shitposting rave 3: Dawn of the third rave

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by the fourth wall, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. the fourth wall

    the fourth wall had a really good time last night


    Rules still being revised, look to this post again in the near future.


    - You control your character(s) and no one else's.

    - Staying in-character is optional.

    - The setting is extremely malleable, make props and settings as you like.

    - Please keep this thread SFW re: sex stuff and minors. Fade consensual sex to black, no depiction of noncon sexual acts, not even unwanted shoulder massages: do not be a Cronus.

    - We've got an ooc thread now! You can use it to let people know that you would like something spoiler-hidden, coordinate fights, and such.

    - Please do not eat the mis!
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  2. this is not a subaccount

    this is not a subaccount Active Member

    /smashes a bottle against the side of the thread
  3. Seagull

    Seagull bird


    it's lookin kinda empty in this place. inasmuch as this place. looks like anything. is anyone here. will anyone give me a snack
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  4. Anhelia Aescar

    Anhelia Aescar Life after death is harder than it looks

    It is, indeed, rather threadbare, though I'm not sure if an air rat improves the ambience any.
  5. Seagull

    Seagull bird

    wow. do you always insult new acquaintances. or am I just special

    also. do you have a snack
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  6. A Mi

    A Mi smol, NS

    -they chase it, mi-ing delightedly-

    Mi! -it sniffs around the hand, then climbs his arm- Mis is a mi of adventure!
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  7. Anhelia Aescar

    Anhelia Aescar Life after death is harder than it looks

    I've met many of your kind before. Not you specifically.

    And no, alas. I don't eat very often. Oh, here's a peanut, not sure how it got in my pocket. *tosses it to the seagull*
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  8. Seagull

    Seagull bird

    I was gonna launch into a lecture. about stereotypes. and prejudice. but it turns out you're alright

    *VICTORIOUS SCREECH* thanks you're a real pal *snatches peanut and devours it a safe distance away*
  9. Ulien Helbon

    Ulien Helbon Ain't my fault

    Yes you are, precious li'l fluff, lookitchu go! [He's careful to keep his arm still, not wanting to dislodge the mi or pinch its tiny paws.]
  10. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)


    -She silently blows a noisemaker.-
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  11. Mister Simon Schuyler

    Mister Simon Schuyler Her Majesty's Agent, Recently Expired | 18+

    A gentleman drops from the ceiling and falls onto the floor in a wet heap-
    "Ah. This again."
    Simon merely turns around so that he is lying on his back in a puddle of river water.
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  12. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    What happened to you?

    -She picks him up.-
  13. Anhelia Aescar

    Anhelia Aescar Life after death is harder than it looks

    *looks at the new arrival*

    You seem remarkably calm about crashing to the floor in a heap, Sir. Are you used to such occurrence?
  14. Lumipyry

    Lumipyry Gobano Eluvei, Seer of Hope [18+]

    And thus, the curtains rise anew
    Come join us in our effervescent play
    Both you who visit and you who stay
    And those still planning to receive their due!
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  15. Valiska Pines

    Valiska Pines [WT/18+] Witch of Blood Queen Courinna

    Valiska glances at the mi on Schuyler's shoe. "We have cream too, and we are in Dimension 52. Although we also have thylacines and huskies and a serval. But they are all nice."
  16. Stentato of Devisiun

    Stentato of Devisiun NO INDOOR VOICE (18+)

    -Stentato, still 12' tall, gently bops Lacuna's head.-

    Put 'im down, 'Cuna. No, I didn't mean lift 'im up to show me. Lacuna.
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  17. Mister Simon Schuyler

    Mister Simon Schuyler Her Majesty's Agent, Recently Expired | 18+

    He twitches with his fingers, producing a small bowl of cream.
    "My own inadequacies aside, my friends shall not lack such simple things as cream. Do enjoy."
    He remains lying on his back blinking up at Ford with the face of a man wrecked by tragedy.
    "I see. How inconvenient. I had hoped I could at least distract my beloved Mistress so she does not immediately take up arms, against me or against Samael. And well, seeing aas it was him who accidentally murdered me, while we were trying to conduct business with eachother, I had quite hoped I could relief him of his guilt."
    A weak smile crosses his features as he sits up at last.
    "And yes I am quite aware. Our father had a peculiar sense of humor. He tends to gamble on people mishearing it for Samuel last I heard."
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  18. Seagull

    Seagull bird

    *the seagull's amorphous, poorly defined location allows it to catch a glimpse of the large blue robot. it flaps its way up to the top of the robot's head, where it circles with curiosity and all the common sense god gave a rock*

    hey. hey you. what the fuck are you dude. you're real big. mind if I touch down here for a second

    *it does not wait for permission, and sits its feathery ass down on @Stentato of Devisiun 's helm*

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  19. vitrifiedVadelect

    vitrifiedVadelect Thames Tremel

    -A skinny troll boy with candy red psionic eyes seems to unfold into existence. He yawns and looks about with mild surprise at the sopping wet (and smelly) @Mister Simon Schuyler.-
    Crimeny, ma7e, what happened 7o you?
  20. A Mi

    A Mi smol, NS

    The mi makes it´s way up to his shoulder. It sticks it´s tiny face in the crack between two plates to peer at the internals-
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