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  1. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

    Name: Nicknamed "Tails". Legal name recorded as "Vacuum Energy"; has no problem with this name and uses it on formal things but "Tails" is faster.
    Age: who the hell knows
    Species: the logical limit of a fursona
    Appearance: A ball of tails. About four feet in diameter.
    Origin: A mad scientist's genetic engineering gone horribly wrong, possibly. Nobody's quite sure. They don't say. They do talk about having been experimented on and/or indentured (it's difficult to tell where one ended and the other started) sometimes; they hijacked a spaceship, drifted around in said spaceship for a couple years being a fixture on the local space-radio chatter, and landed on Kintsugi because it seemed hospitable and because others had mentioned it. Often still leaves for weeks at a time in said spaceship for unknown reasons.
    Abilities: "Body" is made of numerous tails that seemingly come from numerous species. A few tails have places where things can be anchored to them (such as something that looks like a crab claw, but comes default-shut and has to be consciously opened). A few tails are prehensile. A few other tails are less prehensile, but weight-bearing. Most commonly seen using some combination of their monkey tails and their octopus-tentacle "tails" (???) to hold and manipulate things, and using the more solid tails for weight-bearing purposes.
    Mute; uses a text-to-speech program on a handheld computer as an assistive communication device as needed. Otherwise, uses text chat. One of the legs has a vibrational thing on it that can produce nonverbal sounds from cricket-chirp to purr to string-instrument-screech.
    Character: Sociable. Intelligent. Very, very strange.
    Gender & Sexuality: Has no gender identity. Has no sexuality. Responds to all attempts at assigning either with confusion.
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  2. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    Name: [unpronounceable to humans, somebody make a nickname]
    Species: Aetheric Dragon-a highly variable but very large species of dragon that is frequently used by magical societies as spaceships. Aka a species of spacefaring dragon whose bowers are entire body-mounted starship things.
    Age: Unknown. Somewhat equivalent to a human 18-year-old.
    Origins: Got into the tunnels somehow, was trapped by a rockfall, and went into stasis. Was woken up recently by the Mist.
    Ability: Doesn't need to breathe air-fully-grown aetheric dragons often have spaceships or even entire space colonies built upon them. Can shapeshift, somewhat. Mage. Can fly-at up to 300 km/h in atmosphere currently, speed outside of atmosphere goes up to orbital speed, is capable of FTL jumps away from gravity wells. Is basically a magical chemical identification lab.

    Will pick up a large number of hobbies-the average dragon is psychologically disposed to building most of their own starship, including trying to get at least one sapient species living in and on it. Currently has an interest in gardening.
    Totally fireproof
    Personality: i am not good at describing personality
    Gender and Pronouns: gender is irrelevant to shapeshifters, is fine with any pronoun because the pronouns dragons use for each other are all odd noises or various different kinds of radio patterns or FTL communication patterns
    sexuality: ace
    Physical Description: a horse-sized, rainbowish dragon, with large branching metallic-cored horns, two small ridges on his back, titanium claws, and metallic-looking scales that can withstand extreme temperatures. Her wings are patterned with many magical circuits, are feathered and the front and batlike behind, and her tail has a large finlike thing all the up to near the base.

    EDIT: is not supposed to be KIS!Me.

    EDIT2: rearranged, added stuff
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  3. paintcat

    paintcat Let the voice of love take you higher

    Name: Sebastian
    Species: Goo
    Age: An adult goo.
    Abilities: Most of Sebastian's body consists of a viscous fluid, held together by a selectively permeable membrane. He can freely mold his body's shape but not its mass. Despite lacking any obvious sensory organs, he can see, hear, taste, and smell much as humans do. He cannot speak, however. Instead he communicates via body language and mild telepathy.
    Gender: Sebastian is a boy goo.
    Sexual orientation: All
    Character: An extrovert with simple needs. Loves strange music, cuddles, sweet-smelling things, friendship, and sex.
    Physical description: A dollop of translucent lemon-yellow viscous fluid, having slightly more body mass than an average adult human. Despite being made of mostly liquid, his membrane keeps him from oozing on things unless he wants to. Wears a simple face to facilitate nonverbal communication, along with various other temporary body parts according to need or whimsy. Can't seem to decide which body shape is best for locomotion. No legs, gastropod style? Two legs? Four? Ten?
  4. evilas

    evilas Sure, I'll put a custom title here

    Name: Eric
    Species: Human
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male.
    Personality: Loves the color blue. Science-smart, remembers a ton of random facts, wants to consume all the available information and know all the things there is to know... and with that knowledge he often ends up making obscure references that nobody gets. Gets upset pretty easily, just wants everyone to get along. Also, a huge fan of puns.
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  5. thegrimsqueaker

    thegrimsqueaker 28 Moribunding Mouse Aggravates the Angry Assholes

    Age: eons
    Species: zomorphic personification
    Origins: has existed for as long as rodents have. the Squeaker exists bc rodents believed them into being
    Abilities: guides the souls of dead rodents to the Great Warrens
    Personality: SQUEAK
    Genderstuffs: Death is deeply confused by the concept of gender
    Physical Description: usually a skeletal mouse in a hooded black robe w a tiny scythe. can also appear as various other rodents. in special circumstances appears as the natural predators of said rodents.
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  6. Technicality

    Technicality All's fair in love and shitposting

    Name: Nicole Starling
    Age: Unknown. Attempts to find this number using technology yields a negative number. Using magic yields no results at all.
    Species: Human...?
    Origins: Formed from ethereal mist; mostly unknown
    Abilities: Some magic control. Is very good with technology
    Personality: Quiet, focused
    Gender: Female
    Physical description: Nicole looks like a human. However, she has cat ears and a tail. It's not known why. Mostly wears comfortable, practical clothing (hoodies, fleeces).
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