the dents and cracks were still there... but all the electric circuitry inside was fully repaired.

    Megan dropped and landed smoothly in a standing position, still smiling. "There you go, you should be able to take it from here." With a little gesture from her, the piece of armor gently hovered towards Tony. He caught it by reflex, and felt its usual weight return as the blue glow faded. "You've got dinner with your girlfriend at 8, if you're not done by then I'll come get you." She walked out of the lab, casually waving goodbye. At the door, she stopped and looked back at him. "Oh, and Tony- sorry for messing with your junk." With a grin, she was gone.

    (the full version is not just scenes of my character being cool obviously, Tony gets back at her too.)
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  10. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    I haven't exactly shipped a self-insert of mine with any character other than someone else's self-insert since I was eight, but I did have an amusing mental image of my SI having hatesex with characters who don't approve of who I do ship them with.
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  11. HonestlyVan

    HonestlyVan a very funny person who never tells jokes

    I've done self-insert shipping for exactly one fandom in my life but doing it made me realise how much I actually enjoy it when someone just. Makes themselves as an OC. And just makes some of that good kissing action happen.

    Do y'all think of "reader insert" as a separate category from self-insert, though? Like, I tend to fall on the side of "yes", but I feel like a lot of what would have been desk-drawer self-insert stuff in the past comes out as reader-insert in the present considering how much activity the tag sees on Tumblr and Ao3
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