Space!Kintsugi character profiles.

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  1. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Hey, @rp folks, does anyone want/need a post explaining codys expressions? (Cat face means modified cat expressions)
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  2. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    might be a handy thing to append to the profile? I should go through the main thread and gather all the worldbuilding posts specific to fae and link them all, too.
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  3. mysubaccount

    mysubaccount (Not) A Catboy

    Great idea!
  4. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Ok so,
    Odds And Ends About Cody Part 1:

    Squinting = smiling in cat.
    Ears are usually perked forward in happy/interested position.
    Airplane ears mean "I´m annoyed" and ears laid back mean "I´m really scared, really angry, or both"
    A gentle swishing of the tail tip is stimming and no cause for alarm
    Angry tail lashing is jerky and makes the skirts rustle aggressively.
    Cody's whiskers wiggle when she laughs.
    Purring usually means happy but can also be soothing self or someone else.

    Since Cody´s legs are catlike, they are not ideal for being bipedal. She usually stands in a step, often with the weigh shifted to one leg or leaning on things. altogether if she´s standing it´s easier to be in motion than not, and she may sway from side to side when standing. Her walking is sort of mincing/swaying as well, if she needs to run or climb she´d do it on all fours.
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  5. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    Name: Imo (infinitely more outstanding)
    (original acronym was MARY (mutated, accidentally replaced Y(chromosome)(her given acronym is supposed to be like aarg it wasnt a male, I fucked it up, its a girl, fuck it))
    but she threw it away after leaving her original home)
    Age: younger than most (also bird lives are longer.. she probably is like.. fuck, presents as 17ish?) (older than me irl because dAmMiT)
    Species: Human bird hyrbrid? (harpy)
    Origin: Story time! (if this doesnt fit into to kintsujicanon, I can alter?)
    She is the result of a human mad scientist splicing himself and a bird, resulting in the creation of a harpy thing.
    She grew up in his lab, not very nurtured and she was put to the side to make way for his other projects.
    during her time in the lab she did learn to communicate slightly, but he discouraged her learning (for 2 reasons A "you are a bird!" and B. he didnt want a smart girl bird kid who he didnt want in the first place) so she continued to pick up words and their meaning, but didnt talk much, but if you let her she'll talk for ages, in mostly science and magic terms though
    (I keep referring to mutaty father as scientist, but he was more of a technomage thing). She learned basics from watching him from her perch on the windowsill,
    so she has a basic knowlage in many magics, and some sciences (he never delved into mutation genetic cloning stuff again, so despite her "birth" she doesnt know how to do that science)
    One day he was struggling with a project and she (against better judgement) called out a suggestion, and he wasnt too happy about her being smarter than him and got very angry (and totally not murderous what are you talking about). needless to say, she fled the place that day, and traveled earth a while.
    Eventually she saw a spacetravel ad, and dressed up as human to hide out on the ship to leave this place. eventually after hiding in many ships she got in one to Kintsugi.
    Im not sure how this ends XD
    (disclaimer, the emotional parts are not adapted from me, just a kinda tragic backstory for a character. I did base some traits off me (as well as my minecraft character) but no the whole
    neglectful "parent" stuff
    (I have loving parents who mean well but just dont always know what to help with))
    Abilities: small flutter, (ex: yoshi flutter thing), entry level (or pretty basic im not quite sure.. ex:she knows that a water wheel generates power, but she doesnt know how to build one othe than basic shape and materials) knowledge in many magics, and power generation sciences.
    wings aren't fully developed,

    Possessions of interest: She did take a notebook from her "father" out of spite, but its full of notes for things she never saw him do, and thus she doesnt undewrstand it. :/

    Character: anxiety, wont talk much until you let her, then she'll just rattle on and on. Generally affectionate, unless you remind her of her dad.
    She will cuddle SO FUCKING MUCH it is unbelievable(with permission), and is very clingy in general.
    Gender & Pronouns: female, she
    Sexuality: not into this yet, but she will be generally affectionate to anyone!
    (irl i am bi, but romance is not a thing I will bring into my character other than passing thoughts such as "wow they are pretty" or "hot damn" and those could be directed at anyone)

    disclaimer: I did not make these pictures, the first is from a dollmaker, and the rest from google
    Her as a grown up harpy, most of the important details are on the picture itself^
    ^silly ways I am imagining her getting on the spaceship, a jacket over her wings. ^the talon nails examples (but actually natural nails)
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  6. anonhateisfun

    anonhateisfun New Member

    If she's a cross between a human and a bird how come she has human XY chromosomes? What about the bird WZ or WW chromosomes? Does she not have those? If she has human XY chromosomes and the Y is "ruined" why doesn't she have Turner syndrome like other XO humans? Does she have WX chromosomes?

    (Don't mind me, I'm mean and I love to pick apart everything fun and good in the world. And your character is definitely a good and fun thing, I mean.)
  7. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    Fuck man, I dont actually know anything about genetics.. :/ I just needed some mean acronym for him to call her that worked with MARY as the letters, and also worked in the situation..
    (but thanks for calling her fun and good?)
  8. anonhateisfun

    anonhateisfun New Member

    Oooh, well birds have a different kind of sex chromosomes, WW or WZ. Femalese are WZ and males are WW. Unless they're trans, I guess, but IDK if birds can be trans. But in humans usually if something goes wrong a baby turns out female (or as a trans guy, I guess) so I bet that's what would happen if her body was really confused by the bird and human chromosomes!

    (I mean, actually I could be even meaner and pick apart even more things about different species chromosomes but I won't unless you want me to.)

    Mutated, Accidentally Replaced Y (with Z, I guess)?

    You should do your thing and not listen to people who want to pick holes in what you're doing even though they haven't come up with their own bird hybrids. But if you want to listen to people like that, I recommend listening to me.
  9. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Name: Kit
    Age: Um... young adult? ish?
    Species: "Well, I look pretty human. Maybe? Let's say human-plus!"
    Origin: Walked out of one of the rooms in Holy Gate. Is vague about past - the story seems to change every time you ask. One of the few consistent features is someone named Kai. Kit needs to find Kai. Have you seen them?
    Abilities: Kit's hair seems to be some kind of magic. It shifts color to match Kit's mood, and Kit can often reach in and pull out small wanted items, like a pen, or a lipstick. In extremes of moods, it will manifest things like leaves, flowers, flame, shadow...
    Personality: Generally friendly. Soft-spoken. Daydreamy. Absolutely adores stories, and will listen with rapt attention to anyone telling a tale of any kind. Likes cheering people up.
    Gender/Pronouns: "Well, I seem to be female this time. So... she? That might change, though! ^.^"
    Sexuality: curious

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  10. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Name: Mal (actually something like rumble-growl-hiss but has heard that 'Mal' means Bad in human and so thinks it sounds cool - that it's easier for most hotbloods to pronounce is a bonus XD)
    Age: Subadult
    Species: Megalania Prisca Sapiens
    Origin: Is a world-walker, and has been wandering dimensions since they were hatched. They don't remember any parent that looked like them, and don't recall exactly how old they are, but after studying other (non-sapient) megalania in other worlds, assumes themselves to still be fairly juvenile. Rather likes all kinds of people, and has learned to ask politely before assuming what meat they are or are not allowed to consume.
    Abilities: Can produce transdimensional portals by lashing their tail a certain way, also can speak any/all languages they first hear enough of to immitate. (Has a larynx more like a psittacine/parrot than any known reptile, and thus is well suited to mimicry.) Can also mimic voices with eerie accuracy, but rarely uses this maliciously - at worse to mock someone when angry.
    Personality: Intensely curious about anything new, and sometimes lacks a personal bubble - doing anything they haven't seen before in front of them is a good way to get a giant lizard all up in your grill and tongue-flicking eagerly at whatever you're doing. Often forgets that her appearance can be frightening to anything used to being prey, but is reasonably quick to apologise. Her linguistic skills only extend slightly to the written word - she has been taught to read some languages, but others still evade her, and she is prone to frustration when new subjects prove difficult.
    Gender/Pronouns: Does not quite understand the concept of gender, so prefers 'they/it'.
    Sexuality: whut (Probably ace, but not above blackflirting and cuddles XD)
    Appearance: somewhere around a dozen feet long, about three feet tall at the shoulder, and easily 500lbs. Has this face -
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  11. epithimia

    epithimia Member

    Name: Fortia Small
    Age: 23
    Species: Former human turned angelic form.
    Appearance: Human form; 5'4, chubby white girl with dark red hair, matching freckles across her eyelids and forehead, teal blue eyes, pear figure. SemiAngelic form; Same figure but with completed blanched white skin, bleach blonde hair, completely black eyes, extra eyes sealed into biceps, calves, throat, hands, and thighs. Angelic form: Light-energy being inside exoskeletal husk with several eyes embedded into carapace, this form is the only one capable of space travel without space craft.
    Origin: A pocket dimension of the underworld replicated to resemble her home city of Kirkos in the year 2035, a port city catered to the neo-China and neo-Korean investors who lifted the USA out of its economic struggles.
    Abilities: Can be manipulated to mask form with former human form while on earth but only for short periods of time. Wingless flight and levitation, does not require oxygen, food, or heat for survival, can navigate space in the vacuum of space without spacecraft, incredible strength; was skilled judo fighter in human life and has strength magnified by angelic form.
    Character: Fortia is a reckless, but wholly well meaning girl but generally lacks understanding of her surroundings and is a bad judge of character at first glance. She is easy to trick but is able to pull herself out of dangerous situations only by her own wits and strength.
    Gender & Sexuality: Female, bisexual
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  12. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    Name: Raven
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Origin: Earth
    Abilities: Can manipulate gravity to an extent, enough to fly as long as it isn't over extreme distances.
    Adventerous, curious. He's been a pilot since he was old enough to reach the controls, and has lived on ships his whole life. Feels more comfortable in space than he does on a planet.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
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  13. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    Name: Recherché Rare
    Nicknames: Re, Rey, Ché, Ra, Raire, not Cher.,
    Species: Regular garden type human, nothing to see here, move along.
    Age: She's never said or confirmed, and her appearance doesn't make it easy, as she appears anything from early twenties to late thirties.
    Gender & Sexuality: Regular cis bi? woman.
    Origin: Re claims to belong to the old, old Luna-Terra colony from the original human solar system, but she regularly mentions a wide number of places, always starting with the phrase "When I lived in ...". There is a running bet as to how many places she's lived in.
    Special Abilities: Re has the typical enhancements most humans tend to get after childhood: improved immune system, strength and agility boosts, extended lifetime, improved sight and hearing... etc.

    Wix-like abilities, though their exact nature is unclear. She can "summon"and "desummon" many items at will, so long as she set them aside to be summoned beforehand. There is a limit to volume and mass, so the items generally range in the small range. She always, always has a leather jacket around, somehow. She also can change the length and color of her hair on a weekly basis, sometimes sporting a head full of curly completely pink-dyed hair, or styled into loose curls that turn dark blue at the ends. That is entirely for vanity.

    Mundane Skills: Rey had training as an exploratory ecosurveyor, and travelled a lot to see new places and help increase scientific knowledge of how different systems work and the complicated interrelated web of dependences they form. As such they are excellent at packing, travelling spontaneously, wilderness survival, making tools with what is available, and putting up with really boring trips. She basically has mastered the art of "always be prepared", so if you discover you got a stomach bug, she probably has simple medicine that will help some; if two tires go flat, she'll jury rig how to patch and fill them up; the hoverbike stalled because of a leak? She has oil on hand and a toolkit and some pieces that can be modified to help out, once she figures out how the engine works. Anybody got injured? First aid training on hand, and a calm presence for those hurt and afraid.

    Her training also provided very useful knowledge of biological basics and genetics, and experimental design, so setting her loose on the Kintsugi system has resulted in about 50 preliminary experimental proposals drawn up and more on the way. She will also enthusiastically explain and simplify the concepts so that any curious passerby will leave her side after a brief but thorough introduction to the topic and a new way to look at the world.

    She can cook some dishes fit for an old Terran style King, mix a few of the "stronger" drinks, and make the perfect cup of tea under a minute. She dabbles in crochet and some fiber crafts, but usually paints watercolours of the areas she visits and people, so that her walls are filled with paintings. While not the best at languages, she speaks, reads and writes a few fluently if with an obvious accent, and can usually pick the basics of a new one fairly fast. Fighting... eeeeeeh. She'd rather run, but she knows how to punch, tackle, and pummel if needs must.

    She can fall asleep anywhere, and often does. It is common to find her curled up and napping on a bench somewhere.

    Appearance: Her age is hard to guess, as her appearance seems to change slightly over time the month, sometimes looking a young twenty four, to a more mature thirty five. 180 centimeters tall (5'11"), curvy hourglass shape with solid thighs. Fairly white with traits of indeterminate origin. Hazel eyes, dark brown curly to wavy hair. Somehow she always looks tired. Picture to follow.
    Personality: Friendly, open, and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Hyper-empathic and likely to try and cheer up anyone. Loves puns. Sometimes she will retreat to have Alone Time as a typical introvert, but otherwise loves spending down-time with friends. Easily distractible and can go on tangents, or zone out mid-conversation and come back ten seconds later to pick up the topic via context. Will offer you tea constantly.
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  14. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    She and kintsugi cody should have tea parties. Someones to share the tea addiction with.
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  15. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    She will get along excellently with Kay. :D
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  16. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

    Name: Goes by PAL (Capitalized that way when they display it on their screen).
    Age: Built around 17 years ago, but from older parts.
    Species: Android.
    Origin: Built from spare parts by some bored hobbyist who basically threw them away half-finished when it turned out they were sentient, mostly finished building themselves, somehow got a ship and decided to explore space, details of how they got to Kintsugi still unknown.
    Abilities: The obvious ones: can pilot a ship, and is kinda good at building and repairing robots. Can display images and text on their screen, which is useful because they can go nonverbal when stressed and stuff, and is constantly connected to the internet. They've also been learning some magic stuff, but mostly they have no idea what they're doing. Also might be able to see the future, but only book/movie/series plot twists, and only a few minutes/pages before they actually happen, which I guess kinda sucks as a supernatural ability.
    Gender/Pronouns: Is a robot. Pronouns are they/them.
    Sexuality: Panromantic ace.
    Appearance: Normal-ish android body (but don't pull too hard on the arms, they fall off sometimes), with the head replaced with a computer screen (the default display being the test card you can see in my avatar). Usually wearing jeans and a zip-up hoodie, but can be seen in a dress sometimes. I can't draw, sorry.

    (Didn't do the personality because, well, they're me, and I have identity issues and no idea what my personality is, so *shrugs*. But I guess I can at least say they have Issues™.)
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  17. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    *android fist bunp*
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  18. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    a cutebot is PAL
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  19. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    -kitty cyborg paw wave-
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  20. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    honestly my character was supposed to be more cyborg-y, but i didn't do it because I couldn't draw it out right.
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