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  1. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    Hiya! This is where you can post all relevant information for your character/sona in kintsugi rp.

    Format your post however you like, and post any information you think would be relevant to others!

    I will make a post for Void in a bit!

    If you don't know what kind of stuff to post, maybe do name, age, pronouns, species, appearance, and a bit of history and personality.

    Have fun guys!
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  2. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    Name: Kite
    Age: Unknown, has travelled a fair amount of planets and space so it's not easily calculated either
    Species: Unknown / Cyborg
    Origin: A place that connects to the Night Forest, and, via NF, in close proximity to the city of Qhor. The planet is somewhere far, far away, and not on any maps. Kite is quite lost.
    Abilities: Via the assortment of jacks it can connect to just about any hardware, and can connect to WiFi via the artifical horns (and operates its additional limbs via them). Library stuff (indexing, researching, filtering, databases, .... contrary to rumors, it does not actually know everything, just knows where and how to look), knows its way around computers, basic programming skills, couple of languages, was an assistant helmsman at some point (as in, some subroutines were outsourced to its brainpower), its top pair of eyes sees a different spectrum (polarized light, possibly some additional colours, heat, probably ghosts, maybe energy in general)
    Possessions of interest: A skirt made out of pockets, filled with a lot of different things you could end up needing at some point. An ornate, tarnished, old-fashioned key. A pair of artificial horns that can do a variety of things. A pair of artificial, floating arms which connect to the horns via bluetooth or something.
    Character: Helpful, semi-organized (read: apparently some sort of system, but none you can discern. looks unorganized, but Kite knows exactly where the thing is it's looking for), takes most things in stride, tries to make the best out of every situation. Dislikes violence, but will take it out on you if you refuse to come to your senses and instead force it to battle you. Sneaky. Has trouble giving people space and not mothering them.
    Gender & Pronouns: Prefers to go by "it", but any except nounself are fine, really. Some sort of natural agender/asex, pertaining to its species. Kite has not disclosed said information to me.
    Sexuality: Not xenophile, but digs the aesthetics of other species.
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  3. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Name: Cody
    Age ????
    Species: Cat/human cocktail. Might be an android
    Origin: Mad Science!tm. A fluffy anthropomorphic cat occured.
    Abilities: Purring? Sorting stuff. Making tea strong enough to summon a small elder god. Talking to AIs. Talking to cats.
    Purrsonality: Kinda standoffish at first, warms up in time. Generally cuddly.
    Gendernouns: Gender is ???? Purrnouns They/...
    Sexuality: ???
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  4. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Name: Em
    Age: yet another idk, looks somewhere in late teens.
    Species: ghostly and ambiguously human
    Origins: Good question!
    Abilities: reads very fast, makes good coffee,somehow doesn't overheat despite always wearing sweaters, can and will sleep almost anywhere. Always is surrounded by large amounts of mice, and can communicate with said mice. Apparently has some sort of Offscreen Teleportation thing going on, and tends to just sorta pop out of nowhere.
    Personality: Friendly, cheerful. Likes chatting, cuddling, books, and fluffy things. Kinda absentminded and prone to losing things. Fortunately, the mice are apparently good at finding things.
    Gender/Pronouns: Goes by they
    Sexuality: Asexual and Biromantic
    Description: Long dark hair, generally braided. Has bangs that are a bit overgrown. Short and skinny, always wearing massive sweaters that kinda swallow them up. Very pale and looks permanently exhausted, which is funny since they're often found napping in random places. Fairly androgynous, doesn't care enough to correct people if they make assumptions.
    (I knew I forgot something! Have a description)
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  5. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    Name: answers to Kay.
    Age: looks like she's in her mid- to late 20s, maybe a shade older?
    Species: looks pretty human. this is perhaps belied by the fact that she can apparently communicate with anyone from anywhere if you ask for her.
    Origins: she's just kind of always been there.
    Abilities: decent voice. damn good baker. throws bitchin' parties.
    Personality: friendly! ...very friendly.
    Gender: looks like a she, answers to she/her.
    Sexuality: community radio host.
    Description: nice hair, kinda long-ish, straight. longer in the front than in the back. height? well, the grand majority of humanoids find themselves looking up to meet her eyes, regardless of their own height - but only slightly. pale green eyes, very pale skin. wears red lipstick and small stud earrings of some indeterminate clear and sparkling stone set in a white-silvery metal. tends to wear slacks in neutral colours, t-shirts in light colours, and collared shirts, open, in dark colours. has a small pendant that matches her earrings, and a similar bracelet (left wrist) and ring (third finger, right hand). smart leather shoes with square toes that never seem to need polishing. excellent- no, perfect teeth.

    Kay is an upstanding member of the Kintsugi community. She works hard to get the Kintsugi Community Radio broadcast on the air every week [writer's note: HA], as well as curating several cooking, baking, and music blogs. She lives in the quiet Som√ęta neighbourhood, in a front-facing apartment in a three-story low-rise. She lives alone but has a cat, who lives at the radio station.
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  6. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Name: Has only ever answered to Mirrors as long as anyone's ever known them
    Age: Looks twenties. Allows everyone to assume this. If questioned, refuses to give any kind of proper answer.
    Species: Still probably mostly human, panther ears/tail and funny eyes notwithstanding. Just pretty soaked in magic at this point.
    Origin: Walked through a mirror into the colony one day from god knows where, stating their intention to get some goddamn peace and quiet. From what they'd said it's fair to guess they'd been around the Tumblr lands and not enjoyed it much. Where they originated is anyone's guess- they, like Kite, seem a bit lost, like they probably can't get back there wherever it is.
    Abilities: Can communicate and travel through mirrors and reflective surfaces. Can allow others to communicate through mirrors but not travel unless the other person is touching them directly. Looking into their eyes for too long shows you your true nature. Really fucking good at longsword fighting.
    Personality: Friendly but fond of humour and rather self-centered so prone to doing things that are funny to them but not always to other people. Does, however, respond well to being told not to do so provided it's done in a non-assholeish way; seems mostly to consider that this is a nice enough place that it's a Good Thing to keep on everyone's good side. Enjoys being helpful but enjoys it even more if bribed to do things. Tendency to sarcasm. Likes hugs, but is rather picky about who with.
    Gender: On the female side of androgynous but has refused to give a straight answer to the question, and answers to 'they' so that's what everyone uses.
    Sexuality: Double entendres
    Description: I love this picture by @sicknastyspades so much so here have it again:
    Yes the lollipop and the headset are permanent fixtures. Nobody actually knows if that headset is covering a pair of human ears or not but they don't seem to have anything of the like by the panther ears. Said panther ears and tail are a good way of telling their emotions, btw.
    Always has at least three mirrors on them at all times.
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  7. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    @TwoBrokenMirrors the last sentence there reminds me of the line from homestuck about always carrying a lot of computers around "like a sensible person" or something.
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  8. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Pretty sure that's exactly how they think of it. xP
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  9. Snitchanon

    Snitchanon What's a mod to a nonbeliever.

    Name: Snitch(anon)
    Age unknowably ancient, possibly contemporary with the scary Kintsugi megastructures and their builders.
    Species: Unknown (tentacle beast)
    Origin: Dug up near the settlement. Subdued with a solid-slug railgun normally used for breaching the shields of starships. Decided to be friends.
    Abilities: Omnivorous like a furnace, extremely hardy, can survive in vacuum, horrifying regenerative speed, lots of tentacles. Also knows a bunch of half-remembered stuff about the purposes of the weird tech of Kintsugi.
    Personality: A big fan of puns, being overly mysterious, discovery and Finding Out How Things Work, to the point of obsession.
    Gender: Uh...
    Sexuality: Hmm...
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  10. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    name: jesse garnet (irl garnet's my middle name not my last but what the hey)
    age: 40-ish but looks maybe 30.
    species: human. just regular unaltered original-flavor human.
    origin: over the course of his life he's applied so much technology to himself to correct various medical problems that he ended up being kind of superpowered. the regeneration nanites are probably mostly to blame, but the robot arm is ridiculously strong too. he used to need glasses, and that was annoying, so he did a thing to his eyes... and well, if you're messing with your eyes anyway, why not give yourself infrared and ultraviolet vision while you're at it?
    abilities: absurdly tough, strong, and fast for a human. nothing compared to some of the other folks around here, but at least they don't have to be super careful with him. good at robots. good at farming. better at fighting than he likes to let on, and has some very serious weaponry in a locked cabinet in his house. can drive or pilot just about anything, from a tractor to a starfighter, and is no more interested in talking about where he got those skills than he is in discussing the locked cabinet or how he lost his arm. he will, however, lead the occasional martial arts class in the interests of grace, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
    gender: male.
    sexuality: mostly attracted to male humans, pinged by the occasional female human, androgyne, or android -- but all that's academic because at this point he's essentially seebs-sexual and seebs-romantic.
    appearance: medium height, stocky and muscular, a bit shaggy and scruffy. a mixture of various human phenotypes, looks kind of highland-asian -- kazakh? -- but that might just be coincidentally because there's a little of everything in there. greenish eyes, friendly smile, very upright and straightforward posture.
    personality: laid-back, gentle, a little bit sardonic. prefers understatement to hyperbole. reacts to nearly all problems or upsets by rolling up his sleeves and diving in to try to solve it. not so great at non-problem-solving sympathy, but will offer hot drinks and awkward back pats anyway. very difficult to offend and impossible to embarrass. weirdly protective of seebs; i say 'weirdly' because seebs is either an AI or an angel or possibly both, and thus immortal and immune to insults, but jesse can't help giving a stern talking-to and possibly a whup upside the head to anyone that gives seebs grief. it's a husband thing.

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  11. Acey

    Acey time has the power to bind us too close


    Name: Goes by Acey; she's cagey about her given name and changes her answer every time she's asked.
    Age: Uncertain. Likely somewhere in the equivalent of her early twenties, but she's an alien so who even knows.
    Species: Rad alien cyborg from who the fuck knows where. Relatively humanoid.
    Origins: Got bored at some point in her life and traveled the universe for a bit. Kintsugi was supposed to just be crash space for a night. One night turned into one week, which turned into one month, which turned into a few years; she has since decided to stay.
    Abilities: Has robot parts that can do cool robot things. Can kind of draw. Can kind of write. Pretty good at puzzles and coming up with cool ideas.
    Personality: Friendly and outgoing much of the time, but often needs time to herself. Gets angry and/or sad very easily. Has a lot of feelings and cries a lot. Fond of all forms of art. Highly intelligent in theory; kind of a derp in practice. A bit of a troll at times.
    Gender: Female, she/her.
    Sexuality: #heyladies
    Physical Description: Short and tiny. Her skin is light blue, and has several markings on it; she refuses to say whether or not they're natural or if they're tattoos, and, as with her name, never gives the same answer twice. Her hair is short and choppy, and while it's naturally pure white (as evidenced by her roots), she dyes it frequently--it's currently pale purple. She has a pair of black ram-like horns growing from her head. Due to being incredibly clumsy and having been in several dangerous situations, a good chunk of her body, including both arms and both eyes, is robotic; her eyes are pure white and glow in the dark (even when she doesn't want them to), and most of her metallic bits are made of silvery-blue metal. (Drawing incoming.)
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  12. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    Name: Bel Capricorn, goes by Bel
    Age: well technically he was a star demon so really fucking old, but this form is less than a year old. appears teenaged.
    Species: that's a difficult question.
    Origin: was a star demon. said, fuck this, i want to be able to hug people. took a humanoid form. came to kintsugi
    Abilities: can solar power things. causes people to get freckly.
    Personality: really friendly. probably a bit too huggy.
    Gender: vaguely male
    Sexuality: cute people
    Physical description: has horns, lots of freckles. two sets of eyes. no ears. floaty hair that doesn't follow any laws of physics. likes to wear skirts because they're awesome. is constantly exactly a half an inch above the ground, for no reason other than because they can.
    Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 12.05.49 PM.png
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  13. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    Name: Wes
    Age: ??????
    Sexuality: What... what is sex?
    Gender: Um... gen...der?
    Species: Do I look human, please tell me look I look a little human?
    Origin: Sort of like Bel, but bad at looking human.
    Abilities: Hugs. Booping. Hugs. HUGS! AH SO MANY HUGS WHY!!!
    Personality: Hugs. Hugs? Wait, sad? HUGS
    Physical description: 3D silouhette, Winston from Don't Starve Hair, doesn't appear to have legs (just... floaty whisp things) four fingered hands, no face, no mouth, no eyes, no face.
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  14. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    Name: Void
    Age: Unknown, but is an adult.
    Species: Space teddy bear elf thing!
    Origin: Seems to have just appeared one day. It was like they had always been here, yet not. They are not forthcoming about what they did before Kintsugi, but are friendly and amicable about being there.
    Abilities: Seem to be able to move quietly and secretly when desired. Will turn a corner and just disappear. Likely seems like they slip between the threads of the universe to get where they want faster. Their stomach likely isn't a stomach at all, but a handy pocket universe they stuff things in. Can puke up things on command, albiet they will be slobbery. Fitting impossibly large things in their mouth is a skill they have acquired.
    Gender: Goes by they/them, not really sure of gender.
    Personality: Silly, quiet, likes hugs, cuddles, and pets. Enjoys sticking their snout where it doesn't belong. Tries to be a good listener and comfort buddy. Has bouts of melancholy. High stress makes them literally just disappear to avoid responsibility.
    Sexuality: Everything that is able to consent.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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  15. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    i want to do this too, just because i guess. it sounds fun.

    Name: Jack Trader. everyone knows (or will eventually) that it's an alias but they go with it. Most just call them Deresto .

    Age: early twenties probably. they're not very good at keeping track of such things.

    Species: Humanoid Gryphon Thing. or at least, that's what a friend told them they looked like.

    Origin: They grew up in a crappy village in the middle of nowhere on their home planet. their species doesn't have a translatable name, but the sentient life forms are almost like blank slates until they reach adulthood and have to choose a form for the rest of their life. Deresto was a huge Earth Fan as a kid and decided they were going to either make a vague Big Cat form, or some sort of Bird of Prey. once it got down to the wire they still couldn't decide and it messed up the change ritual. the people in the village shunned them and they've been roaming the stars ever since, picking up different skills and becoming a jack of all trades, albeit not a very good one.

    Abilities: can cook pretty decently, is getting better at drawing every day, thinks they know how do general maintenance on various technology (WARNING: DO NOT LET THEM NEAR YOUR TECH, IT WILL END UP BROKEN). is very good at alphabatizing and organizing, has more physical strength than they plan for (so many broken doorknobs and teacups). knows a lot of home remedies for illness and quick fixes for injury in a wide variety of species although they're not a good substitute for a real doctor in an emergency. often gets asked if they can fly, wings are just for show.

    Gender: gender confuses them, they mostly go by they/them for convenience sake at this point.

    Personality: takes most things very literally, enjoys wordplay and silly puns, is very reserved until they know you better. if you ask if they don't like something they will let you know, unless it's one of the rare times they are able to tell it wouldn't be the best time to be blunt, e.g. not telling someone the food they made for them is something they don't like to eat and then going on and on about how much they dislike the certain food. is pretty chill except for a few pet peeves that they may snap about without warning and then stop mid sentence and apologize once they realize they are yelling at an actual person, someone they might even consider a friend, because a sign across the street is crooked.

    Sexuality: appreciates the aesthetic of many species and genders, but is not at all interested in actual intercourse.

    space me.jpg
    something like this
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  16. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    That's fine! People don't have to rp to post their profile!
  17. albedo

    albedo metasperg

    Name: Albedo
    Age: An adult bat. Handwaving ahoy, yep.
    Species: Is a bat. I haven't decided on species yet, but definitely Pteropodidae and probably genus Pteros or something like that. Anyway, teeny little fruitbat, maybe handsize. Adorable. Tiny little glasses.
    Origins: Probably hopped through one of Mirrors' portals or something. It is mysterious.
    Abilities: Is a bat. Types. Enjoys fruit. ANGRY SQUEAKING. Tbqh there might be some vacuum immunity in there somewhere, but definitely no fancy fireball powers.

    (Also, no echolocating, because megabats don't actually echolocate and I am going to put way too much research into this, rp makes me google weird things, guys. Megabats usually navigate by sight/smell/sound, this particular megabat is just tiny and nearsighted.)
    Personality: ANGRY SQUEAKING.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexuality: Is a bat.
    Description: Is a bat. Programmer of some sort, usually found in or around computer lab. Can speak English but avoids it in favor of typing or general squeaking. Vaguely nocturnal. Enjoys raiding fruit from gardens.
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  18. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

  19. mysubaccount

    mysubaccount (Not) A Catboy

    Name: Calcite

    Age: not sure (looks young adult), could maybe figure it out but hasn't yet

    Species: shapeshifter, can be any species

    Origin: not sure, raised by wolves. Actually not by wolves. By feral cats for a while. Has spent lots of time in snake and spider and bunny shapes, too. And a little time in various bird shapes. Learned whatever language they speak in Kintsugi from the radio and eavesdropping and sometimes signs and things. He named himself because he figured out that humans liked to name themselves after minerals, like Ruby or Crystal. (He never needed a human name before. But he's fitting in already, see? Totally a normal human name!)

    Abilities: shapeshifting! and living out in nature and making friends with animals (they aren't magically drawn to him or anything, he just is good at reading animal body language if it's a species he's been for a long time before or interacted with a lot)

    Personality: Has never lived with humans before, eeeeeeeeee he's so excited!!!! It'll be great, how hard can it be, right? There can't be that many social rules he's never heard of before, he'll pick it up in a couple weeks. Months, maybe. He practically knows how to be around people already! Very curious and excitable but also kind of lazy. He calls it lazy. More like he didn't notice he had executive dysfunction and he half-expects to need to be ready to run or something, so no point in tiring himself out if he can help it. And he's autistic. Nobody's going to notice with all the other ways he's weird, though. He'd like to be friendly but he doesn't know how yet, so he bounces back and forth between lonely pining and guessing almost at random how to talk to people. Sometimes he acts kind of like a cat or a snake or both. Usually he's not really like a bunny (not nervous enough), except for chewing on things. He knows he doesn't need to be able to live with humans, so if push comes to shove and he can't fit in, he knows he can leave, so he won't freak out of people can't deal with him. And he's the stimmiest. Likes to enjoy himself and doesn't really care if it's a "low" pleasure like food or a "higher" one like art.

    Appearance: shapeshifter, but to be recognizable he's usually a mostly ordinary human with cat ears, with the skinny-muscled look a lot of girls like. He's not enthusiastic about clothes. Except they have pockets. He might have to start wearing pockets on something and then he'll have to wear clothes. Or maybe he'll just get a messenger bag.

    Gender: male, probably? He's not sure how human gender works but he usually likes male forms when he's a mammal. He did choose a male form on purpose

    My persona's less based on me than most people's seem to be so I might make another account for him to make that clearer. I'm not sure yet. If anybody cares whether or not I do that, I'll listen if you tell me what you think I should do.
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  20. Scheherazade

    Scheherazade It's a story fractal

    Realized I hadn't posted a profile here. I haven't written anything this unapologetically Sueish in years. It felt... oddly nice.

    Age: Unknown, probably pretty old. Definitely at least at the adult stage of development.
    Species: Absolutely not an angel. She insists. No, seriously she isn't. She realizes the whole 'winged humanoid with healing touch who lives in a church' bit may be giving people mixed signals, but really, no. ...Might be a Nephilim.
    Origins: Just kind of walked out of the Temple of the Holy Gate one day, claims to have been a wandering doctor prior to this. Mentioned something about having "crawled in through one of the windows" which then "got locked after" her. None of the windows in Holy Gate open. None of them even can open, they're all either stained glass or solid panels.
    Abilities: Can use her wings to fly. Can control her hair as though it were a limb, using it to pick things up- it can carry a fairly heavy amount of weight. Has healing magic, can restore people to full health, as well as performing feats like clearing up pollution or purifying tainted water. Her magic works best of all on herself, rendering her capable of coping with anything from ancient curses to hard vacuum by healing her automatically. Is trained as a doctor. Holy Gate seems to like her, while inside it she has a tendency to show up unexpectedly behind people.
    Personality: Fond of stories, socially awkward, cares about people and wants to help but isn't necessarily good at showing it. Spends most of her time by herself.
    Gender and Pronouns: Female, uses she/her.
    Sexuality: Are they a consenting adult who isn't related to her... and is not an asshole? We're good.
    Physical Description: Doesn't seem any different from a human woman except for having a pair of large, black-feathered wings growing from her back. Pale skinned, marginally taller than average, has blue eyes and wears glasses. Her hair is blonde and falls to her knees. Generally wears long-skirted, long-sleeved black dresses, open-backed to accommodate her wings, and black button-up boots.
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