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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by GlassesBlu, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. emythos

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    Yeah, the statements are my favorite part. I can take or leave the actual plot, I enjoy the statements much more.

    it is NOT, actually >:3
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  2. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

  3. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    it's a genuinely good fic and all the powerswaps feel really natural imo
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  4. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    what are y'all's appearance headcanons that differ from the general fanon? mine are: Peter Lukas doesn't have a beard and is of merely average height, Simon Fairchild has a super long grey beard, and Daisy is smol. like 5ft tall.
  5. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    basira doesn't veil; sasha james (the original one) looks not dissimilar to an aged-up isabel from paranatural

    oh jeez that one! it's the roughest thing i've read since bulling through all million-something words of worm, which is saying something.

    ALSO, i came here to post a handful of fics that i, personally, wrote:
    some poetic nonsense! if you look at that sentence and go "what if i didn't read 600 words of that," fair, but it IS my natural habitat and i am very happy with it. spoilers for up to episode 101.

    did you look at the 5+1 fic and think "great"? great! here's 2k words of something similar but slightly more coherent, and also it is about helen and not michael. spoilers for up to episode 131.

    it's, look, it's 5k of peter/elias dubcon. i'm valid. pre-canon, but technically speaking it's spoilers for as early as s2 and as late as s4.

    wow you can really tell all of my summaries have the same format huh. this one is just.. it's just 5k of gratuitous wingfic featuring almost all the recurring characters. nikola has plastic flamingo wings. i'm valid. spoilers for up to episode 159.
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  6. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    Martin ;_;

    I wondered how they were going to do the Lonely and this was just brutal. I like how of all his old coworkers, Sasha was the one whose existence it let him recall, the only one he’ll never actually be able to remember. and the way Jon offered to let him stay there as the only out he’s likely to get from the situation... that was heartbreaking.
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  7. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

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  8. I'm listening to s5
    Heres quickdraws
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  9. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    I love your rendition of That One Line :D also the worm, I think that’s the best worm I’ve seen yet.
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  10. Thank you!!!

    Also that one line was very fun to actually hear after seeing it a bunch way back when the ep came out haha
    Also! Worm ep cool
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  11. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Am I the only one who upon hearing Jared's name automatically thinks "He's 19 and he never fucking learned how to read."

    Every fucking time.

    (I'm sure sometimes this one wishes he was illiterate XD)
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  12. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    i've been working my way through TMA over the last month+! it took me a few months to get going because i have difficulty with podcasts and it wasn't quite grabbing me yet -- i think it took me 4ish months to listen to the first 20 episodes. but since... late june, i think, i've really gotten into it.

    i just finished ep 151 today, which was quite interesting! am excited to catch up soon and fully engage with the fandom (tho i admit i read a few spoilery fics a month or so back; i can't really regret it, since they're part of what spurred me to listen more in the first place.)
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  13. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    There is - at least for me, listening on Spotify - an audible 'click' when the recording is started and stopped, and the very faint whirr of the cassette being wound as the recording happens.
    Episode 24, where the narrator is describing how she was playing the calliope, there is - I'm pretty sure, anyways - very faint circus music in the background. It immediately cuts out every time, as soon as she mentions that she was no longer playing the calliope.

    Per the wiki, the use of "John" in the transcripts is IRL Jonathan's deliberate choice to dissociate himself from a character that's using the exact same name. I can't really blame him for needing that bit of separation.

    It's...really interesting that recording this stuff seems to have become a compulsion for Jonathan, at this point. I also can't blame him for needing that front he admits to: Something Watching as you do your job is goddamn creepy even under the best of circumstances, and he's not in those. Him being able to pick out the statements that are likely to actually be supernatural, via the "the ones with truth to them can't be digitally recorded without distortion making them unusable" method is also really interesting.

    (I also really, really can't blame Jonathan for wanting to make sure there's a record of what happened to him, for any successor, considering that Elias was apparently hiding that Gertrude 1) vanished, 2) leaving a Really Worrying amount of blood on her desk, and 3) definitely got fucking murdered. Anyone coming after him needs to know what the hell they're in for.)
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  14. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    Also, I read the transcript for episode 15 (Lost Johns' Cave), I did not hear the audio from the lady's video correctly. Like, I got it really, really wrong.

    I thought she was saying "they got no legs". I'm...not sure how I got that out of what was, apparently, "take her, not me". But also, I'm sure of what I heard. So now I'm really confused.
  15. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    yeah i didn't hear anything at all when I first listened. probably bc my sibling and I were listening together without earbuds
  16. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    I was also listening without earbuds, but I was listening in a relatively quiet room and I cranked the volume up. She also gets increasingly loud and frantic, as the piece continues, until Johnathan cuts it off.

    Also, the cat just completely fucking off in Episode 16 (Arachnophobia) is just. so perfect? It feels like the cat may have actually communicated with the spider and the spider went "yeah, look - I'm gonna murder this dude via Me, and I'm gonna take anything that tries to stop me" and the cat just went "yep, okay, not dealing with that shit, don't drag me into this".

    While I'm still trying to avoid spoiling's interesting to note the recurring theme that, every time someone's dealing with weird shit, the universe seems to just...step away. It isolates them, until they either survive (or escape) or the fear kills them. And the isolation is more noticeable, when they're in a situation where there really ought to be other people around. The nurse, during First Aid (ep. 12), where everyone who can get up and walk out just completely fucks off until the situation is dealt with. The guy in the first episode, Anglerfish, where the street is deserted while he's dealing with the creature. The way the lady in episode 15 noted that there was no one else down there with her and her sister despite it being a lovely day to go caving...and Jonathan, in the wrapup, noting that she didn't have a caving permit for that area and that day and that the authorities had issued about a dozen other permits, so she really should have both been seen and seen people.

    The guy in Killing Floor (episode 30) noting that the factory was, suddenly, completely empty despite it still being the middle of his shift - and reports from others noting that he just walked out in the middle of his shift.

    The old man in A Sturdy Lock (episode 27) complaining that he can't get any proof of his nightly intruder, because whenever someone else stays the night, it doesn't happen.

    Whatever's going on, when people are in the middle of these situations, they're alone with the fear. Things force them to face it alone, without the comfort of someone else to lean on. (And the lady in episode 15 actually got separated from her sister, during the process.)
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  17. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    oh yeah, i also just flat out didn’t comprehend those words in Lost John’s Cave until i read the transcript
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