space loser giant kitty committee (voltron)

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    Holy shit, she's Keith's weblum buddy!


    Shiro: Something strange is going on here and we need to figure it out.


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    okay I'm done, that was it, this season was entirely too short, I know more is coming soon but of all the things to become running gags in the series can I just say that

    "I'M A LEG! :D"

    is the best
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    Fancy Allura!
    wait are her pupils pink
    galratech is so pretty....well that's a literal interpretation of dropzone
    lance you just killed someone.
    like... i wonder if they'll go into the fact that all the kids are killers, now.
    oooh when did hunk get THOSE
    you know i would like to see some more alien aliens. we had those adorable tardigrades buuuut
    Yes that is what happens when you kill the leader. there's a power vacuum, anyone with a claim is gonna be grabbing power and fracturing the empire
    there is an easy answer which is 'we paladins are split helping the other independent nations, and thus cannot easily form voltron just now'
    'number five' RUDE
    awww pidge :(
    when did you last go outside
    when did you last eat
    uhhhh kiddos
    i nominate allura
    aww keith
    hello Galra!
    so is that a deathbed or a stasis arrangement
    hi haggar!
    he's SO TALL
    wait does no one know. is she pulling an edith wilson.
    she IS.
    also i love Throk's facemarks
    oh hello! you don't look galra. is this support for the theory that the galra species are only marginally the majority in their own empire, and a large section of 'galra citizens' are alien species that were conquered and assimilated so long ago they are considered galra by everyone?
    nice work, hunk.
    so... ok, no one outside haggar knows Zarkon is dead.
    oh god who let them into the meeting.
    'Voltron is not a party trick' this is an easy out - or
    that. thank keith. you're a great diplomat.
    also hi cree! double duty this episode, huh?
    keith i think you need to take some time like... flying... petting mice... whatever
    oh hey gladiator combat
    Fracturing in the ranks!
    oh, so galra can interbreed well with LOTS of species. including humans! i wonder if the commanders will have a connection with keith on account of him also being half, that'd be interesting
    it's a SPACE ELF
    seriously tho is he half altean via haggar.
    also GEEZ he has good hearing. and this is apparently not news to anyone. is throk like the starscream of the galra.
    oh man those are some pretty ladies.
    isn't aggression a galra virtue...
    this is... remarkably sensible....
    nice threat buddy
    and i bet haggar will be REAL enthusiastic about this turn of events
    so... we can't just trade Keith to black, that'll leave Red without a pilot and black with a second choice at best.
    wait shirou was a legend for the Holts? huh
    but like.. shirou's in the theme song. with added footage. clearly he is still around! so who can they get to fly black knowing it's temporary
    'red paladin' huh.
    oh hello ladies are you gonna show off now!
    so... is tail girl there psychically linked to her kitty
    I have no idea which name goes to which lady or how to spell them
    is this our Ty Lee
    Aksha = purple hair, bangs, ok.
    ohhh smart.
    'you weren't just going by our clothes were you'
    yeah she just went by their clothes
    keith makes a good point! lance be quiet keith clearly doesn't want the job
    awww booo so she's going first so it won't be her
    i mean the thing is, everyone already LIKES their lions. why would they want to swap?
    so keith is going last... so it'll probably be him or no one. bleh.
    and the music is swelling so...
    dangit. so now who's supposed to have red.
    awwww keith i feel u
    red, a few rooms away: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY BOY.
    but allura doesn't match with what red looks for in her pilots! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PLAY LION MUSICAL CHAIRS
    Narti would be tail galra with the cat, ok
    you think a mermaid would be good at the FIRE LION
    yes the olkari. i want pidge to keep using their techniques.
    ohhhh so Narti can control more than just her kitty....
    you know. why not send Keith with red. like... do you really want him learning an entirely new lion in a firefight.
    if this ends with Red flying in all HEY BLACK GIVE ME MY CUB BACK i'll be delighted
    awww is blue annoyed that he tried to grab black.
    she's SULKING
    why are we playing musical chairs. why.
    and.... how does that help
    like. literally. you now have two lions being piloted by people who aren't used to them
    THREE lions now. how is that superior to four experts
    Zethrit = big ears, ok. so now Pinky is the only one whose name I don't know
    seriously everyone had better switch back to their regular partners.
    i wonder if lotor is planning on putting his lady generals in control of the lions, and if so, what the divisions would be.
    ugh why is everyone making bad choices. Shirou better get his ass back in the show so everyone can go back to their actual lions.
    ooh, we're gonna get everyone pairing off to fight, i bet.
    aaand this isn't gonna work is it
    because 3/5 of you aren't synced up.
    literally it's. this is an easily explicable problem
    you know it might be nice to get visually impaired characters who didn't also have some superpower that compensated.
    keith that is what you HAVE to worry about
    when will the musical chairs end
    zee ilu
    did green always have that mark on her back...
    'hunk! i'm a leg!' pffff
    another sign shirou is not black for good: he has not swithed to black clothes
    that.. still doesn't mean it's not fake. one could've been captured.
    oh good science hunk thank you science boy
    wait it's radiating LIFE ENERGY?
    ooooooh you're where Shirou is!
    maybe pop through the wormhole to let coran know what's going on tho.
    also what would happen if you got in front of the ship and pushed it back through the other side
    wait what happened with the life signs, though...
    so uh. that energy fried him.
    oh hello friends
    wait holy shit
    is that
    why is Shiro russian.... also are they wearing Galra sigils...
    wait. sven. oooook....
    so this is the universe where Alteans became the empire. does that mean we'll meet some cool galrans
    ok now milk this for all it is worth
    um hey maybe avoid being super helpful... since these guys are an empire...
    and that's why Shirou was shunted to another universe.
    PEACE AND STABILITY ok that's reassuring. Bringing Civilization, huh
    murder, theft, and rape, these are falsely named empire; they make a wasteland and call it peace.
    YES SEE.
    and the humans are part of that, huh...
    swedish shirou is WEIRD AS HELL
    the... guns of gamara? to mirror the blades of marmora.
    yeah except there are GOOD galra. and now they are all dead.
    i sure hope they can find primeverse Shirou here.
    oooh chainsword
    if shirou comes back and finds this guy it's gonna be weird for everyone.
    I swear I know the ladygeneral's voice...
    though those two better get offship soon.
    also now you have a fresh chunk of voltron material that might break reality if you use it.
    also that.
    so now is there gonna be an evil voltron?
    well this is... familiar.....
    o no ptsd is a bitch
    or.... where the hell is he
    he's hallucinating, but... when did this happen.
    oh no
    ok, is this his original escape then? but his hair wasn't so long.
    is this whole episode gonna be shirou getting the shit kicked out of him by life.
    (his eyeliner is still great tho)
    holy fuck shirou
    how fortunate they speak english
    oh my god Lars is an alien now
    o...k so this isn't a flashback.... then what happened to his clothes and how was he on a galra ship
    is Ashka voiced by Sapphire
    if so then we have 3 steven universe VAs in here
    shirou: i will forgive you if you give me some coffee
    what happened to his armor, too?
    i guess the galra have it...
    ....only ship. and they can't communicate at all. so. are they fucked now.
    uhoh. this is Bad. at least he has a weapons-capable ship?
    uhhh they're gonna kill him if they see him.
    ... ok well. you have a ship! you have some options! a rendevouz is possible if you can set out communications
    dude you KNOW that castle can teleport.
    holy shit dude how are you alive.
    how did you survive SEVEN DAYS WITHOUT WATER
    did haggar fuck with more than your arm
    awwwww baby
    black: OH HEY IT'S MY BOY
    and does this mean we can stop playing musical lions.
    nice sniping
    so is shirou inrecovery or...
    i do like Allura's chainsword tho.
    ok, so he's still laid up?
    has no one given him something to cut his hair with. or a razor. or food. i'm worried about him.
    oh hey he's looking better. with different hair and a short sleeved shirt. so hopefully everyone can switch back?
    i'm so glad that hunk is allowed to be Science
    awww lance....
    awwww kiddos
    though, how long was shirou gone? his hair got really long.
    oh WHAT.
    helllooo Ezor!
    why is it green, though. galra don't do anything green!
    awww i was hoping we'd get parallel pair offs
    OH HEY
    are the lions gonna be gone
    you are literally never gonna fit that in your ship
    bleh i don't like Who Is Leader fight
    and the more this goes on, the less likely it is keith'll step back down... ugh.
    awww don't be mean to Ashka.
    is that Haggar Lily
    oh hey is that an Olari paladin?
    oh i'm in pain
    caste system galra, huh
    they used to be SO YOUNG
    i don't THINK that's Cree
    oh, baby...
    and she's changed to wearing Galra colors...
    sooo that's gonna possess her i guess?
    so did they nearly design themselves... INTRIGUING
    his right hand, huh...
    i hope they have Voltron as a force for good for a WHILE before Zarkon goes all Empire. otherwise if it was only a short bit it wouldn't make sense that legends had spread so far.
    oh no
    oh no
    AWWWWWW i'm in pain
    where did haggar get her new outfit...
    wait, what happened to all the Galra who would be rightly confused by these shenanigans. last they'd have heard, their emperor was being given an honorable funeral and their homeworld's destruction was a tragedy
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  5. PotteryWalrus

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    LOTOR IS A HANDSOME BASTARD (possibly literally do Galra get married? Is Haggar his mum??)

    AND ALSO really politically sensible? Like wow this kid really knows how to sway a crowd and (possibly) how to keep an empire? Why do I get the feel that he'll look coolly at all the Idiot Ball Villian tropes and then do the exact opposite? I'm really scared and aroused now??

    Also is anyone getting some serious Patrician vibes from him?
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    eh.... he still has a lot to learn about being the chessmaster. his speech WORKED on the one guy in the gladiator ring - exiling him to icehell is a valid move, but kind of petty. once he starts trying to suborn voltron i'll be impressed.
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    I mean, no, he's not an expert, he's already begun screwing up minorly (playing with the Lions when he should have just captured them, underestimating them) and it's clear he has exploitable weak points, but he's pushing every Treize Khushrenada-related weak point I have. Which, honestly, includes the "arrogance and a consistent facade of having his crap together while he is an internal mess" thing, so I'm good here.
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  10. LadyNighteyes

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    So I marathoned all of S2 and the first episode of S3 today while narrating to a friend over Steam chat, so I'm going to post an incomplete log of Stuff I Said for the amusement of those who will be amused:
    1:55 PM - LadyNighteyes: Pidge is now encountering a swarm of tribbles.
    1:55 PM - LadyNighteyes: You'd think she's enough of a nerd to know not to trust tiny space fluffballs. :::PPP
    1:57 PM - LadyNighteyes: Also Coran is now a pimply teenager with an undercut who nevertheless still has a fabulous moustache.
    1:58 PM - LadyNighteyes: Now he is a tiny child with a fabulous moustache.

    2:04 PM - LadyNighteyes: It really is convenient how every planet in Voltron has an Earthling-breathable atmosphere.

    2:06 PM - LadyNighteyes: "I've shut down all the power. Why are we still moving towards the void?" Because momentum exists and you are in space?
    2:06 PM - LadyNighteyes: "We have to get out of this loop before the only thing left of you is your moustache!"
    2:09 PM - [REDACTED]: Theory: Coran is actually not an Altean, but a parasitic moustache creature. His body is just a host. =P
    2:09 PM - [REDACTED]: The moustache IS Coran. =P

    2:11 PM - LadyNighteyes: "If I don't make it out of here, I want you to lead Voltron" Allura exists, dude.

    2:20 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...I expect Lance to be a moron about people being obviously untrustworthy if they have hot girls, but I would have expected Hunk to be smarter than this.
    2:23 PM - LadyNighteyes: And now they've been brainwashed by a dancing octopus, because of course.
    2:24 PM - LadyNighteyes: And now they're being kidnapped by people with jellyfish on their heads.

    2:29 PM - LadyNighteyes: why do mermaids draw on paper scrolls
    2:29 PM - LadyNighteyes: what is it made out of
    2:29 PM - [REDACTED]: Soylant green. =P
    2:30 PM - [REDACTED]: (I tried and failed to come up with a pun)

    2:36 PM - LadyNighteyes: Good thing those jetpacks work underwater.

    2:38 PM - LadyNighteyes: Saw that plot twist coming.
    2:39 PM - LadyNighteyes: It's also very convenient that the Lions just kind repair themselves off camera somehow. I assume they have some REALLY efficient repair systems.
    2:40 PM - [REDACTED]: They're made of Plotholonium =P
    2:41 PM - LadyNighteyes: Yep.
    2:41 PM - LadyNighteyes: The Lions have a lot of Plotholonium systems.
    2:41 PM - LadyNighteyes: Like all the new weapons that just sort of pop into existence when they need them to.
    2:42 PM - LadyNighteyes: I think that's the real reason Voltron is an ULTIMATE WEAPON. They've harnessed the power of Plot. :::PPP

    2:48 PM - LadyNighteyes: Shiro is extremely Dorito-shaped.

    2:49 PM - LadyNighteyes: "He got blasted by a space witch and mauled by giant lizards. What dream could be worse than that?" Keith. KEITH. PLEASE REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.
    2:49 PM - LadyNighteyes: That is like the LEAST bad bad thing to happen to him.

    2:53 PM - LadyNighteyes: "And he was Galra? You know you cannot trust them." Wow, Allura, racist.

    2:56 PM - LadyNighteyes: "Those crystals contain highly unstable nitrate salts" yeah, I BET nitrate salts are unstable in OUTER SPACE
    2:56 PM - LadyNighteyes: How have those not exploded already
    [Chemistry lesson omitted]

    3:02 PM - LadyNighteyes: How does Shiro have such perfect eyeliner all the time?

    3:05 PM - LadyNighteyes: Coran why are you commenting an intruder like a sports game.
    3:07 PM - [REDACTED]: the moustache's previous host was a sports commentator. =P

    3:17 PM - LadyNighteyes: It sure is convenient that their latest robomonster just happened to be powered by eating splodeycrystals before they knew they were headed for a splodeycrystal field.
    3:18 PM - LadyNighteyes: He'd have had a hard time if it turned out Voltron was chilling with those mermaids still or something.

    3:42 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...Yeah, I saw that twist coming too.

    3:51 PM - LadyNighteyes: "We're all made up of the same cosmic dust." "So, that means we're all related... Man, the antis are going to get REALLY mad." :::PPP

    3:59 PM - LadyNighteyes: aaand now Keith and Lance are shirtless and stuck in an elevator. Suddenly this turned into slash fic?

    4:02 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...Why does Altean for Beginners think the most important words to learn are man-eating monsters?

    4:04 PM - LadyNighteyes: "HOW DOES HE KEEP FINDING US?" Allura says to Shiro, the guy with a Galra arm and brainwashing history, about Zarkon, the guy who recently hijacked the Black Lion, which they are carrying.
    4:12 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...Or it could be they're tracking Allura, I guess, but I think my guesses made more sense.

    4:17 PM - LadyNighteyes: Apparently Coran is so gross he can literally outrun a laser.
    4:17 PM - LadyNighteyes: That is /very/ slippery.

    4:31 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...And now Keith thinks it's him. Okay.

    7:21 PM - LadyNighteyes: "Which means we finally know how Zarkon is tracking us: it's through the Black Lion" NO SHIT, SHERLOCK
    7:21 PM - LadyNighteyes: It's not like that was THE FIRST THING I GUESSED or anything.

    7:27 PM - LadyNighteyes: how long did Coran spend making them space pirate disguises instead of using space Google to see if anything was different after TEN THOUSAND YEARS

    7:28 PM - LadyNighteyes: Apparently the antagonist of this episode is Space Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

    7:32 PM - LadyNighteyes: "How many times have you had to fight off a charging rock monster and then go immediately to a picnic? All the time, right?"

    7:48 PM - LadyNighteyes: And now I guess they have a cow named after one of the producers. Okay.

    7:50 PM - LadyNighteyes: Hunk's dignity took a dive this season. Give the poor boy more things to do that don't involve food.

    8:45 PM - LadyNighteyes: oh my god I looked up the cast of Voltron on IMDB and Weird Al voiced one of the rebel merpeople
    8:45 PM - LadyNighteyes: And the knife shop guy is ACTUALLY THE SLAP CHOP GUY

    8:54 PM - LadyNighteyes: (Keith is starting to MAYBE develop signs of having a personality, but he still doesn't really have one.)
    8:55 PM - LadyNighteyes: (I feel like they're writing him like he had one in S1 and this is character development, but there wasn't really anything established to be changing.)
    8:55 PM - LadyNighteyes: (He just hasn't had enough screentime that isn't hitting things with bladed weapons.)
    8:56 PM - [REDACTED]: Is he angsting yet?
    8:57 PM - LadyNighteyes: If you mean staring at his knife a lot and then discovering he's apparently part-Galra, yes, if further angsting after that, no.
    8:57 PM - [REDACTED]: That was my way of asking about the knife and part-galra thing, yeah.
    8:57 PM - LadyNighteyes: The way Hunk talks about "Galra Keith" is what I meant about them acting like they established a personality they didn't.
    8:58 PM - [REDACTED]: oh, yeah.
    8:58 PM - LadyNighteyes: It's treating it like he's been established as being grumpy and standoffish and hostile to a degree he really hasn't been.

    9:15 PM - LadyNighteyes: Lance continues to have the world's worst Sense Motive skill.
    9:15 PM - LadyNighteyes: IT'S A MONSTER, LANCE
    9:15 PM - [REDACTED]: "But it's a HOT monster!"
    9:16 PM - LadyNighteyes: No, it's a big dog-goat-gorilla thing that just says "yup."

    9:24 PM - LadyNighteyes: Good news! The pupper got tummy rubs!
    9:24 PM - [REDACTED]: Yay!
    9:24 PM - [REDACTED]: Very important.
    9:25 PM - LadyNighteyes: I'm glad this show is providing important space opera content.
    9:25 PM - LadyNighteyes: Like yuppers getting tummy rubs.
    9:26 PM - [REDACTED]: Yes. :)

    9:27 PM - LadyNighteyes: Current wild plot guess for end of season 2: Zarkon does go down, but druid lady takes over as big bad.
    9:27 PM - LadyNighteyes: Because she seems to be getting annoyed with him going BLACK LION BLACK LION BLACK LION FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE LION LION LION :::PPP

    9:40 PM - LadyNighteyes: The S1 laser tentacles boss is even more of a bullet hell enemy now.

    9:44 PM - LadyNighteyes: "I don't think the Robeast is going to sit around and wait for us to transform" YOU WOULD THINK THAT A LOT OF THE TIME, AND YET

    9:45 PM - LadyNighteyes: *shamelessly skips past every transformation sequence*
    9:46 PM - [REDACTED]: My anime club did that with sailor moon sometimes
    9:46 PM - LadyNighteyes: I think this one is shorter than hers, and it doesn't happen every episode.
    9:47 PM - LadyNighteyes: But it is, in my opinion, sillier, because I can't get over the "this giant robot's arms are made of cats" thing.

    9:52 PM - LadyNighteyes: Character: "WE'RE TOTALLY GOING TO DEFEAT ZARKON AND WE WON'T NEED VOLTRON ANYMORE" Me: *was greeted when she went to watch this with an autoplaying Voltron Season 3 trailer*

    10:33 PM - LadyNighteyes: Everyone keeps saying Keith is Galra and I'm just over here like "pretty sure he's at least 50% human, does that just not count."
    10:34 PM - [REDACTED]: Galra is an autosomal dominant trait =P
    10:34 PM - [REDACTED]: Clearly =P
    10:34 PM - LadyNighteyes: And yet he is very not purple. :::PPP
    10:34 PM - LadyNighteyes: Like, he looks awfully human for a half-alien.
    10:35 PM - [REDACTED]: Yes =P
    10:35 PM - LadyNighteyes: At least when I was making jokes about Cecil, HE has completely white hair. :::PPP

    10:37 PM - LadyNighteyes: Zarkon, you are kind of dumb.
    10:38 PM - LadyNighteyes: I'm going to blame the fact that he's been doing nothing but zapping his brain across the universe for like the last three weeks, so it's frazzled his decision-making process. :::PPP
    10:38 PM - [REDACTED]: He's like a zombie, but wants the black lion instead of brains
    10:38 PM - LadyNighteyes: "oh yes here's the one lion I can track, all alone, no sign of their ship, this seems legit"
    10:40 PM - [REDACTED]: He's also, like, what, 10k years old?
    10:40 PM - LadyNighteyes: He seemed smarter than this before, though.
    10:41 PM - LadyNighteyes: Maybe other people made the good decisions for him. :::PPP

    10:42 PM - LadyNighteyes: guys continue to be very bad at security.

    10:48 PM - LadyNighteyes: I still don't understand why they need to teleport the ship.

    10:54 PM - LadyNighteyes: I was going to say "how did the druid lady survive that point-blank explosion" and then I remembered "magic" is actually a viable answer.

    10:55 PM - LadyNighteyes: Also, I'm totally waiting for that Blade guy with the mask to betray them.
    10:56 PM - LadyNighteyes: He's been standing ominously in the background saying nothing for WAY too long not to be a Chekhov's Gun of some sort. :::PPP
    10:56 PM - [REDACTED]: "Keith... I am... your personality..."

    11:12 PM - LadyNighteyes: Going full JRPG final boss, there, Zarkon.


    11:24 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...wut
    11:24 PM - LadyNighteyes: do the wings let him astrally project to get a Final Fantasy Steal skill or something

    11:27 PM - LadyNighteyes: ~PLOT TWIST~
    11:27 PM - LadyNighteyes: And Allura is glowing now FSR

    11:34 PM - LadyNighteyes: I was right that they were actually going to kick Zarkon's ass and someone else would take over the empire, though.
    11:35 PM - LadyNighteyes: Allura should have read more Earth fantasy novels so she would be able to remember the "Shoot the dictator to prevent the war" speech from Night Watch. :::PPP

    11:39 PM - LadyNighteyes: oh my god the Blades do the Naruto run
    11:39 PM - LadyNighteyes: of course they do.

    11:44 PM - LadyNighteyes: ...Apparently Coran used to dress as a Guren Lagann reference.

    11:52 PM - LadyNighteyes: New prince dude has truly fabulous hair. Is he half-Altean?

    11:54 PM - LadyNighteyes: And one of his generals is a giant lady with green lips and pink Ragyou hair. Okay.
    11:54 PM - LadyNighteyes: And a guy with a cat and a mask like that one race from Mass Effect.

    11:56 PM - LadyNighteyes: Dude, you're totes gonna get your ass kicked. You're wearing a uniform and he looks like Alucard. Those character designs alone have doomed you.

    11:56 PM - LadyNighteyes: oh my god his hair is so dramatic

    11:58 PM - LadyNighteyes: Oh boy, villain boy is using the power of friendship. :::PPP

    12:00 AM - LadyNighteyes: It continues to provide important "pets getting scritches" moments in S3, I see.
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  11. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    I don't even go here yet but I pick stuff up through fandom osmosis and I gotta ask

    So they put out some official things of birthdays and ages and stuff

    Shiro is the oldest at 25 .... or the youngest at 6, due to the wonders of leap years, his bday is Feb 29

    And I guess there are 4 fake Shiros running around? Or maybe 3 fake 1 legit, it was unclear to me.

    I kinda hope it's the latter because that way because leap years are every 4. There's something fitting about that.
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  12. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    there's one au shiro (sven) and one legit shiro, i'm not sure where you got the other 3 from
  13. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    there is a theory that the shirou we spend s3 with is an unknowing clone created by whatever project Kuron is. However, I know the post that Swirlingflight means. The Shiros pictured in it are almost entirely the main shirou, just at different points in time, maybe-clone Shiro, and a bad guy using illusion magic to psych Shiro out.
  14. Socratease

    Socratease Well-Known Member

    I'm really excited to see if they're building something up for Keith and Lotor!

    Keith is half Galra, and so are Lotor's squadmates. Lotor's introduction has him teaching a strong lesson about (paraphrased bc I don't have the episode in front of me) "Your repetitive attacks are getting you nowhere" and "In the end your own aggression was your undoing."

    That whole speech seems tailored to Keith's flaws, and Lotor even delivers it as a practical lesson when toying with Voltron on the gas planet.

    With hints of a greater threat tied to the nature of quintessence and the origin of Voltron - whatever has warped and possessed Zarkon and Haggar - and Haggar calling Zarkon (or whatever rode him out of that first rift) back to life, I think we might see a team up.

    Lotor was in exile before this. With Zarkon back the need for Lotor is gone. What if Lotor teams up with Voltron? It would be very easy to fall for Lotor's rhetoric. "Help me take the throne and I will dismantle the Galra Empire from the top down."

    Or I guess Keith could be pulled over to Lotor's team for whatever reason.

    Either way, if the dark things from the rifts turn out to be a greater threat and acual villain, then we've opened the door to redemption arcs
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  15. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    late night tumblr browsing showed me a gif set of 4 images that resembled shiro, one with an obnoxious smirk and no white hair, one with long hair and the white part, one with short hair and the white, and one that didn't stand out to me in any way. the wording and/or my sleepiness parsed it as 4 different people who look alike
    i'm glad to know at least i didn't make up the post!
  16. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    assuming that you mean one of these:

    Glowy-eyes Shiro is Haggar using magic to look like Shiro to freak him out.

    Long haired Shiro is the Shiro who may or may not be a clone, he cuts his hair and thereafter is short haired shiro with his hair sticking up a bit and wearing a short sleeved shirt.

    Dark haired Shiro is either pre series and pre trauma Shiro, or his alternate universe counterpart Sven. Basically the only visual difference if you can't hear their voices is armor. In the gifset he is the lower left corner one, in the other picture he's the only dark haired Shiro so it's fine anyways.
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  17. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    This show sure is a sentai

    I'm having flashbacks to Legend of Dragoon in the "did the predecessor people really need to be mostly so similar in temperament gosh" annoyance, but I know it's a convenient characterization system that allows for fun references and all, it's a pet peeve

    I really enjoy that at least some worlds have changed in freaking ten thousand years, but man is it boggling how much is familiar to them. A few centuries or thousands of years would be... still silly but less so.

    Is... Is Lotor the child of Zarkon and Honova/Haggar (sp), he's so pretty and something about his features and like Allura

    I will never be over the old lady being Haggar and the tech guy from that first arc being Haxus, these NAMES

    Enjoying how Shiro(??) is convinced that he's Shiro, despite the references to headache and other mild offtune oddities that get overlooked in the excitement

    I genuinely didn't know about the mystery of how Keith is part Galran, that was a fun twist. Nice to have that flashback to family for another of them, and him sorta connecting with some, especially with the Blade

    What was the one who works for Lotor doing in that worm anyway, did she crash by accident?

    God but I love Lotor's dickish way of emphasizing that Galran ideology of strength as primary importance contradicts their Galran superior bullshit, and surrounds himself in competent half-Galran women, and is generally so bishounen and pretty about his cruelty (setting that guy up for exile, then torture at Haggar's hands, ouch)

    Liked the way the protags' early initiative/inclusiveness running into that hidden base was used to introduce us to the stuff the druids get up to, and let us contrast Keith getting asskicked with later times of experience and training letting him hold his own

    The others didn't seem fussed by Shiro?'s long hair, he didn't either, and... That's a few years worth of hair? Has it been a few years or are they thinking the Galrans were trying hair growth formulas on him this time?

    Is Pidge's dad dead?

    More thoughts later
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  18. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    @IvyLB talked me into watching this and I'm so glad they did

    I'll be mostly be yelling about the pale pilot pile tho.
    and how about lotor is actually sympathetic and i love his generals? wtf?
    hes such a magnificent bastard. an actually intelligent and halfways competent villain. yes please, we need more of that.
    also i bet he sleeps in a pile with his generals as well
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  19. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    -slides in-
    Yes i succumbed to the Voltron bug in like a week and then pulled Kite down with me :P
    Keith is my stupid dumb idiot son and I want him to be happy so badly

    The first Robeast was made out of a guy who retreated not even actively surrendering but just doing a tactical retreat against orders.
    Zarkon was not amused. I assume this was also highly publicized, you don't give up an opportunity to make that kind of thing a demonstration when you're already making a point of punishing someone so harshly. So I assume that no one is even remotely considering the option of surrender in the Galra Empire by this point.
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  20. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    Ok I'm in too deep on the 'Keith and acxa are long lost siblings' thing, it showed up in my dreams.

    (I really hope it turns out to be canon, it seems like a great way to some fun character shenanigans.)
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