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    This is where you can write up a basic profile of any species to be used in this roleplay!

    This includes making up species that don't have a character, yet-they can be used for random NPCs or in backstories or whatever.

    Current Species:
    Aethric Dragon
    Space Elf
    Whatever Snitch is
    Catpeople (Codey)-created by a mad scientist
    Star Demon
    Actual Soul
    Harpy-created by a mad scientist
    Megalania Prisca Sapiens
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  2. Wingyl

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    Mostly-bald, upright. omnivorous ape, with a large range of motion in the shoulders. Generally enjoy fire, but has only put their home planet on nuclear fire twice.
    A fit human will have greater endurance than an equally-fit member of most other sapient species.

    They have an above-average number of languages and nations for a sapient species, due to having spread out far enough back in their history that keeping in contact was difficult, along with being from a deep-oceaned planet with a thinner atmosphere than the average life-bearing world, meaning that there were no sapient fliers and deep-sea travel was more dangerous than average.

    Did not discover magic for a very long time.

    Mostly harmless.
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    Canids uplifted by the humans. These have traits from several species and subspecies of canid; exact numbers cannot be given due to both ongoing gene-pool-expansion uplifts and a lack of agreement on how many subspecies of canid even exist.

    Have endurance equal to or exceeding humans in cold or cool environments, but most do poorly in hot environments.

    Most have genes from timber wolves, various working breeds of dog, salukis, pit bulls, and random healthy mutts, as well as a small amount of bear DNA used to prevent bone loss in microgravity and to give them proper wrists.
    Other have genes from coyotes, red wolves, artic wolves, golden jackals, eastern wolves, African wild dogs, dingos, Ethiopian wolves, and very recently dholes.

    All are, by human standards, colourblind.
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    Uplifted crows/ravens; despite the original genetic material coming from multiple species, this is only one species. Some of their DNA comes from magpies and jays, so these have colour morphs.

    All corven are at least lightly telekinetic, able to move up to their own body weight with their innate magic. This is only lightly telekinetic, because telekinesis isn't based on mass relative to caster so much as total mass.

    They're quite loud, with voices that sound like old text-to-speech programs. Not nearly as loud as parrot-people though-those can easily screech loud enough to physically hurt.
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  6. Wingyl

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  7. Wingyl

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    Aetheric Dragons

    A species of bowering dragon. Like other bowering dragons, they can shapeshift, live for millennia, hibernate for centuries, and create generally-complicated systems involving one or more sapient species as integral parts of their bower. Unlike other bowering dragons, they eventually become able to live off of nothing but magic, stop needing air after about their fiftieth year, never stop growing, can voluntarily change their base form over the years, and are naturally capable of FTL travel.

    Closely-related species of bowering dragon build their bowers upon (and for larger dragons, sometimes, partially within) their own bodies, like aetheric dragons, and have what amounts to a magical identification laboratory for a tongue, also like aetheric dragons.

    They are ready to leave their home at about fifty-five, when they're the size of a small horse, and so head around the galaxy, picking up skills they may use to construct their bowers and meeting other sapients.

    Entire civilizations rely on aetheric dragons for spaceflight.
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  8. paintcat

    paintcat Let the voice of love take you higher

    Goo (also called slimes, jellies, or rarely pudding) are pretty much like the slime-people in your Japanese hentais: sapients with a semi-liquid anatomical structure that can be freely molded into various shapes. Unlike in certain adult-oriented media, though, these goo are mute and communicate via telepathy (they haven't got lungs!), usually in combination with body language. They have many highly versatile nervous cells distributed in a fluid network throughout the body, representing up to 30% of a goo's total mass. This allows them to think real good and be telepathic because I said so.

    Forming into a solid shape takes effort for a goo, and they don't have much in the way of muscle. Thanks to their lack of physical strength, goo make pretty poor athletes and fighters. However, they are extremely dextrous. You won't find many spots too narrow for a goo to slip a manipulating tendril into.

    Goo absorb nutrition (mostly water, simple sugars and protein) through their selectively permeable outer membrane.

    They are not a plentiful people, having only recently struck out from their home planet of Ecchia after being contacted by space explorers. The goo were quick to establish a rapport with the explorers, despite their unique appearance. It quickly became clear that they were a peaceful, friendly people, and they did not need translators to communicate, as they communicated in thoughts and feelings rather than words. This ease of communication gives any particularly bold goo the freedom to explore the galaxy on their own, given access to transportation and funds.

    This isn't to say that the goos' introduction to the galaxy at large has been a smooth process. Not all people are comfortable communicating via telepathy, and it can be hard for a goo to find their place in a galaxy designed for beings with bones.

    I may add more to this another day, but I am sleepy now.
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  10. Wingyl

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    Star Demons

    These beings are born from dying stars. They gravitate to the nearest planet with sapient life, take on a form similar to that life, and are raised by them until maturity.

    Star Demons are called as such due to having the ability to ignite themselves at will, their total immunity to radiation poisoning-resulting in several known instances of people believing that the Star Demon cursed their village or town after a radiation problem developed-a tendency for the differences in their form to match up to the local idea of 'demonic' where physically possible and a tendency for patterns of stars to appear on their skin.
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    These aliens look somewhat like otters, with a monkeylike prehensile tail (albeit finned at the sides of the end-the fins are also somewhat prehensile), prehensile handfeet, gills on their sides, and a brightly-coloured crest, like a cockatoo's except it goes all the way down to halfway down their tail.

    They evolved in a swampy area somewhat like a mangrove forest-that took up an area the size of a country! They're from an Alderson Disk built by the same beings who used to inhabit the Kintsystem.

    Xhera'fi houses are either treehouses or underwater-mostly, they aren't particularly comfortable outside of trees or water. They aren't comfortable with water deeper than a kilometer, as that's very rare on an Alderson disk.

    Fur colours include brown, black, grey, white, reddish-brown, silver, blueish, orange, and a sort of ticked greybrown. Crest colours always contrast with fur colours-dark coloured xhera'fi can have white crests, light or orange coloured xhera'fi can have black crests. Other crest colours include green, yellow, pink, purple, red, blue, cyan, orange, and ultraviolet.

    Xhera'fi eat fish, crustacean-analogues, nuts, seaweed, fruit, insects, buds, and sometimes eggs and small bird-analogues.

    They've recently started trading a small amount of a material about as tough as dragonscale but in various shapes. Both of those came from a mixture of research on their homeworld, and what little information the Kintbuilders left on their creations-in other words, not enough to make something that appears to be completely indestructible-but enough to make it into Orbital material without needing dragonskin.
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    [Already did this five million ages ago, also i don't actually want other people to make characters in one of my alien races without asking if it's okay??? Please do not assume this kind of stuff.]
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  13. Snitchanon

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    Snitch is an... anon?

    Following the excavation required to install some of the forcefields that keep air in the general city of Kintsugi, a blob of mostly inert matter was discovered among the usual dross and fragments of near-indestructible hypermaterials that tend to turn up in the crust of Kintsugi (the moon).
    Excitingly, the blob then proceeded to animate, taking the form of a two-tonne amorphous mass of tentacles that proceeded to go on a short rampage before being shot by one of the orbital defensive railguns* and left in small enough pieces to negotiate with.

    Other dispatches on the nature of Snitchanon are incoming, probably. They keep eating the scientific equipment.

    *It has been pointed out that using a satellite to fire on the surface of a moon is probably a bad idea, but on the other hand,
  14. Void

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    Space Elves

    Space Elves are squishy aliens, with big ears and fat gecko-like tails. They have large hands with paw pads. Their body is covered in very fine and short fuzz. Because of their affinity towards magic, their appearances can vary greatly, but baseline is generally goofy and squishy with big snoots. Most can change their fur colors and patterns if given a bit of time.

    They came to know about magic fairly early, and have been space faring since.

    Essentially pretty much anything could technically be a space elf, it's just polite to ask if they are.
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  15. albedo

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    Uhhh. I... didn't make a species, it's literally pteropus scapulatus. Also haven't been around in a long while. >>;
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  16. Wingyl

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