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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by GlassesBlu, Sep 23, 2018.

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  2. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    I just started listening (on ep. 15) so it will be a while before I'm caught up, but I'm really liking what I've heard so far. I looooove spooky story podcasts, especially ones with slowly unraveling connections between the stories.

    It also has the most informative, well-designed, and well-organized fan wikia I've ever seen??? Like what??? It's incredible.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. fanart !!!
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  5. TMA Fanarts (scattered general spoiler for s123)













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  6. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    I love the fears icons!!
  7. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    I wanna see if I got them all right: (right to left, top to bottom):

    The Beholding, the Spiral, the Lonely,
    The Slaughter, the Buried, the Desolation,
    the Hunt, the Vast
    The End, the Dark, the Flesh,
    The Corruption, the Web, the Stranger

    The designs for the Desolation, the Vast, and the Buried are incredible—I love the layers of meaning and abstraction. How’d you come up with the one for the Slaughter?
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  8. wah sorry I meant to reply sooner but I forgot to

    You're nearly right! though ->

    you got these mixed up, where they're ->

    Buried, Desolation, Slaughter

    lemme have some short write ups on the ones I had a little difficulty designing (includes Slaughter and the mistaken Slaughter)


    Lonely is like, abstract compared to eye=being watched and spiral=literal spiral. I finally settled for a visual Isolation representation. The dot could mean a singular One, even if around others, you are Not of Them.


    This is Buried, though I think I get why the flame was taken for buried, I presume you took it for a mountain and a cave? Which would work well tbh.
    Buried was difficult cause I was thinking, that the buried episodes was either the Pit which is just a hole (and maybe much too simple of a design?), the dusty episode, and the caving episode. I was considering a cave, but felt that the shape of it would fight with the Flame of desolation.
    What I settled with is something to indicate a "surface", with a hole or a space "under" that surface. I was thinking of it as a space underneath, but I 've seen someone describe it as a pit, which works.


    This is Slaughter (Desolation simply being a dark flame). At first I went with a knife, but someone commented that a Knife felt too personal. And I wasn't sure about changing it cause the knife just looked cute
    but ok, I explored it, Slaughter is meaningless death. I looked at wars and the like. Guns could also be pretty personal, and I wasn't too sure about drawing tanks or missiles. I settled for a nuclear explosion, cause that was in the vein of the warhead idea but it feels like. a great single point of meaningless death. There's a lot more I could have played with, but I just moved on cause I wasn't feeling like looking at more stuff


    flesh was hard in terms of stylization. My first attempts had my supposed flesh icon being interpreted as a pizza or cake (I was trying to draw one of those meat slabs but angular)
    I then remembered that ol butcher episode, and just looked up what the whole process looked like online. Unpleasant pix, but I made a more satisfactory stylization of meat, and a hook, for flavor


    stranger went through a revision or two. at first it was simply a circle with an X over it, to indicate somethings amiss, or awry. Someone made the suggestion of those anon heads, and to put the X over that, and it worked out pretty well I think.
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  9. episode 53 fanart


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  10. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

  11. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    i think there was a similar discussion somewhere in this thread, but i hadn't finished the current season yet so it didn't make much sense.

    i think i would be the beholding or the buried? knowledge and rooting things out and secrets. (i'm also a historian who has done archaeology. DIG DIG DIG) i'm also preeeeetty claustrophobic, and fearing the entity that you're attached to seems to be part of it sometimes?

    but also per the spreadsheet i'm 'a nosy bitch' lol
  12. Kay5

    Kay5 the most glorious spoon

    I am so glad to find more fans! Especially as there's so much awesome fanart, oh my gosh

    I've recently binge-listened my way through the whole podcast twice (first for the spooks, second for the conspiracy shenanigans) and though the discord is too busy for me, I am always happy to find more people to yell with :D

    What are people's thoughts on the possibility of a 15th entity? Especially considering Jonny's comments in the latest Q&A in regards to the tape recorders not being neutral.
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  13. I wanna talkkk in this discussion but my head is in school mode have a meme


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  14. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    some fic that i probably wont ever finish
    spoilers for most recent season i think?? tread carefully

    thought: Tim as an agent of the Distortion


    elohim - hallucinating

    half•alive - still feel.

    tessa violet - haze

    orla gartland - i go crazy

    "So what would you do in an apocalypse?"

    "Oh, me? Just die, probably."

    How flippantly I used to answer that question. We'd all laugh, and have another round of shots. "Just die, probably". What a load of horseshit. In the moment of happening, your basal instincts kick in and you just go, do, run, stay alive. Even if it's not the apocalypse and just a woman full of worms. Especially if it's a woman full of worms. Or the tall shadow of something that might have been - no. Not Sasha. Even more especially if it's a man - no, not a man, a thing - with long limbs and bright, gleaming teeth in the darkness.

    The tunnels beneath the institute were musty, but not in the way that long unused places are. This wasn't the must of time, but the must of decay, of unnatural stone and things that should have been left long buried.

    Martin had been ready to fight, when the thing calling itself Michael undid the tunnel, until I pointed out its hands. I don’t know why Martin didn’t notice until I told him. I don’t want to think about why that is, it was so painfully, horrifyingly obvious. I will admit though that I didn’t notice that the door was a not-door until it was too late.

    From what I can tell on the tape that was salvaged - and there wasn’t much, unsurprisingly, that place fucked most of it up - time wasn’t passing the way we thought it was. Or at least, how I thought it was. I haven’t talked to Martin about it. Maybe I should, but he hasn’t talked to me about it either. We seem to have mutually decided to not touch it ever again. Maybe that’s for the best.

    The corridors were long, endless, and spiralling. It fuzzed my brain in a bizarrely soothing way - it was just so easy to lose yourself in it, padding down that hypnotic carpet, catching fleeting glimpses in the panelled mirrors. Martin was panicking. I was numb. I think at one point we saw someone curled up against the wall but something of her posture made me guide Martin down an adjacent hall. Even now I wish I hadn’t, if she was even real. She was probably just like us. Trapped. I’m still not sure how we managed to get out. I think I found a door, or willed it to be there and it was. All I know is that we slipped out like ... like the universe parted around us in a wave. Then there was the body, and the confusion, and I’d had enough.

    God did I want to leave.

    But I know now that even when I’m not physically there it will follow me.

    I started seeing it in my dreams. His form was always hazy, slipping between round-faced cherub and that long-handed creature from the tunnels. But there was never any doubt as to what he was. The first time he appeared I was breathless and running, jello-like through dream fog. The second, I screamed. The third, I screamed at him. The fourth, he said in that strange echo, “Are you quite done?” I wasn’t.

    The fifth time ‘round I pretty much was. It - he had never made any move to threaten or hurt me. Just ... waited, and watched as I ran or yelled or whatever I was doing then. Despite the fact that I knew I was dreaming (never really lucid dreamed before this), I also knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was not part of my dreamscape, not some figment of my memories made flesh in unconsciousness. He was there and he wanted to talk.

    So we talked.

    “Have you ever ... thought about sprucing up the place?”

    I gave him a withering look.

    “I’m just saying,” he continued, ignoring me. “The fog is certainly thematically appropriate but ever so boring.”

    “Not sure what you want me to do about it.”

    “Well,” he said with the air of someone explaining something to a small child, folding his arms across his chest, making the double-image of those grotesque hands seem even more illogical. “It is your mind. It’s malleable to what you want. Try it.”

    “I -”

    “Try. It.”

    I did. I don’t know how to explain what I did except - I mean, have you ever lucid dreamed? It’s just strange. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and forcing the tables and mugs and chairs to morph into a public park, and it actually does.

    “See? That wasn’t so hard, now was it. And now we have a place to sit and chat.”

    We did. A dream-figure brought us dream-coffee. Michael never touched his; mine was a hazelnut brew. Not even my favorite. What’s the point of having dream coffee if it’s not your favorite type?

    “What do you want?”

    Michael laced his fingers and rested his round chin on top, propping his elbows up on the table. It made me feel sick, that double image of impossible hands flickering in and out of view. “Cutting right to the chase, are we? Suit yourself. I thought we might have a little small talk before business.”

    I laughed with no humor. “Small talk? ‘Gee, Michael, long time no see! How’re the kids?’”

    “Dead,” he said promptly. I swallowed. He giggled, high-pitched and echoing. “Listen.” He leaned forward towards me. “I need you to do me a favor.”

    “Please, Michael, tell me why I would do you a goddamn favor.”

    “Because I know where your brother is.”

    I froze. “My brother is dead.”

    “Mm, dead is such a … malleable phase of life. But no, he’s not dead. And I know where he is.”

    “So tell me.”


    I felt rage bubble up my throat as I repeated his own negation back at him. “No?!”

    “Not until you do me a favor.”

    “Fine,” I spat. “What’s your fucking favor.”

    “I need you to find a woman named Elizabeth Bleys. She is hiding someplace where she shouldn’t be, deep within one of my temples. I want her removed.”



    “Removed how.”

    “Any which way you think is appropriate!” Michael smiled very widely. I looked away.

    “Any tips? Hints? Can I phone a friend?” I shot back.

    “Oh, that won’t be necessary,” he breezed. “You know it all already.”

    And I did.
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  15. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    tim voice good
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  16. Ooooh finally got around to reading it @rats , lovely fic <3 sad and funny

    The "Are you quite done?" Was my fav bit XD

    I'll be checking out that playlist at a later date :eyes:
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  17. Also! Sooo hype for january!
    Have this TMA as vines video which I love heheh
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  18. Just a copy paste but!

    I am hyped! And nervous!
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  19. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    I cannot WAIT to see the outcomes of the absolutely terrible decisions that is hinting at >:D

    the hype is real now
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