Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Exohedron, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    We gotta get that man some eggrolls.
  2. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

    And now, for something pretty much completely different.
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  3. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Finished FF4 paladin% race in 23rd place with 1:05:58. Beat my pb too. For context there were around 70 of us.
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  4. Shwoo

    Shwoo Well-Known Member

    Oh hey, speedrun.com finally added a page for Neverhood runs. There's only two videos on there, but it's still good to see, because I've done a lot of thinking about how to play it fast. I guess the biggest improvements in the runs would have to be in noting down the randomised combinations. Maybe it would be faster to be ambidextrous?

    I'm really interested in getting into speedrunning, it's just hard because I'm in severe pain a lot of the time, and that makes it difficult to focus well enough. Planning routes is especially interesting, and I know I have the right frame of mind because I reset too much even when playing casually.
  5. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    sorry for necro-ing thread but esa is happening next week and i just looked at the schedule ( https://esamarathon.com/schedule ) and how
    do you speedrun
    Screenshot (35).png
    how does it take 5 hours
    to get a tpk
    what exactly are the rules of this someone please tell me
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  6. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

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  7. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    Looks like it's not really a speedrun, more a side event to attract interest/whatever
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  8. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    fair, but sad
  9. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    Because Half-Minute Hero isn't fast enough as is,
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  10. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    Manhunt speedrun: speedrun, except the game has been modded for multiplayer and there are now three other people trying to make life harder for you.
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  11. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    I am finding Hollow Knight challenging enough as is, trying to imagine the level of skill it takes not only to speed run competitively, but to do so with active sabotaging players
  12. Wingyl

    Wingyl Allegedly Magic

    theres a like 15 minute speedrun of bugsnax and they skip almost everything except the entire ending sequence, then proceed to do that well enough to get the perfect ending because its fastest
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