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Discussion in 'Brainbent' started by mcsiggy, Mar 1, 2017.

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    It’s still not showing for me but it might be my connection, I’ll try again later! And any time <3
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    fuuuuck beek
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  3. mcsiggy

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    i'm absolutely hating myself so much, i'm upset my friends got together, not at them, but at MYSELF for BEING upset, cuz iguess, idk, it's a mild change for me?? but i guess i had a mild crush on both of them, but it was so passive that i either never did have one, out of confusion for being so touch starved, and or i have the worst time knowing how to handle specific feelings now that isn't romantic.

    and it,, i guess reminded me that i'm a total failure at romantic relationships. i never know what to do in them, i dont know how to really communicate i think?? i dont know, i'm afraid of showing TOO MUCH affection where it can come off as so little affection. im, i hate myself SO much for being like this, upset, all the damn time cuz all around, no matter what i do or how i do things, i just feel like a complete failure.

    i just, i really want to die, it's too much for me, but im so scared to even attempt anything, it feels like so much is crashing down on me all at once, between health and money issues in my family, to me being removed from a whole community, and me being upset at myself for having the inability to fucking grow up and be an adult.
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  4. mcsiggy

    mcsiggy Is actually a small floof ball on top of a cow

    i wish i just got the stupid virus so i can finally die w/o me doing it myself. i'm almost 26, i can't drive, i don't have a job job, i do nothing but sit at home trying to draw but i dont bring any substance ever, everything i do is just useless garbage, just like me.
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  5. mcsiggy

    mcsiggy Is actually a small floof ball on top of a cow

    Abandonment is very apparent in my fears
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  6. mcsiggy

    mcsiggy Is actually a small floof ball on top of a cow

    I think the 'me being removed from a whole community' thing really has effected me more than I assumed, i'm just, irrationally angry and just, not wanting to talk to anyone who even stayed around to talk to me, but is still /there/ cuz theyre too afraid to even interact with me outside of dms. like am i being irrational? maybe, but im also just, hurt, entirely.

    the fact that no one but a few believed me, but still unfollowed me cuz theyre afraid of being accused via association. just, it's upsetting. i can't even enjoy the stupid fucking game anymore cuz of how the whole community tainted it for me. im still playing the game passively when i can but i'm just, upset. i kind of wish i said something, told them to shut up but, i know that'd bring in so much more problems than what came out.

    i just hate being a stupid helpless person all the time, i wish i can stand up for myself but it's hard. it's so so hard.
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  7. mcsiggy

    mcsiggy Is actually a small floof ball on top of a cow

    Am I petty for wanting to join an open art summer WoW event despite there are people who got me thrown out of the wow community and will most likely spread misinfo about me?

    maybe, i know if i actively ignore them they won't do anything to me, especially since, again, its an open art event.

    but,, im also afraid and just, i feel like this will be something that happens to me because i disagree with so many of them over them thinking cartoons are on the same level as real people. idk why it's a hot take to say real people 100% matter more than cartoons.

    like lmao they throw a fit over porn of a character but will 100% not care on harassing and witch hunting bipoc queer people away because of a simple disagreement.
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  8. mcsiggy

    mcsiggy Is actually a small floof ball on top of a cow

    i was kicked 2 minutes after joining the discord, at least i have Drone season to look forward to i guess.
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