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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by NevermorePoe, May 8, 2017.

  1. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    What style are you going for? Realistic or cartoon?
  2. Silver Sheep


    I'll be happy with anything between "realistic line-drawing" and "manga".

    Ultimately I want to draw the characters for a dating game my girlfriend and I are making. It's just a fanfic project, so the art doesn't have to be good, just not Body Horror the Visual Novel.
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  3. Verily

    Verily a very ineffective hitman

    I mean tbf there’s probably an audience for Body Horror the Visual Novel. But I wish you much luck, that’s really cool!
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  4. Bunny

    Bunny aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    @Silver Sheep You will do your best learning drawing and copying from reference. Getting to grips with the basics of what real people actually look like will help a lot with stylisation later.

    Watch YouTube artists. A lot of them have sponsorships from skillshare which is a great online learning resource. The YouTube people will have codes for the first month free. Get that and you can get a lot of good information free in that one month.

    I reccomend them a lot but croquis cafe (found as their own website and YouTube and I think vimo?) provides a heap of life drawing references. I am pretty sure they even have videos up on like what the point of life drawing is and how to use their videos. They certainly had one up on the super fast pose videos. Which start at five second poses and end at two minutes and still are totally worth doing.
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  5. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    @Verily Wouldn't Saya no Uta qualify?
  6. aetherGeologist

    aetherGeologist Well-Known Member

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  7. Verily

    Verily a very ineffective hitman

    I’m not familiar, but it sure looks promising.
  8. Silver Sheep


    Artist housemate told me to trace photos so I am doing that.

    What I want, I think, is something that walks me through exercises step by step starting at the very beginning. I say a book because then I can start at page one and work my way through -- I get choice paralysed really hard so "a whole lot of videos" is no good unless they're clearly vid1, vid2, vid3.

    Why are all these naked women in heels

    Fun With A Pencil is almost perfect, except the simple heads he starts off with are so ugly. I can't.
  9. Bunny

    Bunny aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The photo tracing is great.

    With the skillshare videos a lot of them or quite possibly all(it has been a while since I was last on there) are set up as "courses" you can even get tasks assigned for each video section,work sheets, all sorts.

    There is a pretty big range of skill levels catered to. I remember watching reasonably in depth stuff on colour theory and shape language in character design and on the other end of the spectrum got walked through learning how to use blender to model a simple room in lil baby steps.

    I think they also have some free courses but most of the content is behind the pay wall.

    Kinda goofy pep and maybe things you've heard before under here
    And in general have fun with it. Be expermental. Be gentle with yourself when things look a little ugly. Starting to art after kidhood grants you a big bonus in resources and helping you avoid bad habits but your brain is going to catch on to concepts faster than your body can learn to do them. A lot of art is muscle memory.
  10. Silver Sheep


    @Bunny I had a poke around on Skillshare and it looks really great, thank you for the rec! I have some money atm so if my free month works out good I can get a subscription, nbd.
  11. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    does anyone know what the turnaround usually is on getting a replacement driver's license? I just discovered mine to be lost, and I really need one for getting to and from work. it's an out-of-state license because I never got around to replacing it after I moved.
  12. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Less than five business days ime. It's a holiday weekend now, so if you order it today I wouldn't expect it before Friday, but you probably should get it by Tuesday unless your state government office is particularly slow.

    A workaround: if you know or can look up your drivers license number, if you get pulled over you can give the cop that along with the state. Generally they're able to look it up to verify it.
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  13. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    unfortunately since it's an out of state license, I'll have to go to the DMV in person to get a new one, so it'll probably be next week. oh well. it's good to know I won't be waiting a month though, thank you!! and also for that thing about the license number. that really eases my anxiety about all the driving I'll need to do in the next several days lmao
  14. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Oh, generally if it's in person and you have all your documents in order (if your new state is a real ID state you'll need a bunch of extra paperwork, be sure to look that up) it's the same day. My old state would let you request a new license online no matter where you were currently living, I thought thars what you were talking about, my bad.
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  15. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    oh wonderful, that's even more of a relief! I was gearing up for a hellish bureaucratic hassle but it looks like maybe I can get this taken care of quickly :D thank you!!
  16. Alexand

    Alexand Rhymes with &

    Anyone know a good widget I can put in a website so visitors can sign up for a mailing list?

    Basically I just want a field where people can enter their email address, if they want, and press "send" or whatever, and then I receive some sort of notification of what their email address is, so that I can add them to the mailing list. I don't need it to add them to the mailing list automatically, since I'm not expecting that many people to sign up to begin with. Right now I'm using a Google Form for that, but it takes up so much space on the site... There's so much useless text on the Google Forms that Google doesn't allow you to delete...
  17. Chiomi

    Chiomi Master of Disaster

    @vuatson in Delaware, at least, my spouse lost their license and we went in the next morning and it was 5 minutes and basically zero paperwork because the information was all on the computer.

    @Alexand I only know that the last business I contracted for used MailChimp, but that was to handle the whole subscription thing, not just collect emails.
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  18. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    ok computer question

    I've been trying to install one (1) mod for fallout: new vegas, a bunch of bug fixes, and been having trouble. after much googling it seems that the problem is that .nxm files aren't associated with the fallout mod manager, but the only way I've seen to fix this is "uncheck and recheck that file association in the mod manager settings" and the mod manager doesn't have that option, there's no .nxm box to check. apparently this problem tends to happen in firefox, but chrome has a problem where clicking the download button on Nexus doesn't do anything at all, and internet explorer won't even open the Nexus website, says there's a connection problem.

    does anyone know how I might solve any of these problems, or am I just gonna have to give up and not use a manager?
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  19. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    re learning to draw real quicklike: something i have done that helped hugely was to trace photos, and then mark where the bones and joints are. instead of learning stick and ball anatomy and then upgrading to realism, deconstruct realistic images into stick and ball figures. that way you know the anatomy is correct to begin with, and you can focus on seeing the general shapes.

    if i felt like doing an Effort, i could grab you some of my arts and the photos they were 'traced' from so you could see how it works. what i do is deconstruct my pose reference to stick and ball level, then rebuild it as the character i want it to be.

    one advantage is that i don't have to find reference of someone who looks like the character, only someone with approximately the same bone structure.
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  20. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    ok i can't find the ref i used but here's a pic i could not possibly have drawn without that method:

    pancho n lu.jpg

    because the way they're interlocked and the size difference and so on are way beyond my skill level. but i found a pic of two ppl cuddling that had about the right size difference, and traced the joints and bones and general shapes, then i was able to build the characters up from that.
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