sorry i don't make the rules: ridiculous/lighthearted headcanons

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by furrylatula, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. if Diegetic Respawn Mechanics are a thing then every single one of the TF2 mercs can and has eaten something they're lethally allergic to just to satisfy their curiosity

    Soldier and Demoman do basically this, they'll eat something toxic or that they're allergic to and race to die and respawn the fastest. loser buys the winner a case of beer, probably.

    Meanwhile Scout is constantly eating foods that trigger his allergies, or is past its sell-by date, or has been on the floor for god knows how long (his household doesn't observe the five-second rule in the worst way possible) on the grounds that it "builds up your immunity." Medic has long since given up trying to correct him and as long as respawn stays ahead of it he doesn't consider it his problem.

    Spy and Sniper think this is all a bunch of Juvenile Horseshit and refuse to participate. Instead they play Fugu Roulette, like civilized men.
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